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Procedure to get Maharashtra Mahakosh Employee Salary Pay Slip Download at web portal….
Maharashtra state government has come up with new and differ website portal. It was established and officiated by the National securities Depository limited (NSDL) department. Basically dealing with government employees salary slips and also matters to do with pensioners. This one way to cater for the employees as they won’t have to visit department heads for salary statements.

The portal is accessible to all and present throughout. It is simple to use by use of password and correct credentials. Here the workers can get all their personal details about their salaries and one can be sure of safety as nobody can access your account.

Maharashtra government is trying to eliminate the paper work and let everyone go digital. It eases the work for both the government and the workers. No corruption cases and lost information since the commencement of the website.

Maharashtra Sevaarth employee salary slip in

In deeper sense Sevaarth portal was formed to help in automatic operation for all the department officers of the bigger Maharashtra government. Sevaarth is considered to be important by bodies like the IFMS, BEAMS and so many others. This the pioneer program of the government to go paperless and embrace technology. The system is attached to other 5 module which will discuss below.

  1. Payroll: As the name depict this module deals with salary preparation for all the government workers in the state.
  2. Niwruttivetanwahini (Pension): The term talks more on pension, this is used for pension preparation. This for the retired government employees. The government has a set age for the workers to retire. However they have to pay the employee on monthly basis. They money is sent to their pension accounts. One has to be under the Maharashtra government as you retire.
  3. DCPS & NPS: this a module for employees under the DCPS&NPS scheme. It is usually for the account maintenance and submission of the employees.
  4. GPF Group-D: this is a scheme for the account maintenance of the recovery of subscription of government employees who are under the GPF –D
  5. Loans and Advances: This a section which checks matters of loan and advances given to the state government employees. They also check on the payments and how to recover back the funds in order to disburse to other employees. There are set rules for one to qualify for the loans and advance funds.

What you need to know about the website

What is Mahakosh? This an official website page which was established by the Maharashtra government. The link contains other official website links which serve different function under the government. Most of the links deal with financial matters of the government and their workers. Sevaarth link, GRAS and many others are under this bigger link.

  • It proper to note the Sevaarth website is only available for the first 10 days of the month.
  • The section of the DDO and the assistant is always available using their login details.
  • The employees can see the form 16, GPF statement, NGR schedule and the DCPS R3 slip. All this are under the employee corner.
  • The DDO and DDO assistant have the right to access the employees’ corner using their login credentials.
  • The website is secure and no one can access the employees’ corner without their details.

How to download the Maharashtra Sevaarth employees Pay Slip in

The employee can view their salary slips and also download or print them for personal purpose. They have to enter the right details for the system to work. Below we have a guide of how one can download the salary slip.

  • Go to the official page of the Sevaarth website:
  • On the home page the employees need to login to their account.
  • Enter the password and the user ID
  • When the page opens click on notification tab.
  • Here select the employees’ pay slip.
  • Fill in the mandatory details on the sections.
  • Recheck all the information then click submit button.
  • In few seconds the slip will show on the screen check the details. If satisfied you can print or download the salary slip.

Note you have to keep updating your contact and personal details in order to get new notification of the site.

How to create a DDO office?

It should be noted that the DDO and DDO assistant have the right to access the employee corner using their login details. They can update the site and add new notifications to the site. The employees’ also use the site using their password and user ID. As said the site is only accessible in the first 10 days of the month. Here we will see the simple process of DDO office:

  • First key in the name of the DDO office.
  • On the menu bar you need to select the DDO office by indicating using Y/N. Y showing it’s a DDO office.
  • After this now select the state which is Maharashtra.
  • Choose the district, Taluka, town and village.
  • Now choose the Y if the area is on the hilly area.
  • Key in the address.
  • Followed by the pin number
  • You have to select the office city class.
  • Enter the telephone numbers they should be two.
  • Enter the tribal area Y this to indicate the office is at a tribal area.
  • Key in the fax number.
  • Now enter the email address.
  • It located at Naxalite area enter Y if not enter the N
  • Check the details again and then save all the information.
  • Go back to the home page.

Note the Y means the DDO office is located to that area but the N means the DDO offices is not place in the area indicated.

Employees’ corner
This new site or utility which is meant for the employee and under the Sevaarth site. A place where the employees can access their details. They can generate their pay slips and pension details. The employee who should be a government worker should have the Sevaarth ID. With this the pay slip will be generated without visit the HOD offices for statements and salary slips.

  1. You can access the employee corner using simple steps as follows:
  2. Navigate to the official website page:
  3. Enter the password and the user id.
  4. When you login go to the employee corner and select the pay slip.
  5. Key in the month and the year which you need the pay slip.
  6. The system will generate and display it on the screen.
  7. Now you can print the slip or download for future reference.

Importance of the portal?

The Maharashtra state government has introduced the most important portal to the government employees. It has come in handy to ease some burdens as follows:

  • Saves time for both the government department heads and employees.
  • Taking all the government working standards to a digital level.
  • It is easy to use as you can apply for travel and medical funds.
  • All the payments like GIS are easily done.
  • You can access the website anytime using the login details.
  • One doesn’t have to worry of the papers getting lost.
  • The information saved in the serves can be accessed anytime.
  • The system is updated regularly thus helping the employee know what is new on the website.
  • No long queue and waiting for department leaders to confirm your pay slip or pension.
  • Very secure s no information is leaked out.

It okay to note the DDO office can access the employee corner, this still makes your account safe as they update and remove what is not necessary. The portal is open to all and if you forgot your password this should not worry you. On the same website page fill in your details and then select the forgot password tab. The system will send you an OTP on your registered contacts. Use the OTP as temporary password to set the actual password. Set a strong but easy to remember password.

For more information please visit the official webpage through the link: Madhya Pradesh Teachers Annual Pay Slip

How to Generate Madhya Pradesh Government MP Teachers Employee Annual Pay Slip or Salary Slip at website…..
MP educational portal is a government initiative which was introduced to cater for all teacher’s needs. It works under the Madhya Pradesh education department. Government school teachers have the obligation to check their details and salary slips on this website portal.

The portal has information of the teacher transfer list and some of the student information. It is popular and has also won awards like the Manthan award in the year 2009. They are ranked as the best e-category and CSI Nihilent e-governance.

With the official link being all employees in the education department can access the site. You will need login credentials which one acquires on your first login to the website. The National informatics center plays big part in the formation and launch of the website. This eases the task of visit the education offices for salary slip and education matters. The teachers will only require internet.MP education portal has scholarship programs for the SC/ST and BC who also have the right to access the site.

The list is endless this one of the best website which contains a variety of services. It shouldn’t be a worry to teachers and the Madhya Pradesh state students. The teacher will use their unique ID and open any section of the portal. It more convenient and time saving, help reduce the paperwork and also cases of corruption and document misplacement.

How can view Madhya Pradesh Teachers Annual Pay Slip download or print at

Printing and downloading is one of advantages which comes with the website. The teachers can keep their own pay slips according to the month and year. This comes in handy as they don’t have to visit the education department or heads for such simple issues. The education department has different groups like the Samvida Shikshak, group I II III. This are the main groups in the education department and recognized by the state government thus can use the website portal. Here you will get the procedure of how to view your pay slip for the site.

Madhya Pradesh Teachers Annual Pay Slip

  • Visit the official website:
  • The home page will open showing the Madhya Pradesh education portal.
  • After this the system will request for two of your important data in order to login.
  • This are the username and the password. Now key in the details and the next page will open.
  • Using the mouse of your device drag the cylinder icon to the right side of the page.
  • Question what if I don’t have the password and the username? Here you have to contact your head of department. The IT manager will assist you with the right procedure.
  • However many teachers have the username but not the password. They might have forgotten or not yet reset.
  • Go to the same website and ask for a reset password you will receive an OTP which you will use for your resetting process.
  • Login to your account, select the Varshik Vetan Parchi link on the right side of the page.
  • Automatically a form will be produced read and fill where applicable.
  • Fill in the date from which you need your pay slip to the date actual date.
  • Now click on the export annual pay slip in the PDF.
  • In few seconds the system will start downloading the file.
  • The salary slip will show on the screen.

How do I reset the education portal password in

The above procedure requires one to have a password. It has the possibility of one forgetting or net really having the password. It should be much of a bother as we have the best process to achieve a new password.

  • Navigate to the web portal:
  • Check on the home page menu for the word reset the password.
  • Directly click the button and a new page will appear.
  • Enter the unique code which is mandatory for all the teachers.
  • The website will direct you after the code.
  • Now in case you don’t have the code. Select the official link and a new page will open.
  • The system will bring forth a form for you to fill. This will help get the code just fill the following details like District, Designation type, Your first name and Last name.
  • On the same page check out for the Khojen/submit button.
  • The system will generate your unique id.

Services found in the MP website portal

  1. Salary slip for the teachers.
  2. Attendance leave management system.
  3. Enrollment of students for the scholarship.
  4. Civil works monitoring system
  5. The human resource management system.
  6. General enrollments.
  7. E-service book
  8. Children who have left school.
  9. The children with special needs
  10. The new pension scheme
  11. Upcoming and new scheme.
  12. Grievance management system.
  13. Inspire awards
  14. Retirement.
  15. Free text book distribution
  16. Teachers portal school portal

Advantages of using the education portal

MP education portal has come in handy for the MP teachers and the students. It might require internet but not much of computer knowledge. With right credentials teachers will have the full benefit of the site. Below I have highlighted some of the benefits:

  • Time Saving: I bet teachers used to waste a lot of time either visiting the bank or the education department. It was hassle if an issue a raised on matters of the salary. You have to leave or simple ask for leave out to solve this issues. The site has also reduced long queues at the offices teachers can now work effectively with no worry about their salary.
  • Transparency: This has reduced the corruption cases and fraud among the education offices. You don’t need to pay to get a favor done. In some case teachers would give bribes to get some paper work done. The website helps the teachers to work independently using the unique number and their password. They keep their accounts as secret and will use it at one’s pleasure.
  • Convenient: The website is at the teachers reach. You don’t have to call any officer for help. The teacher need internet and device or PC and there they will access their account. One can use the portal anytime and place.
  • Timely Payment: This happens to be a benefit to both the teachers and the government. We can also include the parents and students. Timely payment motivates the teachers not to strike. Okay low payment issues has not been resolved but getting your money on time really gives a good feeling. The striking cases and go slow have reduced and the Madhya Pradesh government still working hard to ensure teachers have a comfort able life to give the best results.
  • Proper Documentation: It is having that feeling of your documents are safe. This the best since you can access documents from the past months and really find them intact. The system has a way of saving all the documentation for individual teachers, schools and all programs as planned. This helps in reference of some issues for teachers without visiting the offices for consultation. Before the portal a lot of paper work couldn’t be traced, however we cannot blame the government as it’s also tedious to keep all the records. You can access any detail by visiting the official page on the menu just select open history and in few seconds the history will appear on your screen.
  • Encourage online payment and transaction of both financial matters and details about education: This portal doesn’t just encourage payment and viewing of salary slips. It has the potential to grow and be a communication portal. Yes the education heads can post and update the information for the teachers to view. They don’t have to call for meeting in the middle of the term date. The portal will help other departments in the state start the online payment. Thus making the state grow and advance technology wise. It is a step to good working life and encouraging teachers in their daily duties.

For more information just visit the official MP educational portal:

Kerala Property Tax Online e-payment at (Sanchaya)

Guidelines on Paying Kerala Property Tax Online e-payment and Apply Ownership certificate by Sanchaya Online Services Portal at…
Kerala a state in Indian and placed in the southwest part of the country. Which has the Malabar Coast thus attracting many visitor and locals. The state has been in to existence since the 1956 and doing well in developmental matters.
The state has high population and has equally divided the state in to 14 districts. Kerala state government has formed different departments and worked in making tasks easier for all the citizens. Indian being among the developed countries in the world has almost all it state digitalized and living to use the new technologies. Kerala state has different website portal. They can access various data using internet and not visiting offices for help.

We have Kerala property tax online to discuss. The property tax matters have been address and are overlooked local and state government. They have the official website link which takes a lot of services in the state. The link is a public portal where the tax and marriage, death and other services are dealt with. Citizens don’t have to visit offices to pay for their property rather they just login to the site and complete task online.

Taking the property tax specifically falling under the Sanchaya Online Services which is a revenue and license system. The system has services related to property matters and runs the revenue system of the local government.

What are the services carried out in

As discussed above the Sanchaya software built by the revenue department to hold various services in the Kerala state. They are: Property tax, Profession tax, Rent and land, License and building, Booking, Ambulance, Crematorium payments, Paying of water bills and Ownership certificate.

This are just a few to mention the Sanchaya software holds and deals with a lot of state services. The citizens have the right to access and visit the page which suits them best. The system works in all the 14 districts and has gain a lot of popularity. We have some of the achievements of the website:

  • The state government has made the property tax online using the official website link:
  • The website has all the state and local government data. Just follow the link:
  • Sanchaya takes all the duties of handling the Kerala property tax online.

How do I Pay Kerala Property Tax Quick ePayment Online at

Initially the Kerala state citizens used to visit the revenue officials to register their property. It was alt of hassle since there were long queues and also a lot of corruption. This wasn’t enough the documentation was poor thus leading to the loss of documents. This lead the government introducing the Kerala property tax website which is known as the Sanchaya.

Sanchaya Online Services Portal

Sanchaya Online Services Portal

Here property owners can register, change details and also make payments. It has made the situation much easier and one can open the link anywhere. We have the online procedure which is the most popular way to make payments.

  • Navigate to the Kerala Property Tax or Sanchaya Online Services web portal:
  • The new member will give some official details to help them proceed.
  • Enter your district and corporation/ municipality of where you reside.
  • A new page will open here you will be directed to property tax information / online tax payment.
Kerala Property Tax

Kerala Property Tax Quick Payment Online

  • Click on the Kerala Property Tax payment, this option will request for the ward details. This the ward year and official number of the ward.
  • Show the list of property: according to the ward number the list of property under the ward will show.
  • Pick the property you wish to get details about.
  • After this you will get the payment option from a list just at the bottom of this page.
  • We have the demand tax where the property owner will have to pay online and the system will direct them to payment gateway.
  • This are the credit card and the debit or the demand draft. Check the details again before making the payments.
  • In confirmation make the payment and in few seconds the Challan will be produced.

Downloading process of an Kerala Ownership certificate online in

Using the Sanchaya website which is an e-governance software you can now receive the ownership certificate. This a major service under the Sanchaya site under the Kerala state government.

  • Go to the Home page:
  • When the page open select the district and corporation/municipality from the menu.
  • The search button will be displayed click on it for the system to search for the corporation.
  • A new page will open and here you find the ownership certificate option.
  • Click on this option and the site will ask for your ward year, ward number and door number.
  • Select the search button again and the system will open a new page with the owner’s details according to the ward number.
  • The website will only show if you paid for the property tax to get the ownership certificate.
  • If the payments are done now select the ownership certificate.
  • A new page opens select the purpose of the ownership certificate. In few seconds the certificate will be produce but in PDF.
  • After this you can print or download the certificate for future reference.

In conclusion the Sanchaya website helps property owners register their property and get all details about their property. In the property tax section you can:

  • Enroll a building.
  • Manage building list where you learn all the detail about your property.
  • Here you can pay for the property online with the hassle of make long queues at the revenue department Uttarakhand Ekosh Core Treasury System CTS for Employee Salary Pay Slip at

Uttarakhand Ekosh Core Treasury System CTS to generate Employee Salary Pay Slip at or…
Uttarakhand state government caters for all the state employees by opening various website portals. The employees can check their salary slip, pension matters and all details concerning their payments. The government has come up with a website. Additionally the site holds other activities in regard to government matters.

Core treasury system popularly referred to as CTS is a government initiative. Which has come up with the e-kosh website established to help all the treasury department of the Uttarakhand government. They receive all the data about transactions happening on the treasury and sub-treasuries.

It was officially launched by the NIC to serve treasury related matters. Employee in any government department can login using login ID and password. They get it according to the department on is allocated. The worker can get their details on GPF and salary details.

The retiring employees through the Uttarakhand Core Treasury System CTS e-kosh website submit their life certificate here. After this they can get their monthly benefit.

What are the functions the CTS portal?

This portal might be very new to many of us. Though it holds a lot of government branches as the HOD of various departments, secretaries, financial controllers all use this website in getting details about their sections. In real sense the website is supposed to cater for more than 4345 DDO’s of the state to manage the receipts and payment data and give all the treasury details of their departments. This amazing since it saves a lot of time for the government and the employees at large.

Here are the services provided by the CTS portal under the directorate of treasuries, pension and entitlements

  • Core Treasury System stands in for state government in matters concerning payments by the DDO.
  • The CTS will produce the receipts for the state government through the assigned banks.
  • This website will help in the preparation of the monthly accounts for the Uttarakhand government.
  • The site will be used to secure all the state government valuables.
  • It will stand as the safe for non-postal stamp for the state.
  • Pension distribution for various departments.
  • Registers firms and cooperative societies under the relevant Acts.
  • It refunds receipts of the department.
  • It regulates and budgets for the DDO.
  • Pays the group insurance scheme when an employee is retiring.
  • It maintains the GPF of government employees.

How can on access the pension account?

Pension is the amount of money or the benefit one gets after retiring for employment. Each state has a set age of retirement. One has to have a retirement account where the government sets aside funds to help you after this period. They have an online account for the pensioners and on monthly basis the government will send some cash in this accounts.

Employees can also take a simple loan which will be deducted every month. The CTS e-kosh website helps make the work easier.

  • Navigate to the UK EKOSH website:
  • On the home page please pick on the CTS login option.
  • A new page will open with the link:
  • The system will give you login option.
  • After this fill in the GRD number to be your login ID and also as the password.
  • Note individuals who don’t know their password will use the default password.
  • Forgot password will also use the unlock service by the CTS UK which is from the link:
  • Now enter the GRD number then fill in the register number.
  • Enter the security pass the press on “unlock the account”.
  • Go to the pension page where various options will be given: user profile, pension report. FAQ, forms etc.

How to check the Uttarakhand Employee Pension Balance at or

On the same website the pension can check their balances and status. They only need the password and he user ID. The above process of accessing the website will apply on the balance check. It is simple and one doesn’t require to visit the department offices.

  1. Visit the official directorate of treasury and finance service Core Treasury System CTS website page or
  2. On the home page go to the pension page.
  3. Select pension report.
  4. They system will open and give a statement of three months’ time.
  5. The following options will display: monthly pension statement, annual pension statement and tax calculator.
  6. Pick on any of the statements according to what you want to view.
  7. Additionally the page will show about tax calculator where you can calculate all your tax.
  8. Moreover the CTS e-kosh website has the option for life certificate and also an official form.
  9. This certificate is produced by the retired employees each year in the month of November.

How can one register mobile number for the pension account at

To get a pension account one has to register the mobile number. This number helps in receiving the OTP and all important details on pension. Individuals have to give a valid and registered number to continue getting the pension payments. There is simple procedure for one to get the number in the pension system as follows.

  • Open the CTS main website page:
  • On the menu bar select the option on employee mobile number registration.
  • For individual with the pension account just visit pensioners mobile number registration.
  • Now key in your Pensioner ID followed by the number you need to register.
  • The system will send you a code via SMS service.
  • Use the code on the space provided after which the number will be registered.

How can State their complaint about the pension or GPF account on or

In some cases the government set up website where the employee or citizens can access all services. However they forget issues where the employee might want to ask questions or enquire about the site. This is a solved matter by the Uttarakhand government. They have ensure the CTS e-kosh website has an option where individuals can rise their grievances. The process is simple and very secure.

  • Open the Core Treasury System portal:
  • Theo CTS home page go to the menu bar and select the complaint/suggestion tab. This is located on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on it followed by the user ID and the user email Id.
  • The system will provide a space where you can type the complaint.
  • Now enter the code on the page then submit.
  • The system works very fast to ensure proper service provision to all citizens.

How to Recover Core Treasury System CTS Password at

It happens that we have so many passwords from various site. One might key in the wrong passwords thus completely blocking the site. The site provides ways of how to recover your forgotten password. It also advisable for one to choose simple clear passwords. They should be strong by easy to remember

  • Navigate to CTS Home Page:
  • Go to the “Forgot password” option on the menu bar.
  • Now fill in “User ID” and “Register Mobile Number” plus security pin. Note this different from the password.
  • In seconds the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Use the OTP as temporary password to reset a new password.
  • Confirm it and then submit.
CTS password

Core Treasury System CTS Password Reset

How can download or get the Uttarakhand Government Employee Salary Pay Slip at

The website has really benefited the government employees. They don’t have to visit the head of department office for salary slips or statements. The can use the official CTS e-kosh website for the salary slip download. There few steps to go as follows.

  • Visit the website or
  • On the menu bar select “Login to CTS “
  • The system will ask you for permit to access the services on the page.
  • It might sound as follows: the e-kosh link shall take you to a page outside the official website. For any enquiries visit the official website.
Uttarakhand Ekosh CTS Login at or

Uttarakhand Ekosh CTS Login

  • Now select the OK button.
  • A new page will open select the “proceed anyway” tab.
  • After this fill in your CTS login user id and password.
  • In seconds a new page will show where you get different options on the pay roll and the pay slip.
  • The options to follow are: pay roll, pay slip, select the date and year, view the report and after this process you can now log out
  • Now you will get the departments of the Uttarakhand government.
  • Pick one the request for a download or print.
  • Remember to log out of your page for safety measures.

For more information on the Uttarakhand government visit the official website page: or to Check Current Month Pension Status, Pensioner Payment Information

AP Cyber Treasury website to Check AP Pensioner Current Month Pension Status, Pensioner Payment Information, AP PPO Arrivals Status, AP DDO Request Employee Salary Pay Slip etc….
Andhra Pradesh Cyber Treasury is government initiative which is overlooked by various departments in the Andhra Pradesh government. This a government treasuries and account sector which is under the director of treasuries and accounts. Further the sector is fully backed by the administrative control of the finance department of secretariat. This is the AP Cyber Treasury main homepage:

AP government has eased the long naming although it was a legal separation. This was between the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. Each state formed their own cyber treasury. The AP government re-located their offices to the capital city Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada. The offices are function and has go on to spread over the state with 207 branches.

However among this 14 are the district treasuries the rest are classified as sub-treasuries. With the changes in technology the AP government cyber treasury department holds the highest and first rank. They have introduced computerized services to all levels.

What is the meaning of AP treasury DDO Request?

This are requested made by the Head of Departments for cash to be released by the departments they are heading. Subordinates have the obligation to present a DDO request to the officer in charge. This requests will assist he officer to make a complete report. After the reports are made they have to be forwarded to the district head of department.

From here the HOD will also make a report from this new DDO request. He will recheck and approve before submitting to the AP Cyber Treasury as a ddoreq. Again the report from the HOD will be rechecked by the AP cyber treasury makes some changes if needed. This changes are to suit the budget which has been allocated.

When the reports or ddoreq are fixed to meet the budget the AP cyber treasury will give the funds to the HOD’s. This money will be sub-divided to reach the subordinates. This where an employee can check their details on the AP cyber treasury.

About the AP Cyber Treasury Pension

Releasing the funds to the retired government employees is the responsibility of department of treasuries and accounts. The money is given every month to the government employees. Nonetheless the age individuals have to visit the local ward members in order to receive their pension. The application are submitted to the AP cyber treasury when they have to verify the papers before issuing the money.

How to AP Pensioner Current Month Pension Status at

The process is simple as one will check the Current Month Pension Status online. Here we will provide the Pension Status Checking procedure are as follows…

  • Please Visit thir URL:
  • Click on Net Services > Pensioners Information.
  • It is redirected to this link:
  • Pensioner can access all the data about your pension benefits directly from the link.
  • Then Choose or Click on the Current Month Pension Status.
  • After Choose your District Name and Enter PPO Number. Click to Submit.
AP Pensioner Current Month Pension Status at

AP Pensioner Current Month Pension Status

What are the actual functions of the AP cyber Treasury?
In real terms this department is meant to check the financial matters of the state. The AP government is divided in three branches. However the cyber treasury will work for all the branches. This sector is held responsible on any finance matters.

  • Has power to control the state’s budget and regulate it expenditure.
  • They handle all the issues which come up on the treasury department.
  • The AP cyber treasury authorizes more than 40,000 DDO request on monthly basis.
  • On the same treasury cyber the employees have privilege of checking their details. They can check their payment slips and the status of their pension saving.
  • The GPF and all AP welfare funds employers are under the AP cyber treasury. They are answerable to the department and all its affairs.
  • The department issues receipts for the transaction and expenditure.

How to check the AP Cyber Treasury Pensioner Payment Information Online

  • Visit the same official website link:
  • Click on Net Services > Pensioners Information.
  • When the page opens you can get information about the status, pension certificate and many more.
  • Now click on “Pensioner Payment Information”.
  • A new page will appear and will show about “block I or block II”
  • Go to the block 1 and fill in your district name, the PPO number, applicant’s name.
AP Treasury Pensioner Payment Information at

AP Treasury Pensioner Payment Information

  • Fill in the type of service you want family or service then press the get button.
  • On the block II enter your PPO id and STO code.
  • Now press the get data tab.
  • Now you get all the details from monthly to yearly.

How to Check AP PPO Arrivals Status using PPO Number

  • Open the website link:
  • Go directly to the 3rd option written current month pension.
  • After this option click district name
  • Fill in the PPO number.
  • Recheck the details and submit.
AP PPO Arrivals Status at

AP PPO Arrivals Status using PPO Number

This service goes to all the AP state citizens. They have to give the life certificate and the rest will be handled by the AP cyber treasury department.

How to check AP Employee Pay Details statement in

  • Go to the official AP website page
  • On the home page you will require a STO Treasury code which is an employee’s code.
  • Now you can access your Salary monthly statement.
  • Go to the AP cyber treasury website.
  • When the page opens all treasury details will be available for to choose from.
  • Since you needed the Monthly Pay Slip.
  • Select the tab by the name “Net Services to Public” it will be on the left hand side.
  • A new page will open choose between employees operation and pensioners.
  • Click on the employees operation.
  • After this select the Pay Particulars. It will be on the options of annual property, Class IV GPF plus the employee account no. this a list of option which you will choose from.
  • Now pick on “Pay Particulars”. Here you can now access the monthly salary.
  • Fill in your Employee Code to get the information.
AP Employee Pay Statement Details at

AP Employee Pay Statement Details

  • Key in the excel report as the form will be sent using the excel sheet.

How to check AP Class IV GPF Annual Information using

  • Navigate to the official website page:
  • On the menu bar select the tab district treasury office.
  • A new page will appear fill in the following details:
  • Go to the list provided and choose your district
AP GPF Annual Information at

AP Class IV GPF Annual Information

  • Followed by two choices of GPF Account Number or Employee ID.
  • After selecting your choice select the submit button.
  • The GPF will be displayed on the screen with full information.

Process of preparing the DDO Request Salary bill on AP treasury at

Government employees in AP state have an online treasury website link. It is very simple as one can access the information online.

  • Navigate to the website page:
  • The page will open now select the DDO claims on the menu.
  • Key in your 11 digit employee code.
  • Enter your password then submit to login.
  • A new page will show and you get to see the pay bills on the left side.
  • Choose the bill preparation and here please fill in the month and year of the DDO claim.
  • Select the proceed button.
  • Note some employees might not be on the pay bill payments. However you can work it out manually be selecting “include”
  • After this they will display the list of employees on the screen.

The employee’s code
All the government workers are issued the code to help in identity. The code represents the following:

  1. The first 4 digits meaning the Mandal
  2. Second 4 numbers show the department code where the employee works.
  3. The last 3 show the DDO offices in each Mandal.

How do I request AP ddoreq using DDO claim code in

  • Visit the main website page:
  • Now you should login and submit the details about the payments.
  • The system will produce a number TBR. It will help you in your salary claim.
  • Enter the number and also click on the owner plus select the year on the pay bill.
  • In few second the system will show a list of employees who salaries are billed.
  • Now submit the details.
  • The same procedure is used to check the beneficially.

The AP cyber treasury links the bank accounts to the employees account for benefits. For more information visit the sites link

Pan Card Application Status Check for New / Regenerate at NSDL / UTIITSL / Emudra

Tracking your New / Regenerated Pan Card Application Status Check at NSDL / UTIITSL / Emudra i.e / /…..
The permanent account number is one of the valuable cards in India. The card acts as identification for individuals their families and corporates. Moreover the card is issued to both Indian citizens and foreigners who are eligible. Pan card has 10 alpha-numeric characters and very unique as you can’t find anyone with the same number.

PAN card was established in the year 1961 under the income tax act department but is managed by a higher body central board for direct taxes (CBDT). It serves as proof identification but not as Indian citizenship. Note holding more than one Pan card is illegal and can lead to government taking serious on the Pan holder.

How to Fill New Pan Card Online Application at

As we have seen Pan Card is important to all citizens and non-citizen. It acts as identification and helps do a lot of transactions and business. Losing the Pan card is the worst that can happen. But you don’t need to worry the state government have set ways for you to access the Pan card online. You will get a replacement online without the need of visiting the government offices.

  • Go to the official website link:
  • Scroll the page come to the last page choose “Category of the Applicant” either Individual or Partnership Firm etc…
  • Apply for new pan. You need to fill a form 49A which you will get from the same website.
  • Fill the details on the form then submit the form online.
  • You will get an acknowledgement slip which contains 15 digits, save and print it.
  • Here you need to send the acknowledgement to the income tax department. Attach all the right document to show identity proof and address proof. The name should match to the pan card application form.
  • Attach colored photo size passport, then sign on the space provided. The attachment should be on acknowledgement for. Note the passport photos should be recent and very clear.
  • You need to pay for the pan application Rs.96/- if the address is within or in India. Use either the internet banking, credit card or demand draft. Any transaction outside the Indian address will call for a payment of Rs.962/- using demand draft. If you pay with the internet banking or credit you should attach a copy of the transaction before submitting.
  • After you attach all the documents, the proof documents payment slip, photos etc. The form is now ready to be submitted, you have to send it within 15 days from when you did the application. Send it to NSDL in Pune.
  • You have to emphasis on the envelope “APPLICATION FOR PAN.”
  • Wait for a reply from the NSDL and continue checking the status on the same link.

How to check PAN Card Application Status of new PAN card at

You can check the Pan Card Application Status of your application 24 hours after applying. The state government has enhance systems which are fast and accessible to all citizens in India. You need you acknowledgement number to retrieve your status. Follow the simple steps below.

  • Go to the official website page:
  • Remember the number you got when applying? The acknowledgement number.
  • Enter the number on the space provided.
  • Filling your name and the date of birth. The name should start with surname, first name middle name. Date to be filled from day, month, year.
  • Select the submit button and the status will be displayed.
pan card application status by nsdl

Pan Card Application Status by nsdl by

How to Track Pan Card Status using UTIITSL / UTI portal

The status of a new pan application will show after 5-7 days from the date of submitting. You need to remember you acknowledgement number for you to get the status. See the steps below:

  • Visit the UTI pan website
  • Key in the acknowledgement number on the space given.
  • Select the submit button and view the status.
  • You will see whether the Pan card is in process or already generated.

Checking of Pan Card Application Status in e-Mudra website

  • Navigate to the e-Mudra portal:
  • Key in the acknowledgement number you got while applying.
  • Enter the other details like name in this format: surname, first name, middle name. Then the date of birth starting with day, month and year.
  • Send the submit request and the status will be show whether in progress or already generated.
pan card application status by emudra

Pan Card Application Status by emudra

Importance of a pan card

  1. Helps vehicle dealers to sale and individuals to buy vehicle.
  2. If you want to open an account. However you don’t need the pan card for depositing smaller amounts below RS 500,000. Any amount exceeding the said amount you need to give the pan details.
  3. To pay insurances which is more than RS 500,000.
  4. If you want to buy or sell company shares.
  5. If you are buying any goods and service which ranges to RS2 per transaction.
  6. Helps government curb corruption cases.

Structure of a Pan Card

  1. For the first 5 and 10th character are the alphabets. The rest are numbers.
  2. The letters range from A-Z and the number from 1-9.
  3. Note the fourth character shows the status of the PAN card holder example: P- stands for individual, T- Trust, C- Company, G- Government agency, H-Hindu undivided family, A-Association of person, B-Body of individuals, J- Artificial juridical person, L- local authority, E- limited liability partnership and F- Partnership firm.

The 5th character stands for the PAN holder last name or surname. For non-citizen the first letter stands for his/her name. How to pay Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle due e challan Status

Pay Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle echallan / due amount Online and how to track MTP Vehicle e challan Status at and….
Call it Bombay as formally known and famous city for the financial stands. The city takes the highest population of the Indian country. Mumbai has the best historical features thus attracting many tourists and local citizens. It is the capital city of Maharashtra a state in India. This is the Mumbai Traffic Police official website to know echallan status

The city hosts the wealthiest people in Indian, technology and growth is not much of an issue. The city has developed in all aspect starting from education to business and in general the city’s economic status.

There has been many changes to try and suit the livelihood of the city. The Maharashtra state government is working to ensure the lives of the citizens has been made easier. They have introduced different websites to help ease the government services to the people.

Taken as the highly populated city in the state, one can only image the congestion and hassles on the roads. The traffic police have to work extra hand to curb the traffic on the road especially in Mumbai. With this most people take advantage of the situation and break all the traffic rules. Here you find vehicle overtaking, parking at the wrong joints plus driving while the light are indicating otherwise.

What a hassle for the traffic police? This has made the government come up with different plans on how to deal with the offences. Over the year they have tried adding more traffic police on all roads to no avail. It well known the issuing of challans to drives who committee a traffic offence.

However this has not worked well for the Mumbai traffic police. Most of the drives get away without paying for the challan. It has been noted more than 80% don’t get the challans sent via post and thus pile up on the fines. Remember the government uses the fines to service the city’s needs and pay most of the government workers.
Although it’s not about the money but the safety on the roads. Keeping bad drivers on the roads will cause the Mumbai citizens and the whole state at large.

How to check MTP Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle e challan Status at

  • Navigate to the MTP (Mumbai Traffic Police) main website:
  • The homepage will appear and you have to fill either vehicle registration number or Driving License Number or Challan Number.
  • On the page will have a space for Captcha code enter it carefully?
  • Select the go tab then submit the information.
  • The system will process the information and display it on the screen.

MTP Vehicle echallan status at

How to pay Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle e challan at /

Visit the official website page: or

  • The will open enter your vehicle’s number and don’t leave the zeros behind.
  • Now after filling the correct vehicle number enter your mobile number.
  • The system will send all the violations caused by the vehicle.
  • Select the view option and on the same page click on the pay now.
  • Now the fee will show the time and date including the location. The offence will also reflect on the page.
  • Pictures will be sent to as proof of the incident.
  • Select the pay now.
  • The system will ask for the license number (optional).
  • Read all the term and conditions of the Mumbai traffic rules.
  • You get the options of banks which support the system. Debit card/credit cards the bank list and also pay TM.
  • Pick one which suits you best, the system will send you a link to get the receipt. With this the process is done.

What has the government and traffic police department done to handle the situation?
The traffic police department with the whole government backing it up. Have come up with e-challan. A simple way and convenient for both police and the citizens. The drivers won’t give excuses of they don’t have change or ATMS. This is the problem solver.

Wondering what is E-challan?
Challan: this a formal and legal document recognized by the Indian government. It is used to indicate/proof that a payment has been done for either good or a service.

E-challan: It is a slight difference this also a legal document which is digitalized and only obtained online. The system is used to pay for services related to traffic offences. This is the new trend in the state in the Indian country. The government and all traffic departments have embraced this new idea. It will reduce the cases of traffic offences. The e-challans are saved on the government serves and they can be traced if one doesn’t pay.
The Mumbai drivers can check their challans online through the traffic police portal either or

Yes wondering how you receive an e-challan without the police stopping you? The system works in conjunction with camera which have installed on the roads. This cameras have been placed on unnoticeable joints thus capturing the activities on the road. This records are kept for future reference or if one wants to make a claim.

The driver receives the challan on his mobile phone with the need of an officer. You will get the kind of offence done and if you want to claim for the clip, visit the police station for video. This has helped reduce the crimes happening on the roads. Most drives are afraid to be caught and paying the fines. E-challan and the cameras are the only gargets which have worked best for all the states. One get their challan in seconds and has to pay before it adds more penalty.

Importance of the e-challan and the cameras on the road

  1. Saves time for the traffic police and drivers. They only need to pay without stopping or visiting the station
  2. No corruption cases.
  3. The CCTV cameras are genuine.
  4. The police can follow upon the paid and unpaid challan easily.
  5. Reduced offences on the roads.
  6. The Mumbai roads are much safer now.

Types of Challans
There are only two types and both work well for the service of the Mumbai citizens.

  1. Those produced by the cameras from the traffic police officers: This challan is done by the police themselves at the point they have placed the camera. They can be saved and view later. The police make situate the cameras at any point thus capturing the offences directly.
  2. Challans produces by the CCTV camera: This are the cameras placed on the roads and capture random pictures and videos. They are not controlled by anyone and are permanent. They produce an e-challan whenever an offence has occurred. This when you receive messages of the challan immediately on the mobile phone. The challans are produced automatically and can be printed.

What is included in a CCTV e-challan?

  • The time and date the offence happened.
  • The e-challan comes with the photos of the happening.
  • The challan has a duration of 15 days beyond this an addition amount of RS10 will add every day.
  • You get the link where you can get the e-challan and how to pay:

Note the system doesn’t show the receipt immediately but in few hours it will show. In conclusion the system will and has come to help the state and country. They will be reduction of silly accidents and violation making the roads safe. The government has also made a ruling of suspending licenses for the defaults. If caught often you have to hand over the license. Those not honoring the fines at the right time and leaving to accumulate will get harsh penalties. They traffic police department will go through thelist of defaults and send warning. But all in all the system has been taken well by the citizens and traffic officers.

CUB Net Banking Login Registration Online for New User at

City Union Bank CUB Internet Banking or CUB Online Banking or CUB Net Banking Login Registration for New Retail / Individual User at…..
Initially known as the Kumbakonam Bank Limited the City Union Bank ltd cub was established in the year 1904. It only worked in the region parts of the Indian country and later advanced to the whole country. The bank has spread the branches both locally and internationally. The bank provides citizens with banking services. They have advance in technology where by you can transact funds using net banking and mobile banking services.

The bank had its first branches at the Mannargudi and offers the best services to its esteem customers. The city bank doesn’t discriminate any race and works with all citizens and foreigners.

City Union Bank CUB Net Banking Login Registration for new user at

  • Visit the Citi Union Bank main web page:
  • When the home page opens go to the “Personal Banking” section or Click on it.
  • Here the user access is on the menu bar click on the tab to lead you to new user registration.
  • Now fill in the application form and enter the details: Account number, Customer ID, CIF number this number is printed on the passbook, Debit Card Number, ATM pin, Expiry Date and CVV.
  • You need to select a user id and password both have to be very unique.
  • Now key in your Registered mobile number and also email address. This number will be approved by the bank.
  • Select the proceed button and the system will send a One-Time Password (OTP).
  • Key in the password and the bank will send a message of successful procedure.
  • The CUB Net Banking Login ID will be activate before the day or within 24 hours it will be done.
CUB Net Banking Login Registration

CUB Net Banking Login Registration

Services provided by the city union bank in the Indian country

  • Loans services for both individual and groups.
  • Deposit and saving services
  • Investment advice
  • Net banking and mobile banking services.
  • Account opening
  • Securities and insurance
  • Private banking
  • Credit and debit card.

Recently the bank has introduced a security system where one can obtain the user id and password. The applicant needs to fill an application form which is obtained from the branch offices. The bank approves the application and processes the ID and password. However no matter how safe the process please remember not to share the personal details with others.

City union bank Ltd CUB mobile banking
This a service which is more convenient and used by most people with the smartphone. The system is best when you don’t have to visit the bank. This can be done at the comfort of the house. Android, IOS and the apple iPhone will work best on this app.

  • First install the app on your smart phone CUB MOBILE BANKING PLUS but this after activation of the mobile banking.
  • Navigate to the link and install the app on your mobile phone:
  • The above link will guide you open the mobile banking page and apply for the service.

How to access the mobile banking service using the website

  • Visit the official website page:
  • Key in the applicant names, the account number and mobile number. This number has to be registered.
  • After this you will create a unique user ID and password.
  • The system will verify the details and approve the application

How do I access the CUB Mbanking plus?

The process is easy after a successful download just enter the name of applicant, account number and all other information.

  • Go to the registered mobile number.
  • Recheck the details and then enter m-pin then read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Register the bank account to the mobile banking.
  • After the process you can now transact and save money using the mobile banking service.

Steps to download the internet banking application form

  • The applicant has to download the application from the CUB website:
  • Fill in the details name, permanent address and other mandatory details.
  • After fill all the legal details take the application form to the nearest city union bank.
  • The bank attendants will check the information submitted and send them to the central processing center.
  • The bank will give an approval and the ID and password will be sent. This takes 7 working days.
  • Now after receiving you will have access to net banking services.

How to activate the CUB Net Banking Login Registration service at

  • Visit the CUB Homepage:
  • Again go to the Personal Banking tab.
  • Select and enter the Id and password acquired the click on the continue button.
  • Login the details and the system will automatically activate the net banking service.
  • After this a choice of changing the password.
  • Enter a unique password which cannot be revealed by anyone.
  • The password can be alpha-numeric to avoid fraud cases.
  • The bank will send you a success note to show you have completed the process CUB Net Banking Login Registration and now fully register to the CUB Net banking System.

As we have seen the city union bank has improved technology wise and has introduced a lot of banking systems. They have also gain popularity in the whole of the Indian country. They are known for being the first bank to introduce a robot by the name Lakshmi. This a banking robot and has come to aid in the banking service provided by the bank.

City Union Bank has gone further in bring up ways to view your bank balance. This a simple way of using the missed call process which we will check below here.

How to check the CUB Account balance using the missed call

  1. Give your registered number and for the clients with unregistered number visit the bank for registration.
  2. Note the process of registration will take 5 working days from the date you will visit the bank.
  3. Now call the following number: 9278177444.
  4. After dialing the number the balance in your account will show on your mobile phone.
  5. The process if simple and will take few minutes.

Advantage of missed call

  1. The process will save time.
  2. There are no fraud cases and theft case.
  3. No long queues at the bank.
  4. The process is very accurate.
  5. The client can check the balance as many time as possible.

How to Link Aadhaar Number with CUB Account using Internet Banking / Online Banking at

The Indian government has made it mandatory to link the Aadhaar card with the bank and other card. The city union bank has made it easy for the clients to link the card as follows. There are two ways both offline and online method.

  • Go to the CUB web portal:
  • Use your user ID and password to login when the home page opens.
  • On the menu bar select the “link to Aadhaar registration link”
  • Here the system will ask for the operative number.
  • Now key in your 12 digit Aadhaar number.
  • Authenticate the details provided.
  • After few seconds the system will send a confirmation message.
  • You have to register your mobile number in order to get the message.

Offline Method
The applicant might not have internet but not to worry, the applicant can visit the city union bank branch near them. The bank attendants will take you through the following steps:

  • First you will get the application form either downloaded or from the bank.
  • Enter all the legal and mandatory information. Like the name of the applicant, registered mobile number, Aadhaar number, your bank account plus the permanent address.
  • Have with you the original and photocopies of the documents named above.
  • Submit the documents to the bank officers.
  • The information will be approved and the bank will communicate in few working days.
  • With this days over one will note their card is linked with the Aadhaar card.

Linking the Aadhaar card using the ATM

  1. Go to the CUB ATM center and then enter your card on the machine. Swipe in the normal way and key in your personal pin.
  2. On the screen the menu will show click on the Aadhaar registration option.
  3. Now enter your Aadhaar number.
  4. Verify the number and in few seconds the system will provide a seeding form.
  5. Now the bank will approve the information given and a success message will be sent to your registered mobile number.

How to link CUB Account with Aadhaar Number using SMS method

The client needs to have a message alert service on their phone. They require a registered mobile number, account number and Aadhaar number.

Send the SMS to 56161
Aadhaar 15digit bank account number 12 digit Aadhaar number send to 56161
The system will send a confirmation message to your registered mobile number. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana PMAY Application Status Online EMI Calculator for Interest Rate Check

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Online Application Status / PMAY Status of Online Application and PMAY EMI Calculator for Checking Interest Rate at….
Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is a scheme that targets to help build affordable houses for the urban but poor residents. The initiative was established in the year 2015 and aims to done by the year 2022. Most citizens in the India country live in poverty and cannot afford proper houses. The number of homeless Indian is great thus forcing the government to come up with a plan of housing the people at a cheap price. PMAY official web portal is

The plan had a name housing for all and as targeting 20 million people. The Prime Minister Narenda Modi gave the project a kick off and since then the plan is working well for the citizens. The government will use eco-friendly material to build and will ensure to host the neediest families. Additionally there is interest subsidy given by the credit linked subsidy scheme which is also under the PMAY scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Application Status or PMAY Application Status in

It is too easy process to track the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Online Application Status / PMAY Application Status in the PMAY web portal. Here we will give simplest way to know the PMAY Status are as follows……

  • First of all Login into the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Website Home Page URL:
  • Then move the cursor or mouse pointer on Citizen Assessment.
  • It will shows Sub Menu List like For Slum Dwellers, Edit Assessment Form, Print Assessment Form and Track your Assessment Status.
  • Candidate must click on Track your Assessment Status. It is redirected to this web page URL:
  • Then Choose either By Name, Father’s Name & ID Type or By Assessment ID wise.
  • If you can choose By Assessment ID. You can enter the Assessment ID and Mobile Number. Click on Submit. The details will shown on monitor.
pmay application status by assessment id at

pmay application status by assessment id

  • If you can choose By Name, Father’s Name & ID Type. Then You can enter your name, father number, choose id type either Aadhaar or other id, mobile number, choose state name, district name and town / city name. Click to Submit.
pmay application status by name wise at

By Name wise pmay application status

What are the features of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana?

  • All the applicants will get a 6.5 % interest rate for all the housing loan for the 15 years duration.
  • The age and people with disabilities will have the priority of living on the ground floors.
  • The government is planning to use the best material which are environment friendly.
  • The scheme focus on the urban areas and takes up 4041 towns.
  • The government will go for the 500 class 1 towns and settle the low citizens.
  • The subsidy is going for all the statutory towns first.
  • The government has plan to build in two components.

Purpose of the PMAY scheme

  • Give a home to the poorest families in the urban areas.
  • Give financial support to the poor families who cannot afford to build a home for themselves.
  • Eradicate street families and homeless people.
  • Try and bring a bond of both the public and private sector.
  • Give affordable homes to the citizens in the urban before 2022.
  • Bring equality like for the women and minorities.
  • Give priority to women as beneficiaries.

Eligible group to benefit from the scheme
The government has given six groups where one has to qualify to benefit from the scheme.

  • Economically Weaker Section (EWS): This group has people with less than RS 3 and one need to give proof documents from the government.
  • Light income group (LIG): The category hosts people who earn RS 3-6 lakh. They have to show proof from the government officers in order to be ranked on this section.
  • Medium income group (MIG1): The family must be earning RS 12 and are eligible to get a loan of RS 9.
  • Medium Income Group (MIG 2): The household should earn RS 12-18 they can earn a loan of RS 12.
  • Minorities: This is rank for the minority groups like SC/ST/OBC. They have to be provide caste certificate and income certificate.
  • Women: The women applying and belong to the said sections above will have a share in the PMAY scheme. The government gives them priority as they are among the less or minority people.
    With such classification the government can track down the vulnerable people and those who deserve to get the housing assistance. However being in the list doesn’t fully give you guarantee of a house. You need to provide the right and approved documents.

PMAY credit linked subsidy
The ministry which works to stir the scheme by the name ministry of housing and urban poverty. Has linked with some banks here in the Indian country. The give loans for building under the PMAY which have low rates and convenient time to pay back. The advantageous part it the applicant will pay only half of the loan as the government covers the rest.

Let take the HDFC bank which is a popular bank in the Indian country. Has gone ahead and partnered with the government and has been issuing the loans to the applicants. The scheme has few stated rules as follows:

  • The loan applicant must not have a home or house in the state or in the country at large.
  • For couples the bank and the government allows them to have a joint ownership. However they will only receive one subsidy and other benefits which come with the home ownership.
  • The applicants must not have any there government related scheme.
  • This scheme will benefit many in the years to come and be formulated by other developing countries

How to apply for PMAY scheme online at

  • Navigate to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana main website page:
  • The PMAY home page will open and on the menu bar select “citizen assessment”
  • After this a section where you have to fill the Aadhaar number will show.
  • The system will direct you to the application page.
  • Here you have to fill in your personal details: current income, residential address and bank details.
  • Enter the information carefully on the application form and on the end click on the information written. “I am aware of” after this save the information.
  • The PMAY system will approve the information forwarded and bring forth an application number.
  • You have to have the number for future and tracking the status of the application
  • Now download the application.
  • Submit the form at the CSC offices or bank which are linked to the scheme.
  • You have to carry the required documents on the submission day.

Note before filling the application form, check if you are among the eligible group. Submit the BPL certificate in order to get the application form approval. The bank or the PMAY offices here you get details if you are qualified to receive a loan or benefit from the scheme. The government has made it easier by posting the list on the official website. Here you will see the updated version of who eligible to receive the housing benefits.

How to I make changes after applying Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in

  1. Go to the Main website page of the PMAY:
  2. When the home page opens fill in your application number.
  3. Followed by the Aadhaar details.
  4. Now an edit button will show.
  5. Click on the button and you can make the changes needed.

Note you have to enter the details correctly not to cause you from benefiting from the scheme. Don’t submit details you are unsure off and or incorrect data.

How to get the interest rate for subsidy under the PMAY scheme

  1. Go through the list of lending institutions and request for a loan.
  2. The institution will verify application form if you qualify the papers will be sent to the central nodal agency.
  3. An approval has to be made for the Nodal agency to release the subsidy amount to the lending institution.
  4. Now the financial institution will deposit the cash but it will be less the loan amount.
  5. Here you will continue paying with the balance of the loan amount.

PMAY EMI calculator (How to Calculate PMAY EMI Interest) at

The government issues the housing loans at a low interest rates compared to the normal loans.

  • Visit the PMAY Web Portal URL:
  • On the home page now fill in the:
  • Total loan amount in rupees.
  • The interest rate.
  • The period the loan will take to be repaid. This has to be in month.
pmay emi calculator

pmay emi calculator

  • Now select the calculate option.
  • The system will give the total amount in installments and the rupees to be paid.
  • You can download a copy for future reference.

What are the functions of the technology submission?

  • They aim to give the best service to the low earning and homeless citizens.
  • Using the eco-friendly materials for building.
  • Planning and developing the urban areas to help even in economic growth.
  • Good designs and planned buildings which are permanent to be used even by the generations to come.

The scheme as said is reaching the homeless and the low income citizens. This will help the country at large. The scheme will take few years to be complete but once done the cities and urban centers will be nice and free. The project is an answered prayer for many citizens and thanks to the concern parties all homeless urban citizens will have a home to call theirs.

How to Open National Pension System new NPS Account Login at (Check NPS Balance)

How to Open new National Pension System NPS Account Online at, How to Signin NPS Login at and How to Check NPS Balance in…
Going 10 years down the line the new National Pension System is a scheme established by the Indian government. It was launched in the year 2004 January 1st and has been working for the citizens up to date. The scheme caters for the Indian citizens at their retirement age. Employees give a certain share of their salary which is saved and released at the retirement age. The employer also contributes to add on what the employee gives.

The plan is overlooked by the Pension fund regulatory and development authority (PFRDA). The common reason for introducing the scheme was to encourage saving. The government uses this scheme to help citizen have a sum of money at the older age. It helps eradicate poverty at some point as they can live well or support their families when the working years are over. This acts as a pension plan and has worked well with the retired individuals.

Why save in the scheme? The scheme is a sure security for the future to come when one can’t work anymore. It helps one to be stable and you don’t have to change your living styles. In most cases the money/funds will cater for your children who might be still in school. This an investment which will accumulate over the years to be taken in large sums.

Actually the whole idea was meant for the government workers. However but with the changes and equality in both public and private. Everyone is encouraged to save a personal account number where they can also check their savings. The scheme accommodates ages 18 to 60 years. The great thing about the NPS scheme is that the government has removed the tax. An employee can shift from one job to new one and still pay for the scheme.

Accounts under the NPS scheme.
Tier / Level-1: This an account referred to as a non-withdrawal retirement account. You only withdraw when retiring according to the NPS rules. In one year the account holder has to have invested RS 6000. If not the account will be suspended following the NPS regulations.

Tier 2: The account is very flexible compared to the above account. You have the privilege to withdraw and do deposits. Remember the account is just an additional to the Tier 1. It is mandatory to have the first account. You have to contribute RS 2000 in the financial year which is much cheaper than the Tier 1.

Swavalamban Account: Here the government gives RS 1000 each year but for the first four years. The account gives chances for the account holder to select nominees. For Tier 1 and 2 one can change the nominees after acquiring the permanent retirement account number. PRAN this a very unique number which given to each member enrolled on the saving scheme. It has 12 digit which differ from each member’s number.

Who are eligible to join the NPS scheme?

  1. The scheme take citizens and non-citizens.
  2. You have to be age 18 to 60 years.
  3. The employee can join alone or the company one works at, the employer will also contribute.

How can open National pension System NPS account at

nps account

NPS Account Registration

The scheme is recognized throughout the Indian country and one can apply in any point. The government has given authority to the banks and financial institution to register members. This banks are called points of presence (POPs). Here the officer at the POP centers will help you fill the correct forms. You can also get the details of registration on the official PFRDA website.

3. Bring along a subscriber registration form
All the documents mention above will serve as proof to get the NPS account. Individuals might bring one of this documents. Note when a member wants to leave the scheme, he/she might convert the amount and buy a life insurance. They can also take the whole amount according to the NPS calculations.

What will happen after shifting from one job to another?
Most of the citizen wonder whether the account will be eligible when one shifts or gets self-employed. The card is very flexible and an individual may change jobs and still use the same account. The citizens who are self-employed will use their account to invest. The POP centers are located all over the countryand the members can shift from one center to another.

Bodies governing the funds

  • DSP Blackrock pension fund managers
  • HDFC pension Management Company
  • UTI retirement solution pension fund
  • SBI pension fund
  • Reliance capital pension fund
  • LIC pension fund
  • ICICI prudential pension fund
  • Kotak Mahindra pension fund

This are the 8 managers who overlook the matters in retirement funds. They are distributed over the country
The NPS calculator.

The NPS Account holders of the NPS scheme can check their calculations thus learning how much one has complied. You need the following information to get the proper sum:

  • First know your current age and the age you are going to retire.
  • Learn the amount you will invest every month.
  • Know what return are provided by NPS when you invest.
  • Give the number of years you want to get the monthly pension in your retirement years.
  • The percentage of pension which is gain over the period of investment.
  • What are the expectation from the investments you will make?
  • After giving the information the NPS calculator will compile by the use of power of compounding.

What details will be produced after the Calculation

  1. Show your investments as per the date of checking
  2. The current amount
  3. Interest gained and the amount at the present time.

How do I benefit from the scheme?

  • All the members will get a unique NPS account number.
  • The saving gain higher returns than any other investment plans. Yearly the scheme calculates an interest of 8-10%
  • The money will be collected in lump sums or invested in a life insurance policy.
  • The scheme has low risk as one is sure of getting the funds after retirement.
  • The scheme favors anyone who has invested for more than 10 years. They can withdraw of 25 % and do reasonable projects like building, studies for your children or medical reasons.
  • The scheme is flexible as you can change your equity fund, by either adding to the set amount or reducing but not below the set amount.

What to know about the NPS scheme

  1. The minimum amount should be Rs.500/- in a month or Rs.6000/- yearly.
  2. If one doesn’t abide with this law the account will be suspended.
  3. The retirement age is 60 years if you need to withdraw. Before this 40% of your savings will not be released.
  4. The scheme is tax free and works for all the citizens and non-citizens.

How to open National Pension System NPS Online Account at

There two ways to apply for the New NPS Account remember the offline method of visiting the POPs and filling the forms. The New NPS account logincan also be opened online as follows:

  • Visit the NPS website: or
  • On the home page fill in the application form with the right details.
  • Recheck the information and upload the KYC documents which proof your identity and address.
  • After this an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Use the OTP to verify your registration process.
  • Now you are registered and can check all the details including your PRAN 12 digit number.

How to NPS login and process to check the NPS Balance at

  • Navigate to the NPS web page: or
  • On the home page use the PRAN number given as the password or the username.
  • Now you are login in select on the menu bar “View options”.
nps login

National Pension System NPS login

  • The system will open the funds tab on how you have invested and the managers in charge
  • NB the managers are: SBI pension fund

LIC pension fund

  • As we had discussed earlier on the article, now proceed to check the balance.
  • The NPS account holder will get to learn the nps balance and the returns made if any.
  • On the same home page click on the account details and you will get the balance and are information displayed here.

For more details and enquires please visit the official link: