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PSC Result 2018 BD Bangladesh Release Date at or

Bangladesh Primary School Certificate BD PSC Result 2018 Release Date, BD PSC Exam Routine or Schedule and BD PSC Suggestion Papers at or…
At the start of every year, the Directorate of Primary Education oversees the Primary School Certificate (PSC) Examination in Bangladesh. This examination has been specifically set aside for students pursuing their primary education. With a wide pool of well-trained experts, the Directorate of Primary Education is able to conduct this examination on a yearly basis. The main aim of conducting this examination is to improve the level of education among children so that they may end up having a future that is bright.

BD PSC Result 2018 Release Date at

Any person who has just undergone an interview is usually filled with butterflies when the results are about to be announced. This is the same feeling Bangladesh primary students get when the BD PSC Result 2018 or Bangladesh Primary School Certificate Exam Results 2018 are about to be announced by the Directorate of Primary Education. According to the rules that govern BD PSC examinations, the final PSC Result 2018 are supposed to be released as soon as the exams are completed all over the country. This is usually between one to two weeks after the final paper has been completed. Once the results have been announced, all students can easily check how they performed in every subject by visiting or which is the official website of BD PSC.

All one needs is an internet connection and device such as a smartphone or personal computer that can make it possible for you to use the internet. If you do not have an internet connection, it is also possible to get the BD PSC Result 2018 in form of a short message that will be sent to your phone.

bd psc result 2018

Bangladesh Psc Result 2018 Release Date

Bangladesh (BD) PSC Examination Routine 2018

Anyone with the intention of constantly checking any new update concerning the Bangladesh PSC Routine can easily do it by accessing the official website of Bangladesh PSC. This can be done by using as the official link of the website. This website contains all the information including changes made to the syllabus or the timetable of Bangladesh PSC.

BD PSC timetable is usually generated by the Directorate of Primary Education who then post it on their website before eventually reaching teachers, students and parents. This year, BD PSC examination will start with English as is the norm. All schools around Bangladesh are expected to start the exam at the same time to prevent any cases of examination irregularities that might occur if conducted at different times.

The month of November is set aside for conducting BD PSC exams and 2018 is not an exception since the examinations will start on 26th November in all registered schools. Students and parents can visit the official website to check whether there are any changes made to the examination dates. Having every information concerning the exams is highly recommended since it helps students to put down a plan that will assist them in passing the exams easily. This information is also important to teachers since they will be able to groom their students so that they can pass the exams with flying colors.

Bangladesh Primary School Certificate Suggestion Question Papers or BD PSC Suggestion Papers

For any student to pass the BD PSC Examination, prior planning that involves reading and going through papers that were done in the previous years is required. The examination not only gives you the information that you need but also gives you an insight of the system used by the Directorate of Primary Education in setting questions. After going through these papers, most students tend to easily give answers when it comes to the real exam. Any student that wants to get the best results after taking these exams should focus on all previous examination papers that are readily available on the BD PSC official website.

Apart from knowledge and an insight on the examination systems, students can be able to get information about any new change that may be included in the upcoming exams. BD PSC allows everyone the chance of downloading the examination papers from the website and using them in early preparation. Once a student has downloaded the papers, it becomes easy to examine, comprehend, rehearse and look at the changes made to the papers at any particular time that you wish.

Tackling as many questions as possible is also important since it makes a student ready for any type of question that will be asked in the real exams. Remember, practice makes perfect and the more you solve the more knowledge and experience you get.

For anyone that wishes to download BD PSC previous examination papers, the following links will come in handy:

  • gives you access to all previous Bengali model papers.
  • For downloading Previous English papers, students can use
  • for solving mathematical questions asked in previous BD PSC mathematics exams
  • For Elementary Science papers, one can rely on
  • for downloading Bisho Porichoy model examination papers.
  • for Islam and Moral Education papers.

Apart from relying on the previous examination papers that are available in the BD PSC website, students can also use other means to prepare themselves for the final exam. This should be done in collaboration with parents and teachers in order to get the best results. Parents can help their children get good results in BD PSC exams by encouraging them to practice on a regular basis. A parent can also motivate a child to do more by offering support whenever it is needed. With this help, be sure that your child will not disappoint you once the Bangladesh PSC Result 2018 have been released and published on the BD PSC website.

Parents should also keep track of the progress that is being made by the child. This can be achieved by giving them tests to gauge their knowledge. The tests can be given at different time periods since a child needs time to do research. Once the tests have been given, you should try to help the child in changing the mistakes that may have been made. When this is done on a regular basis, your child will be ready for the exam even if it is given before the exam date.

Karnataka Epass Scholarship Application Status for Fresh / Renewal at

Karnataka Epass Scholarship Application Status for Fresh / Renewal Students and Apply Kar Epass Postmatric / Prematric Scholarship Online Registration at website….
Education being the key to most opportunities in world. The Karnataka government has come up with a scheme which is very considerate. They emphasis on education matters and with this the state is developing and growing fast
This the new scheme introduced by the government to support student who financially weak. The students get examination fee to assist them complete the levels of their education. This project is very new as it was launched this year 2018. The government has sent a website link

Students have to fill a Karnataka Epass scholarship online application registration for both freshers / renewal applicants. The site has all the details regarding epass for you can check the status and hostel matters online. The government wants to ensure the levels of education change in the country. Giving chances to poor families will boost the education, proper and quality education helps economy of the state and country grow. The students will invest and do a lot in the state due to proper education.

The government is offering post-matric scholarship for those students undertaking degree courses. The students who fall on the BC, ST and SC can apply for scholarship. The scheme has linked some of the schools and colleges where the applicants can take their studies.

How to check Karnataka Epass Scholarship Application Status in

When the process is done one can check their application after some days. It will assist you to learn whether the application went through or not. The status will be seen on the same website link.

  • Visit the Karnataka Epass Scholarship web portal:
  • The epass page will appear and on the menu look for the different options given.
  • On the menu bar see the words “Know your Application Number”, “Hostel Application Status” and “Application Status”.
  • From the above options pick the Karnataka Epass Scholarship Application Status.
Karnataka Epass Scholarship Application Status at

Karnataka Epass Application Status

  • New page will show and you have to fill the blank page.
  • Enter all the details needed at the application status.
  • Fill in the application number you received from the application you made. It on the application form.
  • The academic of the course you are undertaking.
  • Fill in the SSLC hall ticket and the year of pass.
  • The type of pass in SSLC.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Submit the details and press on the get status tab.
  • A new page will open and show the status.

Who is eligible to apply for the epass scholarship?
Those going for post-matric degree courses like the B.SC, BA, B.COM and BE. This are a bit of examples given. The government also follow different criteria to offer the scholarship as follows:

  1. The applicant’s parents should be earning less than RS 2, 00,000 per year.
  2. You must be among the following category BC, ST and SC.
  3. Those taking post-matric courses.
  4. Student’s punctuality is also important as you have to attend class for 75% of the given class lessons.
  5. Only online application is accepted.
  6. Applicants can apply via the colleges they are attached at before the official opening.
  7. The student must have their bank accounts linked to the Aadhaar card

How to Fill Karnataka Epass Fresh / Renewal Scholarship at

The process is very simple but one has to fill the correct details. Any mistake might cause you a chance in getting the scholarship.

  • Navigate the Epass Karnataka Homepage:
  • The home page will open and epass application form will appear.
  • On the menu bar go to the” Apply online”
  • The application form will show now fill all the required information correctly.
  • Now upload the documents which have to go along with the application.
  • Now recheck the details and all the documents again and if satisfied submit.
  • Take a print out of the application and drop it at your college.
  • This is done within a period of 7 days.

How do I know my Karnataka Epass Scholarship Application Number at

  • Go to the official website:
  • Place cursor on Student Services. Click on “Know your Application Number”
  • On the menu bar select the fresh/renewal
  • Now choose your academic year
  • Fill in your SSLC examination number.
  • The year of pass and the type of SSLC pass.
  • Fill your date of birth.
  • After submitting the following details select get scholarship details.
  • The system will give the application number and other important details.
Know your karnataka epass Scholarship Application number

Karnataka epass Scholarship know your Application number

How to renew Karnataka epass scholarship 2018

Students who already have access to the website using their own details. They only need to update the application form. Fill in the mandatory information and also upload all the documents needed to complete the information.

How to apply for Karnataka Epass Fresh Hostel Registration online at

  • Open the Kar Epass Scholarship main website:
  • When the home page open look for the Hostel registration link which will be indicated at the student zone.
  • The page will show some instruction read and understand the click on the apply button.
  • Fill in the following details:
  • The student applying for fresh/renewal.
  • There two choices yes and no choose if you are India citizen.
  • Give the type of pass for SSLC, Fill in your hall ticket number, Fill in the year of pass, Now fill in your date of birth, Give other SSLC state and submit the details.

Documents required for the above process
Note the documents should be original scanned and uploaded online. The details will then be attached on the form.

  • Have the caste certificate from Tahsildar/sub-Tahsildar.
  • The transfer forms from the school or college you are attending.
  • Aadhaar card you can also have EID.
  • SSLC results and course list.
  • Provide the first page of the bank passbook.
  • Some students may have disabilities however it is not big issue he/she will just bring a letter formparticular authorities.
  • A recent photo which should be JPG.
  • Give your residence certificate. This a letter from the village Panchayat.

The selection process for hostel allocation
After all the applications are done and the process is closed. A selected committee seat under the members of legislative assembly. They look for various details as follows:

  • According to the seats/ attendance and the scores.
  • They give the first chances to students in local district.
  • If the students have same score the distance will determine the selection process.

How do I check the Kar Epass Hotel Application status in

  • On the website page:
  • On the page indicating student services, go to the application status.
  • Choose the hostel application status.
  • Fill in your hostel application number.
  • Give your date of birth.
  • Submit the details and click on get status button.

The instructions students should understand
All students are eligible to read and follow the instruction as they apply through the website portal.

  • Fill in your college, Taluk, district university board and course details and any other important information about the course you’re taking.
  • Students should be living at a distance of 5 km from the school.
  • It is mandatory for all the students to apply for SSLC post-class.
  • Fill in the caste certificate number and also the income certificate number.
  • Students should fill one of the two, income or caste number. This will only happen if they are in one letter.
  • Those student with a bit of disability or any disability have to indicate on the application form by ticking yes.
  • The scheme doesn’t give more than two family members.
  • You need to submit your Aadhaar number fill it on the application form. Those who don’t have can use the EID number.
  • Also give the bank account and the IFSC code.
  • Fill in your mobile number, normal address and address for the letter.
  • Provide a valid email address.

The above details should be provided on fill the application form. In case one misses the application will not be accepted. Fill and recheck the details carefully before submitting. Remember this a very big initiative by the government. With the hope of improving the education sector and the state development and growth.

Career Options After BTech – Which is the best way After Engineering

Career Options After BTech / Engineering and Which is the better way to go After Engineering…..
Finding the Best Career After Btech / Engineering long year’s studies and practical’s is very challenging. One is always torn to different paths and try to weigh which will yield the most in life. The world of employment is quite full while as more students and new trainees stream in every day. However creating your own channel and believing in yourself is the key point in life.

In the Indian country most student work and study hard to make the future bright for them. They believe in achieving the best careers and making a good living. In the engineering sector the students are well equipped with either: Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering is a wide topic and has a lot of careers attached to the program. Some may opt to work with the government, open their own firm and also create website or startup. In many casees engineering is classified on the construction, building and a lot of calculation. Take a look and see big companies like Microsoft. They need brainy individuals who can work on their websites and help grow the company.after btech

Career Options after BTech / Engineering?

This where one feels lost and confused, though you can take different careers and paths after Btech are as follows:

  1. Pursue Higher Studies: Some graduates may want to study more, and advance their knowledge. Take up a M. Tech which follows up After BTech, you can take part time classes and take internship in a company. This helps grow both in experience and knowledge. You gain more confidence when you are in the real field. In M. Tech choose one field and specialize in it fully, you will best position in an organization.
  2. Teaching Job in Institutions: Wondering why take an engineering course then turn up to be a teacher? This a career path which helps exercise what you have learnt over the period of four years. You can look for an engineering school be a tutor and help many others. It is well know when you repeat the same thing over it sticks more. Teaching on particular field dairy helps you learn more. You become an expert let say on electric engineering and many institutions will need your services. In real life the well-known university lecturers started somewhere gained experience and grasped the knowledge of the course they teach daily. After few years they can take different class which are scheduled at various universities in the country. They are well established and can opt to open their own engineering schools.
  3. Go for the Research Fields: Let say it amazing how the engineering field fit in all careers. Taking a good example hospitals, you tend to think of doctors the nurses and all medical practitioners. However in such institution the engineer is the most significant person. They need you for their machines, websites and more so the computers. In the research field engineering will helping get the websites and materials to get the data needed. In most cases the computer engineering can best work in this field.
  4. Entrepreneur: Getting the thought of where to start? It challenging for a fresh graduate but with the right knowledge create something new. Sit at your computer and start an engineering firm. If you venture in construction let people know your services. Take contracts and offer the best prices.
  5. Go for Private Sector: In Indian country the private sector embrace the new graduates by giving internship and work. They help you gain experience and some time, most of the time offer employment. Companies like the TCS, BHEL, Accenture, DRDO, Bajaj and ONGC. This are just a few but to mention. The companies help you work in all the fields and within no time you are fully equipped with the practical part of it.

Above are the basic and general careers for all the engineering sectors. Nevertheless we need to discuss on particular fields and how one can maneuver on its careers.

1. Civil Engineering:
Call it the oldest career path taken by many and still needs more to come in. This field doesn’t exhaust options it is vast and very advisable to pick on the course. Most of the developments seen in the country and not just Indian but the whole world. They are undertaken by a civil engineer: Construction sites, Roads, Bridges, Dams, Institutions, Rail construction and Airports .

Rely on the civil engineering, to be complete. No wonder the field is never full of engineers, we need new brains and technology to formulate what is there and the new in future. You have a variety to choose from go for the design, construction and also teaching.

  • Construction and Real Estate Building: This the vast growing industry in the country. Most citizens are building and need engineers to take the work. The government is also building estates for people to buy ready-made home. Why not look for a chance in the estate building talk to people in the industry and learn from them. It a bit of hassle getting a way through but you can post you services online. Take contracts from land developers or building owners. Be clear on what you know most in construction and designing.
    Many want to leave in well design homes and offices look for the new sites from the internet. With time you will be well established.
  • Take the GATE Exams: Advancing in the M. Tech will be the best option, take a class and apply for jobs in the field you want to specialize. Helps gain more knowledge. With this you can go for the public sector jobs. The government is very keen in taking fresh graduates especially with the GATE exams. You can serve at the government projects like road construction, bridges and airport. This gives you the best establishment in their career.
  • Teaching: Why not try civil engineering institutions, pass the knowledge you gained. Works with different schedules and for different school/colleges. With this you can open a company/school on the same.

2. Mechanical Engineering:
It is popularly known as the mother branch of engineering, all the engineering aspect were derived from mechanical engineering. This field is vast and can accommodate any qualified graduate by offering the following careers: Designing, Testing, Manufacturing, Installing the systems and Use of big machines.

But where will you get the chances to work? Individuals with the right knowledge can work at the:

  • Automobiles Companies: Most of this companies need such people to assist in assembling and ensuring every part is placed in the right station. They have knowledge on how to complete and assemble automobiles
  • Research Companies: Engineering is the backbone of all careers and a research company will need you more. You can help in the test and generation of something new. Oil and gas companies need mechanical engineers for their products. First look for internships in this big companies and let you can apply for a job.
  • Aeronautical Companies / Airports: This are companies which can’t do without a mechanical engineer. The flight sector need to have someone check their plains for any technicalities. You can also take internships and later get a job in the same company.
  • Teaching: You can work in colleges which offer the course and pass the knowledge to new students.
  • Government Jobs: The Government has offers at different points and need the mechanical engineers. Work as intern and also apply for vacancies in the government sector. Give advice to the government on how to undertake different projects.

3. Electronic Engineering:
This field deals with electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity matters. The field is wide and is felt in all careers. Hospitals, schools and other companies need an electric engineer to fix up their electric issues. Fields which need electric engineering? Oil and gas, Constructions, Electronics, Power generation stations, Automotive and Defense.

You can work for the above industries fix up and guide on issues of electricity. The country can’t operate with you.

  • Government and Private Sector: You can be the head adviser on the electric field in both sectors. Look for internship to gain experience.
  • Open your Own Company: It always nice to try new startups you can post the company online. Give the clients the type of services offered and the best prices to suit them and make a profit. Take contracts and government tenders. Within a short time you will fully established.

NIOS D.El.Ed Result 2018 Diploma in Elementary Education for Untrained Teachers Exam Results at

NIOS D.El.Ed 2018 Exam Result or NIOS DED (Diploma in Elementary Education) Untrained Teachers Results 2018 for Training the untrained in-service Teacher at website…..
NIOS D.El.Ed Result 2018 – Diploma in elementary education is a 2-year full-time diploma course and has been developed as an in-service program to train the teachers of primary / upper primary schools. The program has been developed by National Institute of Open Schooling and is approved by Ministry of human resource and development (MHRD, Govt of India). Admission process of the exam includes clearing the entrance exam and the personal interview round. All the candidates who are able to clear the written exam are called for the personal interview round.

The aim of the program is to increase the skill levels, competencies and understanding in order to make the learning a better experience for the teachers and students. The course fee varies with the type of institute and the rank of the student. The course fee starts from Rs.1000/- till 2 lakh rupees depending on the performance and the type of college selected for the course.

D.El.Ed course is an extensive program to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience which will help teachers in better dealing with the students and cater to the real situations while teaching. The course overall includes teaching methodologies and skills, historical patterns, philosophical theories and the current trends in classroom classes. Studying the historical trends will help the teachers decide the practices that are best to be used while teaching and the situations in which different methodologies can be used. The course is also designed to help teachers inculcate motivation, philosophy, and dedication towards education and learning newer things. One of the foremost requirements to appear for the course is that one should have the interest, desire, and passion towards learning.National Institute of Open Schooling

The program is only eligible for teachers who are the employee of any private, government institute or government aided institute. The candidates who are not the employee of any Government or private school cannot apply for this exam. The purpose of the exam is to train the untrained teachers and improving the learning system, making it more effective. So, it is better to get enrolled in any institute to get the benefit of this program.

NIOS D.El.Ed Result 2018 or NIOS Ded Untrained Teachers Exam Results 2018 at

The NIOS D.El.Ed Result 2018 is 8-10 weeks from the schedule of the last exam. The NIOS D.El.Ed results 2018 would be available on the NIOS website ( The copy of the relevant portion of the results would also be made available to the vocational institutes immediately after the results. Merit list of the exam result will be provided on the basis of the performance in the exam.NIOS D.El.Ed Result 2018

The marks are consolidated for the written and the personal interview round. The candidate needs to clear the respective cut-offs for the sections individually to get admission.

The NIOS D.El.Ed Exam result 2018 or NIOS DED Untrained Teachers Result 2018 can be checked in the official website by putting the correct Roll number and clicking on submit. The marks statements and the passing certificates of the candidates will be made available through the concerned accredited vocational institute.

The exact Nios D.El.Ed 2018 Result date are not out for the exam, the applicant needs stay connected to the website for further notifications. Further for checking the result, one needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to official website or any accredited website
  • Navigate to the tab “Results” on the website
  • Click on Public Examination Tab
  • Navigate to NIOS D.El.Ed Exam Result 2018.
  • This is the direct website URL:
  • Enter the required credentials like roll number and click on submit button.
  • The result would be available

You can save the NIOS D.El.Ed Result 2018 of the exam for any future reference. One also needs to preserve the identity card which might be required during the interview or final admission process.

An eligibility criterion for applying for D.El.Ed includes:

  1. Candidate should have completed 12th standard exam
  2. Candidate should have at least have 50% marks in senior secondary exam, there is a relaxation of 5% in this for reserved categories
  3. Physics, chemistry, and mathematics are preferred subjects

The exam is conducted twice a year – one in April-May and the other in October-November. The exam is planned to be held for 13 lakhs untrained in-service teachers in Delhi between 31st May 2018 to 2nd June 2018.

The exam will include following subjects and is planned on following dates:

  • Elementary education in India: Socio-Cultural perspective: 31st May 2018 (2:30 PM – 5:30 PM)
  • Pedagogy process in elementary schools: 1st June 2018 (2:30 PM – 5:30 PM)
  • Learning language at Elementary level: 2nd June 2018 (2:30 PM – 5:30 PM)

Candidates that clear the written exam are called for the personal interview, the level and the questions asked this would depend on the institute to which the candidate has applied.

The curriculum of the course: The course structure is designed for 2 years and is designed in such a way to include all the subjects including the theoretical knowledge as well as understanding the psychology of the student that will aid in assist the teachers in a better learning experience.

D.El.Ed. provides great future prospects and open new opportunities for the teachers. After completion of the course, candidates may work as a teacher, assistant teacher, tutor, student counselor etc. and can work in following institutes:

  • Private schools
  • Govt. Schools
  • Nursery
  • Day-care centers
  • or private tuition classes.

Some of the other roles, they can apply to include:

  1. Education counselor
  2. Junior teacher
  3. Record keeper
  4. Article writer
  5. Lab in charge
  6. Education developer
  7. Librarian etc….

D.El.Ed is a very high level and reputable exam which provides ample opportunities for the candidates who want to make their career in teaching. The NIOS D.El.Ed Result 2018 or NIOS Diploma in Elementary Education for Untrained Teachers Exam Results 2018 available at