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How to Create / Burn Bootable OS ISO to USB using Rufus Software

How to Burn Bootable OS ISO to USB using Rufus Software or How to create ISO Image File to Pendrive / USB Flash Drive using Rufus .exe file….
What is Rufus? This a well-known tool for many computer experts and can be used in formatting USB drives to make them bootable. Additionally Rufus is used on windows and burn on most ISO file for the USB. This is a very important tool to have around as the drive driod users use too. Rufus has more advantages when it comes to creating USB installations on the ISO and Linux devices. This not all if your device doesn’t have OS, Rufus will work so well with it.

Though of running low-level utility then Rufus is the only recommended tool for you. Be sure of its fast speed this device has unlimited advantages and use.

Now for one to have an ISO file on a flash drive or the USB you have to go through some few processes. It whole different story when it comes to burning an ISO to the USB. One might take it as just copying however you need a tool to make this work easier. Rufus is our tool today, one doesn’t need to boot from the tool when the procedure is done. The process is fast as it takes only 20 minutes but remember it also depends on the file size.

What are the features of the Rufus?
This device has various features which make it stand out from the rest.

  1. It burn any windows ISO from XP, 7 and 8.
  2. The tool works with Linux devices too.
  3. Basically can burn almost all ISO like free DOS, BartPE etc.
  4. Both the UEFI and GPT work well with the device.

How to burn an ISO to USB using Rufus Software (Pendrive)

As said the process works for all the windows ISO it is fast and won’t take much of your time. Let’s look at the simple steps to burn windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 OS ISO to USB using Rufus Software:

ISO to USB using Rufus

ISO to USB using Rufus Software

  • On your browser please download Rufus Software a tool used to upload windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Operating System into Bootable USB drives at website.
  • Now get all the information of the file you want, copy all details to your USB device
  • After copying all the files now double click on the Rufus which you downloaded in the beginning.
  • The program will commence plug in your USB or flash drive on your PC which you need to burn.
  • On the screen check the menu and select the USB storage you want to work with.
  • Again on the drop down menu check on the boot section where the disk or he USB device is selected.
  • Click on select, a window will open look for the ISO image which you want to burn on the flash drive or USB.
  • After making a selection now click on the open button.
  • The Rufus device will start inspecting the ISO file you’ve taken. Give it some time as it will be according to the file size.
  • In some cases the file might not be supported by the device.
  • Assuming the file is not supported just go to the standard windows installation.
  • Proceed but don’t touch any of this: partition scheme, target system, file system and the cluster size.
  • Note if you are not sure or have no orders to go to either of this don’t touch.
  • No click on the start button to for the burning procedure.
  • A warning text will appear on the screen click ok. The information will be as follows (all the information will be deleted).
  • Ensure the flash drive or the USB is empty before starting the process.
  • In few minutes the Rufus will format the USB to make it bootable.
  • It will then copy all the files on the USB or flash which are in the ISO image you have already chosen.
  • If the procedure is over the status of will show as ready now remove the drive and close the Rufus program.

Things to note
In the above process there are several things one should take in consideration. Don’t insert the USB and off you go a lot will be damage and might loss information. Let’s look on some things you should keep in mind:

  1. The burning act will delete all the information on the USB. Make sure the drive is empty not loss the file stored.
  2. Rufus will give you details on the free space and the size of the file. This information is helpful as you will the right USB or flash drive.
  3. Check for the drive on the device before burning, if it doesn’t appear then you need to look for another USB device.
  4. If you are burning on the USB ensure the file is in FAT32 instead of NTFS.

How to install Windows 7/8/8.1/10 OS from USB Flash drive

With different technologies one doesn’t have to worry if their PC doesn’t have an installation disc or CD drive. Just create a bootable ISO File to USB Bootable flash drive using Rufus tool and with a perfect installation device you are good to go. You can install are window versions using a USB here will see steps to follow in the installation procedure.

  • First learn about your computer whether it runs on 32-bit system or 64-bit system. With this simple act you will know what to download.
  • After checking now go to your flash drive check whether it is a 4 gigabyte flash. Wondering why? In real sense most window file need 4 and more gigabytes for proper installation.
  • Now plug the flash on the computer you want to install the windows.
  • Before anything format the flash if FAT32 or exFAT. The process will take place by selecting the file system pick on the FAT32.
  • Please note this will affect your details on the flash. All the information will be deleted, it advisable to save it somewhere and use an empty flash drive for the installation.
  • Start downloading windows installation tool. You can actually open a window like windows 10 then select download tool.
  • On this page just double click on the media center tool EXE file. The system will give an option of “yes” select it. There will be terms and conditions displayed accept and proceed.
  • There are few procedures where you will fill out details then the installation option will show.
  • Choose the language, window and choose an architecture for the whole process.
  • When the installation tab shows now click on the create installation media. Select the proceed button remember the language and other option as mention above. Select the name of the flash drive to start the installation process.
  • Give the flash drive sometime to set up all the file and download them in the flash drive.
  • Now you can continue and place your computer in boot order.

How do I change Boot Priority order and How to Enable USB option in BIOS?

This just an order where by the computer searches for nonvolatile data storage devices. They have a code which helps in loading OS. Some use the ROM while others use the BIOS in order to start the boot process. In getting the order the CPU will generate the OS in the system memory.

  • Have the computer you want to install windows note new version won’t work with kind of method.
  • Now place the flash drive in one of the ports.
  • Restart the computer by clicking the start button then restart. If the PC is not open start the computer then go to the restart button.
  • Now click on the computer BIOS key. This are the ESC or DEL
  • After this look for the boot order tab, it is only found on the advance settings here you will get a lot of tabs to choose from.
  • Look for the name of your flash drive.
  • Click on the name and move it to the first row on the list.
  • You have to save all the changes taking place before you remove the BIOS
  • Proceed in restarting the computer and the process is done.

This are the simple ways to install windows one needs the right devices proper 4 gigabytes or more checking the architecture of your computer with this proceed to a successful installation.

How to Disable Windows Update in Windows 10 Operating System

Simplest Way to Disable Windows Update in Windows 10 OS or Procedure on Disabling Windows 10 OS Updates using Services Options…..
One most annoying thing is when you open or about to shut windows and there an update pops up. However it’s more irritating when then windows forces you to update and yet you feel it not necessary. Nonetheless we should take it as common for this happens a lot especially on windows 10. The Windows 10 Operating System was compatible to Install Shareit for PC.

Most people wonder on how to solve this issue. Do I have to update? But don’t worry here in this article we learn different solutions and ways to remove the updates. I want to believe you are fully aware of your computer or laptop. Check the system by which you operate with before taking any step. Remember most of this solutions might delete some or all the data on your device. It should be noted there are no permanent Ways of deleting automatic update. But thanks to technology we can delay or just temporarily stop the updates.

Yes there is the fear of what might happen if an update takes place. What it slows the system or delete the data. Change is good but we should deeply learn about the update before installing.

There several ways to stop the updates please check what suits your device. With advanced technology windows 10 has come up with automatic update which you cannot turn off. The only solution is to try and Disable Windows 10 OS Updates with the following ways.

How to Disable Windows Update in Windows 10 OS

First when disabling the windows 10 OS update the system will automatically paralyze the updates set to pop up. It will take some time and later automatically reset back to normal.

  • Now open your device and on the left hand corner, go to the windows icon. Click on the box looks like a window
  • Type the word “Services”, in few seconds the system will look for all services in your computer.
  • The service icon will show on the menu bar right at the top. With two gears photo click on it.
  • Service page will open where you find the “Windows Update” almost at the end of the list.
disable windows 10 os updates

Disable windows 10 OS Updates using Services Options

  • Double click on the Windows Update or Right Click on Windows Update then go to the Properties option.
  • Select Start up type from the long list given. Sometimes is difficult to get this option go on top of the page and click on general button.
  • A new page will show select the Disable Windows Update in Windows 10. This automatically stops the updates from show but only for some time. Note you can never Disable Windows Update in Windows 10 OS permanently.
  • After this click on the “Stop” button. Wondering what difference it makes since you clicked on disable windows? This only helps to stop running the window update system.
  • See on the same page click apply button followed by the ok button. The update service will now stop.
  • It’s now your duty to keep checking for the device not to reset back. If few says check and also repeat the same actions to keep it Disable Windows Update. However it might sometime enable automatically.
Disable Windows Update in Windows 10

Disable Windows Update in Windows 10 OS

Metered Connection

This method is limited and doesn’t work for Ethernet internet. However it is also efficient and will hold the updates for some time. Note you also need to keep disabling the updates. Wi-Fi connection also works very well with this method.

  • First open your computer or laptop and on the left hand corner click on the windows icon. It will certainly open the menu of your device.
  • Select the settings button which has a gear icon but at the button of the menu bar.
  • Now click on the networks and internet form the settings page. Open Wi-Fi connection since the procedure works when Wi-Fi is on.
  • After this go down and look for an option written as “Set as Metered Connection”
  • A switch will be shown on this page where you need to click on it to turn on. This indicating your Wi-Fi is already metered.
  • This way the updates will be disabled temporarily.
  • Remember to keep checking and repeating the same procedure thus keeping the updates off.

Group Policy Editor

Taking this as our third method it works well on windows 10 pre-anniversary edition. It is not compatible with the windows 10 home edition. However it will also Disable Windows Updates in Windows 10 all the update but not permanently. Windows education and enterprise edition also have the group editor and making them work with this method. You can check the type of edition you have on your device by simply going to the start button and followed by system information of the Microsoft Windows 10. Steps to take:

  • Again go to the start button on the left corner of the device.
  • Now type the word run and the system will open run program.
  • Followed with a simple procedure launch group policy editor. This abbreviation are written on the run program: gpedit.msc.
  • Press the ok button to open the group policy editor.
  • Go to the windows update folder where you can select the following tabs:
  • Now select the administrative file, component file then go to the windows update.
  • Open the “Configure Automatic Update”. Here you will edit the properties on the window configuration.
  • After this process you need to click on the enable box.
  • Now select the Configure Automatic Updating
  • Now you can give a command of notify a download and notify me for installation. This button will be found on the same page, the system will give notices if any update will happen.
  • After all this select the ok button now repeat the procedure. By going to the start button followed by the settings and then click on update and security.
  • The procedure takes you to the windows updates then check if there any updates.
  • In few seconds the windows 10 will show the updates but cannot install them.
  • Restart your device and all the settings will be in place.

Disabling Automatic Windows Store app updates

  1. First open your computer and directly go to the start button
  2. The menu will show check out for Microsoft store. On the right side of the menu, however device are so different you can also type the word store. A search will take place and the Microsoft store appears. Now click on it.
  3. Navigate to the setting page and here you will get colored box written: update apps automatically.
  4. With this the button will be switched off thus disabling all the updates.

Changing the way of Windows 10 Update using Registry

Windows uses just want to notify you this the last in our list but very risky. Can cause a lot of damage and permanent to the data installed on your device. When picking on the registry method check whether it will work for your device.

  • Back up all your information and documents then proceed to the method. Save all the information in your hard disc then take the following steps:
  • Go to your start button and click on run command.
  • Here type the word regedit then press ok button.
  • Right click the windows button and the select new on the same page.
  • This new key rename it as windows update then click on the enter button.
  • Again use the key and name it AU then enter. Right click on this key and type DWORD and press ok.
  • Now close the registry to finish up the whole task. With the keys you created you have prevented windows updates however you will get notices of Disable Windows Update.

Microsoft users can also have other different ways of avoiding updates. We can hide the pop up, however it should be noted hiding doesn’t mean really disabling them. Windows 10 doesn’t have this kind of option but one can get from the Microsoft downloads.

The updates will continue streaming and installing but you will have the power to hide the app and all pop ups. It should easier since you won’t see the updates yourself.

As we have learn one can never stop windows update permanently or Disable Windows Update in Windows 10 OS. The update are healthy and good for your system but has can cause problems and delay services. Before choosing among the four methods you have to really understand your device and give the best.

How to See Password using Inspect Element in Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox Browser

Revealing Procedure to Show / See Password using Inspect Element Method in Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox Browsers or See the Remember Password using Inspect Element….
We use the website browsers to save and hide passwords which we can hardly store in our minds. This happens when we open more than one account. In the world today one needs to hide and apply password in all your documents to ensure they are not accessed easily.

Website browsers like the google chrome and Firefox are some of the best browsers. They are trusted and billions of people use them. Now we use the asterisk to hide the characters of the password. However if the password wasn’t saved or one can’t remember you need to see what is hidden behind the asterisks. This one difficult task if you don’t know where to start. In this article will check on the steps to take for both google chrome and Firefox.

However all the browser have way to hide their passwords. There different ways to see the Remember password in your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers.

How to Show / See Password using Inspect Element window in Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox Browser

It is well known that HTML and CSS code have a possibility of temporary editing the password. With this you can see the Remember Password behind black dots using Inspect Element option. It is very simple procedure to Display / Show / See Password using Inspect Element Method. It will help when forgets the password this can be done in this simple way below:

  • Go to the browser page. Open any website like Gmail or Facebook or Instagram or Twitter etc.
  • Here i will see the example on How to See the Password using Inspect Element Method in Gmail in Chrome Browser.
  • Logon into Gmail. Type your Username or Gmail ID. Click On “Enter” button.
  • Type your Password or some people already Click on the Remember Password previously.
  • So don’t worry about that.
  • Just Select the Password (Only Select Black Dots).
  • Then Right Click on it. Choose “Inspect Element”.
  • After this a new page will open for you select the two lines of code
show remember password using inspect element

Show the Remember password using inspect element

  • Continue and double click on the type password after this change to “text” it.
  • Example: input type=”Password”
  • Now press on enter then select close the inspect element.
  • Now the password will showed in few seconds.
see password using inspect element

See Remember Password using inspect element

This the simple process of behind black dots to see password using inspect element option. However one can hide it all over again you only need to reload the page once again for the password to hide. Inspect element is the only way you get passwords without involving third party utilities.

Chrome users can use the following process to get their password. On the browser page go to the private settings. When the page open look for the manage password.

  • First go to the main menu bar and go the settings.
  • Continue and choose the advance settings.
  • After the page opens go to the manage password. Which will be on the drop down menu under the password and forms headings.
  • In few seconds the system will show the all the passwords, usernames and all the credentials saved on the system.
  • Double click on the password and directly go to the show option.
  • The system will request you to give alogin password for your PC.
  • Remember the password will be showed if one logs in the right password.
  • If the PC doesn’t have a password it will reveal all the passwords and details without any request of passwords.

How to See the password using the JavaScript in Chrome / Firefox

  • Go to the browser where you can copy paste the code: JavaScript (function () {vars, f,j,f,I, s
  • The browser will automatically delete the written section JavaScript and all the colons will be deleted.
  • This shouldn’t worry you just type the word again: JavaScript manually then select the enter button.
  • In few seconds the passwords on the page will show. The list cannot be copied.
  • Make a bookmark on the JavaScript and use it every time you open the page.

Inspect element is considered as the best way to dictate what makes your PC or browser shut and break. This element assist you in making your monitor colorful as you don’t need to photo shop all the time. The google chrome has a lot of uses to ease ones wok.

Why should one use the inspect element?

  1. Designer: The inspect element helps you design your phone or the monitor. It gives the color making it great to work on. One needs to just click on the sign up tab and the inspect element will work wonders on the site.
  2. Marketer: Sometimes it a challenge when one doesn’t have the keywords to introduce their site. Inspect element also works on slow speed on the google site. This will be the last thing one needs. Try out the inspect element for high speed on your browser.
  3. Writer: The inspect element helps writers change the details on any text. You don’t have to hide your name and personal data while taking screenshots.
  4. Support Agent: The inspect element helps one to make a change on the site without explain but real scenarios. You don’t have to tell on how you will develop a site do it with inspect element.

Note: This is one of the tools found on your browser and has all one needs to make the work easier.

How can one access the inspect element on their browsers?

  • Go to the website page you would like to open
  • On the tool box open the inspect element.
  • This is by right click on the home page and immediately the menu will open.
  • Select the “Inspect”.
  • You can also open the inspect element by an icon which has three dots. This at the right side of your chrome page.
  • It will open and go straight in choosing the tools followed by the developer tools.
  • The inspect element will open.
  • This third method works fine too it by default the developer tool will open and the element will show.

Out of the three methods one should preferably go the three dots (hamburger). It has more space to work out, click on it for the browser to give the option to move it to the right side. You can also open the browser but only on different page.

How to find anything using the inspect element?

The inspect element is tool which will assist you find more than what your browser shows.

  • Open a website on your google chrome
  • On the browser open the inspect element.
  • Go for the three dot method on the right side of the browser on the developer tool page.
  • Click on it and then select the search files.
  • A search icon will show open the inspect element with the simple process of right clicking inspect.
  • Now on this search files you have the privilege to search anything.
  • The information search will show on the page using the inspect element.

How to change the information using the Inspect Element?

This element has come in handy as it can modify many changes on your browser. You have the rig hot add new features too on your site as it makes easier. Once you make any change reload the age for the change to take place.

  • Again go to your browser and select the element on the developer tools tab.
  • Proceed to the left side of the page and click on the mouse icon.
  • Choose any element from the page which you want changes made.
  • The change will take place in few seconds reload the page for it to be effective.

Inspect element takes one to the real word of fun. You can manipulate the element and make a lot of change on your site. With this element there changes on color, images, text and eliminating any details on your site. With no hassle he inspect element is the best for both chrome and Firefox browsers.

Jio Gigafiber Net Unlimited Plans (High Speed Internet Plans) – Online Registration Starts from 15th August

Jio Gigafiber Net High Speed Unlimited Internet Plans and Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Online Registration Starts from 15th August at….
Jio this famous mobile network operator in the Indian country. They are located at Mumbai Maharashtra. The system was officially launched in the year 2015 and has been operating all over the country and outside. They have gone ahead and introduced a new broadband service named as Jio GigaFiber.

All this services are provided by one big and known company in the Indian country. This company is called as Reliance industries and has gone further to provide the best and reliable internet. This was done by the company’s chairman Mukesh Ambani. The service have attracted many customers in the country as they have been providing free calls services. Jio has come up with new products from phones TV and routers. They are the best in network production.

What is Jio GigaFiber?

Jio Giga Fiber is a broadband service formed by the reliance Jio. The service is of high speed and the company has the plans to extend it to homes and shops. They have an offer of 1Gbps and gaining popularity over the other service like BSNL and Airtel which have been the love of many. Jio Giga fiber has been considered as the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH).

Reliance industries with the plan to launch the Jio Giga fiber officially in August 15 year 2018. The company will supply fiber connectivity to the clients according to the convenience of the place. Later the service will spread to all the areas.

How do I Signup for Jio GigaFiber Online Registration?

The registration process have been taken well by most citizens. The reliance industry are doing all efforts to ensure the service reaches all who have applied. One can use the or My Jio app. Each app is given according to the location one resides. When the process takes off the company will give clear guidelines on the registration and how to use the app and links.

JIO GIGAFIBER Net Unlimited Plans

JIO GIGAFIBER Unlimited Plans

The company has planned supply the service to 1100 cities and this will start at the most demanded place. Since the number is large the company feels they should take the project in phases and try and cover as many cities as possible.

The package Jio Giga Fiber will offer.

  1. Jio Giga Router: The company is working to introduce the best and high speed internet connectivity. They have the Jio Giga routers which will be attached on the wall and use fiber optic cables. They are believed to be of high speed and very convenient.
  2. Jio Giga TV: Reliance has a variety of products to offer to the citizens. To top up they have internet services for Jio Giga TV. This with a combination of a set-top-box which will show the best and favorite channels in the country and abroad. The box will contain more than 400 channel list.
  3. Jio Giga HD TV Calling: This the amazing part, they have introduced video call using the TV. The service will be from one Jio Giga TV to the same network. They can make calls thus making it simpler to communicate enjoy the service.

Jio smart home solutions, 360 degree and AR videos
Reliance is taking their products all the way to top and introducing a Jio Giga smart TV with clear videos and camera. With the thought of bring the Jio head set to suit the TV connectivity.

Reliance Company has a pilot program where they will give free services for three months. After this period the Company will fully launch the Jio Giga fiber. They have an offer of 100 GB of free data for three months in addition they will give 40 GB before the end on the term. Jio has plans to start on their plans after the end of the period. This will be determined by the success of the pilot program.

Jio GigaFiber Plan Period Price Bandwidth Speed
Pilot program 3 months free 100GB plus 40GB 100 Mbps
Jio Giga fiber 100 Mbps 1 month RS 799 Unlimited 100Mbps
Jio 250 Mbps 1month(30days) RS1099 unlimited 250Mbps
Jio Giga fiber Mbps500 1 month RS 1499 unlimited 500 Mbps
Jio Giga fiber Gbps 1 month RS 1999 unlimited 1 Gbps

Below we have a table indicating the plans and the prices after the three months preview. This is the cheapest in the country and

Note the above chart show after the preview the prices and offers of different plans. However there are three different Jio Giga Fiber High Speed Unlimited Plans plans which are being used for the time being:

Reliance Jio Giga Fiber Special plans

This a plan for individuals who want to use internet for low prices, plan goes for 30 days and at regular speed limits. The plan is based limited on time.

Jio Gigafiber broadband speed based plans

This plan takes up a number of sections however it is based on limited data and speed.

Jio Giga Fiber Broadband Volume Based Plans

The plan is the best for people who don’t want limited time and data. The plan has high speed and the prices are fair according to the speed and data offer. It has also a daily usage plan which suit anyone who just want to work for a day. The Jio Giga Fiber Unlimited Plans are starts from 5GB-60GB per day.

Why go for Jio Gigafiber?

  • Jio Gigafiber is will be one of the cheapest plan in the Indian country.
  • The company has best offers to suit all the citizens.
  • The internet provide offers high speed and very reliable.
  • It streams 4K content.
  • The company gives the individual power to manage their own account.
  • The Jio Company has free installation procedures.
  • Reliance Company has best offers and even piloting offer for three months.

Jio Gigafiber Preview Plans

  1. On the free trial the Jio fiber industry will give high speed connectivity.
  2. They will install the service for free on different homes who have applied.
  3. 100 GB will is 1 Mbps
  4. Individual have to give 4500 cash for security deposit which is refundable.
  5. After the plan families who won’t like the plans will get their money back but they have to give the gadgets to the company.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on Jio Gigafibre

What is meant by fiber to the home technology?
This a type of fiber which is connected to your home directly. Most of fiber connection are not done on our homes but on post away from the house. The speed is not reliable and thus discouraging people from working with this internet connection.Home fiber is the best one has the power to control their account. If the data is over you can top up easily.

What are the advantages of using Jio Gigafiber?
The service is very reliable. Fast speed and good data offers. Free installation. Free offers on different Jio Gigafiber Net Unlimited Plans. Best prices for all the plans.

Does the Jio Giga Fiber reliance industry have prepaid and postpaid plans?
The company is taking a step at a time, for the moment dealing with prepaid services which has the best offers possible. Postpaid will be a near future project with more offers.

How much is the security deposit and why do I have to pay it?
A common question since most clients know about the trial program. This security deposit is small amount of 4500 and also refundable. The money is given to help the company provide you with ONT device. With this gadgets you can have the internet service at your home freely.

Once the period is over and you feel you don’t want such service the money will be refunded and the ONT taken but in good condition. If they find it in bad state the money will have to compensate for new device.

How long is the trial period?
Reliance industries have given a 3 month period for all the states. They will install the services in phases. This will help them improve according to the feedback. This might seem as too long but it will be a way to learn what citizens want and know the market better.

How to Create Hotmail account or Microsoft Outlook Account / Bing Account at

How to Signup / Register MSN Hotmail Account or Bing Account or Microsoft Outlook Account at or / /….
Counted as the second most famous email service in the world. MSN Hotmail Account or Microsoft Account / Bing Account issued by millions of people on the globe. It is loved for the special and unique features and the fact that it allows one to send and receive emails for free. The service is available for all and doesn’t overlook race of financial status. Hotmail acted and catered for the email needs before introduction of the Gmail.

The Hotmail email provider saves data in bulk and allows transmission of emails freely. However the service was taken up and changed to MSN Hotmail by the biggest company in the globe Microsoft. This was in the year 1997 and the fame plus good works went on until the year 2012 where the Microsoft decided to give a new name which is Outlook. With this the service is attached to other services like Skype, office online and last but not least one drive.

The best part is that Microsoft never change the process to create and account. One can still create a Hotmail or outlook account. The account works on all the devices from windows, Android and IOS. The service is very fast has a protection installation of anti-spam and robust anti-virus.

How can I create Hotmail account or Microsoft Outlook Account / Bing Account at or or

  • Go to the official website:
  • When the home page opens click the “Create Free Account” tab.
Hotmail Account Signup

Hotmail Account Signup

  • A new page will open indicating a new signup page.
  • First of all Choose your Email ID with or
  • After Choose a Password. Password Must contains Special Symbol, Capital Letter and Alpha Numeric
outlook account signup

Microsoft Outlook account signup

  • Click on Next button.
  • Fill in the details as follows: Enter your First Name & Last Name. Click on Next Button.
msn account signup

MSN account signup

  • Choose Country Name and Date of Birth (DOB). Click on Next
bing account signup

Bing account signup

  • Enter the Captcha Code as shown in the Captcha box. Click on Submit.
  • Finally You can choose the Time Zone.

Now customize the account by:

  1. Selecting the gear tab.
  2. Modify the color to what suits you.
  3. On the same page choose addition modification however it’s optional.
  4. Make your profile to what please you. Select contacts
  5. You need to select people application.
  6. Now add new contacts form your accounts.
  7. You can transfer the contacts using CSV file from your PC.
  8. Now select the connect tab and a new page will open account login page.
  9. The system will ask for permission to access the account now press the allow button.
  10. A message is going to be sent to confirm that the contacts are being updated on Hotmail.
  11. After the process click on the done button. Signing out
  12. Choose your profile photo
  13. After this select the sign out.

How can I create add two Hotmail account to Microsoft outlook at / /

The Microsoft Hotmail user can operate two accounts at ago. You can use them in different ways, in most cases employer can open two accounts. Use one to communicate to the employee and the other for the customers. The Hotmail service provider doesn’t limit individual in opening as many accounts.

  • Navigate to the Hotmail / Outlook website and select the file option.
  • On the same page select “Add account” this tab will help you open a new account.
  • Click on the E-mail account.
  • Fill in your name and the Hotmail address plus your password.
  • Re-write the password for confirmation.
  • Now select the next to connect to the server and verify validate your details. If successful the email will display on your outlook.
  • With the same process create the second Hotmail account.

The best features in Hotmail account
The Hotmail Account users have something to smile about as Microsoft has added new features to the new outlook service. Hotmail has the best new feature which accommodates all users. Here are some of the features displayed by the Hotmail service.

The company has introduced the A-level security where one will use HTTPS for logging in to your email account or sending emails.

View, Edit and Share Office Doc
The Hotmail service has made life easier for the users you can now edit and view and share the office documents. It is a free process whereby you will send or email documents to your account. Later you can access the document from your Hotmail cloud. It is much easier where o can save a presentation after the required changes. You will prepare the documents and save them on the SkyDrive. Use this service to make slide shows without need of a computer.

You can chat with friends on Facebook on the Hotmail account
Call Microsoft invention the service provider is ensuring that social media is linked to the Hotmail service. They had the messenger now with the new feature in town they have windows live Hotmail.

Sharing of Photos and Videos
The Hotmail Account being the love of many and use by billions of people. The service is the best to send photos using the account. They have size limit but this doesn’t limit the clients from sending photos and expressing their feelings using the pictures. Classifying the service as miracle for many. People use the Hotmail service to send videos and watch them directly

The System Set to Find Important Documents and Organize them
For you to manage your file and folders the Hotmail has feature where you can save folders inside folders. This makes it easier for you to trace your file. You only need to type the first letters and the file appears on the screen.

Document Collaboration
Collaboration being an act of working together in a project, Hotmail has a feature where friends or work personnel can work on one document either editing or creating same work. You only need to click on the file and the SkyDrive will display the document online. Here you will get to see what the next partner is editing. The service can be used by a number of people in the same office. You have the right to check what others have added or deducted on the file.

Editing and Replying Back
In most cases when an individual wants to edit a file he has to download it change and upload then send it back to the sender. The process sounds tiring and yes it is, the Hotmail service has come in handy to assist individual and especially firm and companies. The feature mention gives you a chance to edit the document online and send back to whoever sent it. The system work automatically by use of the SkyDrive account. The Hotmail has a word document which resembles the normal word document on your computer. This amazing since you won’t have to download the document and waste a lot of time.

Sending and Receiving Bulk Files
Nice that what comes in people mind you don’t have to send files in small portions. The Hotmail has come up with a new plan where you can send file as huge as 10 GB and the recipient get them in form of links. They only download the links/URL and that it. Wondering if the recipient will need a SkyDrive? No they don’t just a normal Hotmail and they will receive all the files. The Hotmail by the help of window live SkyDrive it can accommodate 25GB space. You can really imagine how many files you can send?

Filter Option
It some confusing and tiring when all mails stream in and not sure which mail is more important. You might receive from your Facebook, office and other random mails. This hard task sorting them out. The Hotmail Account with the new feature to filter the emails. The feature will filter messages from the regular contacts or office work and from the social media. This eases the work and none of the emails will go unread.

The filter goes further by filtering emails which have videos and photos. You just make a click and can watch the video and see photo by clicking it on the left side of the Hotmail page. The documents which don’t have photos or are official have their own tab making it much easier to track them.

Best Unlimited Broadband Plans in India

Better Unlimited Broadband Plans Provided in India (BSNL, Tikona, Hathway, ACT Fibernet, Airtel etc)…
What is broadband in the first case? This a known terminology by people, companies dealing with internet connectivity. It can be either high speed or low according to the uses and devices. The deeper meaning is a reliable internet connectivity which is high speed and transmits many signals at ago. The broadband is always on and works better than the old analog internet connections.

Recently new and upcoming internet provides are flocking the market. They want to give the best but cheap in price so everyone can afford the service. In the India country many citizens have learnt and using internet. The country is growing fast in matters of technology, rural areas are also taking up the challenge and using internet for their everyday research.

Top Unlimited Broadband Plans in India

The broadband works in multiple channels here in this article we see the top best unlimited broadband plans across India country. This will help make a wise decision on which one to go for.

  • Reliance: this is one big company which is really influencing the world of internet. It has good marketing position at the Indian country as many people are opting for it. The customer gets the first priority and has affordable charges the broadband has a commitment of Rs.599/- – 1,099/-. You can choose how to make your payments either monthly or yearly. The yearly payment comes with d a discount example. Monthly you should pay 599 INR which is 7,188 INR by the end of year but if you pay at once for the whole year you need RS 6,110. The reliance offers unlimited services to all the data users.
  • Airtel Broadband: the broadband has two plans for the esteemed customers. The offers are irresistible and are pocket friendly. With two plans there are slight difference but still work best for any individual. RS 899 cheap, you bet here you get fast internet speed of up to 40mbps. The plan has a bit of limitation as you get 150 GB but no extra bonus from this offer. The other plan RS 1,099 it offers much higher speed of 100 Mbps. the plan give 250 GB and an extra 1000GB. They have bonus which can use to surf and with the right high speed.
  • Excitel broadband: The broadband is amazing and offers unlimited broadband plans. It has attractive offers to its clients. The usage policy is very fair and you only need 999 INR to gain 100 Mbps. they also have a more fair price data of 845 INR which has 75Mbps. the speed is fast and reliable.
  • BSNL Fibernet or BSNL Broadband: Listed in the top best broadband the service is unique and one of a kind. It is vast and offers 15 types of unlimited broadband plans. This is amazing for the citizens and offers don’t go beyond the 1000 INR. The speed is superb and has extra bonus if one goes for the service. The service is reliable and worth purchasing. Recently BSNL announced FIBRO 499 ULD Fibernet Plan 20 MBPS upto 100GB after 1 MBPS.
  • Bharti Airtel: With the mentioned Airtel service this is the most loved reliable and fast internet provider. Indian country has really invested in this trusted service provider. The broadband is making the country take a different view on technology and internet. Recently the company joined forces in launching a plan of delivering fast and actually superfast internet connection. They connected the V-fiber this is fiber plus vectorization technology.
    The plan is meant to suit the different citizens in India country. Those ranked as low or average citizens to access the internet without paying more. They have plans like RS 1,099 GIVING 40Mbps and 90GB plus bonus of 1,000GB. This is unlimited to the clients and can be accessed online.

unlimited broadband plans

  • Spectranet Broadband: Classify it as fast and unlimited internet provider. It works well for all the citizens and of late at Mumbai the services were at 100Mbps speed. The price is a bit high compared but the quality of service offered is the best. It goes for a monthly charge of RS 1,849 which comes with its extra bonus.
  • Act Fibernet: They have attractive offers and also has fair price, at the price of RS 999 you get 10 Mbps. The service is offered to all citizens’ country wide is perfectly embraced by many.
  • Hathway: Famously known as the infinite 2 MBPS unlimited. This is the best and most expensive internet connectivity.However expensive and super fast with nice deals coming along with the services. The internet is paid for after 3 months at RS 2,399 which is the minimum price. Most companies and institution go for the Hathway since its very reliable and fast compared to other cheap services. You can surf and download big application without any worries what so ever.
  • Tikona: The only device or connectivity which allows other 5 devices to use the internet simultaneously. The internet is not as fast but is cheap to afford, RS 750 probably the cheapest in all the services. Wondering why rank it in this list? Most Indian citizens use the services thus gaining popularity. The broadband is unlimited and has good offers.
  • YOU Broadband: The service give unlimited services for up to one month at a fair price of RS 1,379 and speed of 2 Mbps. They are well recognized in the country and give extra bonus to the esteemed clients.
  • Airlink: the service has different option and the clients can choose from 1.5 Mbps up to 20Mbps. being unlimited most of the people go for the service which suit them best. It is fast and also reliable.

With internet being the order of the day all this internet connection will work of you. The have high speed connection and extra bonus for the customers. Although they all look good and sound perfect the users should be careful on what to pick. Choose the best internet connection which fits you work load or price. Sometimes the highly paid broadband offer super fast internet and give the best they have. Look for all the factors in their website pages and see what works best for you.

It advisable to pay monthly instead of weekly the amount is much lesser and more convenient than the weekly payments. You get unlimited bundles and can take up great work load. Offices and work stations should look for broadband which can be used simultaneously by a large number. Most of the discussed options above work well with a large company or even home based internet connection.

Learn how long the dealer has or internet provider has been operating. In the upcoming world of technology everyone wants to open something new. Startups are not bad but one should be very keen on what you are going for. Visit the offices get to see the reviews given the rates awarded to the particular internet connection you pick. But most of all the prices matter, what are the extra bonus offered you can give more to a services which only give less. See what comes with each broadband and select wisely.

However all said and done the ball is on the customer’s side. They can make the decision on what to purchase and what works best for them. With all this working to improve the Indian country economically and technology wise, turning all home and citizens digital and making life easier.

Signup for Udemy Online Registration and How to Create Course in

Complete Overview of Udemy web portal – How to Signup / Register in and How to Create Course in website…..
The basic question is what is Udemy? This a teaching and learning platform where an instructor creates new courses and sell them to students through the Udemy website portal. The platform mainly focus on the adults and less on academic stuff. They take the product from content makes and sell them online to their students.

The students pay a certain amount which is used to pay the instructor and also the site. The courses taken at the Udemy site are not college related. Basically you won’t have credits it is formed to improve your skills either help you in your work place or personal improvement. The Udemy has conjoined with very educated fellows who collaborate with big companies. With that they educate their workers and pass useful working skills and job relation improvements skills.

The platform was official established in the year 2010 and has been strongly growing. With the current number being 65,000 and expecting more. The founder Eren Bali initially started it as a classroom set up at Turkey in the year 2007. The idea was to make the service free to the uses, the ideas was later taken by Oktay Caglar and his friend Biyani the year 2010.

Though the Udemy platform has grown to what it is, the company had failed 30 times before the set up. The founders need financial support which didn’t yield any fruits from the investors. Udemy first meant the Academy of youand on May 2010 they overcame the challenges and launched the platform.

The company started with a few instructors but as the years went by the company has grown and everyone wants to work with Udemy. It is not easy to access the platform but when you do it helps make good income yearly. Most students give positive feedback of what they have learnt.

What can you teach on the site?
The following are the main courses offered on the platform: Test preparations, All kinds of languages, Academics, Music lessons, Teacher training class, About health and fitness activities, Photography, Lifestyle, Marketing & Promotions, Design, Personal development, Office & Work productivity, Work relation skills, IT & software, Business, Development, Arts & Crafts and Technology.

Additional the site accommodates anything and any course like cooking practical’s, how to do your make up and even dog training. Yes they look silly but many people are interested with such courses. The teachers make money with the site take a portion and the teacher too.

How much one can earn with the portal?

Now this is a tricky question, first the earning are determined by the course you offer. If the course is selling then the company deposit the amount agreed on your account. Every new student on the site will earn some amount on your account.

However with most instructors the earn $10 to $30 per hour. The average earning from the site is $29 to $ 99. Per course. Counting on the yearly basis most of the teachers get a sum of $7000 yearly which is hassle free money. Remember the course has to be loved and the more student the more you earn. The amount you earn yearly is tax since you are not an employee of Udemy by a contractor.

How to sign up on Udemy platform

The steps are few and simple but require a lot of work before you are verified and qualify to instruct at the platform. This a big company and only picks the best to offer the best courses for their students.

  • Navigate to the Main website:
  • On the menu bar select “become an instructor.
  • Click on the option and a new application page will show.
  • Now pick on a topic and make your own course.
  • When you get an approval and read all the instructions from Udemy.
  • Submit and start connecting with the students.

Note the site doesn’t allow just any teacher each step above has a bit of hard work to be added. Make good presentation and have clear lessons and clear voice for students to understand.udemy online registration

How to create you First Course in the Udemy website

The steps are simple and if well followed you will make god earning from the site.

  1. Plan the Course: Before picking any course from the list, first plan and know what you are good at. Pick a course where by you have knowledge about it and sure you will deliver confidently.
  2. Create the Content: The content can made using the PowerPoint or slide shows. Make content targeting a certain group. Note the site is mainly used by adults. It should be relevant and updated plus very clear to the students.
  3. Publish it: After you are done with creating and ensuring it a unique content, now publish the content. The site will correct and give you warning where you have made mistakes. If it is not of quality you need to repeat and make changes. Once the site accepts the content you can post it for the students to view and like.
  4. Promote the Course: Promote the course by advertising it on the site and other social media site. Ask the students to share or like page. At first you can give a small discount thus attracting more students. The best promotion is student to student where to communicate and invite their friends. Use Facebook twitter handles, forums are also ways to promote a course add comments and important stuff about your course. Use blogs to promote your course look for similar blogs and talk about their product as well as yours.You tube videos also help in promoting your course in Udemy. The list is endless when it comes to promoting. Yes it will use up some cash but it worth doing it. When course get enough and more than enough students the money generated will be double the promotions.

What are the requirements for one to be an instructor on Udemy?

  1. The content you make plus the videos should have 30 minutes of the content. For the video 60% of the content should be relevant and clear.
  2. Have the correct teaching and learning objectives. Have a good structure of the whole content.
  3. Have clear and well-arranged video scenarios. The video should be audio able.

The best part about Udemy you will learn so many stuff as a student and on the other end as a teacher earn more. You only need to start small but smart, this sites gives a guarantee of passive income even without you effort. You can work on other jobs and still be part of Udemy platform. You need to record your teachings and lessons if videos are need they have to be very clear.

Have Sense of Humor in your teachings don’t bore the students have realistic facts and practical’s. The courses should be based on real life or learning skill. This what the modern people want current affairs what make their life different and so on. With that money will find you wherever you are. Just log on the Udemy website page for more information.

Jiofi.Local.Html Login to Setup Jiofi Password Change, Jiofi Firmware Upgrade, Battery Percentage Status, Storage Slot Access etc

By Logging into either 192.168.l.l or Jiofi.Local.Html Login to change the Jiofi Password, Jiofi Firmware Upgrade, Jiofi Router Battery Percentage Status, Accessing the Storage Slot or Memory Card etc….
What is JioFI? Jiofi is an Amazing Hotspot modem / device which host all Android, Laptops and PC’s to connect to the 4G high-speed internet. The device possess unique password and username which is indicate on the battery lower side. JioFI router can connect to 30 plus other devices simultaneously. The device is hard to get for its high demand however you can do an online shopping on the Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and TATA. This make it seem expensive but the router is extremely cheap to afford but works so well for many internet users.

Note you should keep the password as a secret, for the more the users the slower the device. This will affect your internet connection, it’s advisable to change both the username and password.

What is JioFI.local.html? This the login address for the JioFI device, it helps the users login without any difficulty. What does it mean to have the JioFi.local.html? This means you have the full access to the JIOFI 2/3 wireless router admin dashboard. Every hot spotting device comes with an IP address, it helps in accessing the admin dashboard. You can change the password once you login the dashboard and different settings. Additionally the known login address is the 192.168.l.l Ip Address. The login space will show as soon as you key in the address.

When you open the page you get feature:

  • Passwords
  • WIFI network name.
  • IP QOS
  • DNS, Proxy LAN , WAN
  • Network management
  • Security options
  • WLAN settings
  • PPPoE
  • MAC, WPS, DSL, DHCP client.

There are only three types of JIOFI routers they all work well for your internet connectivity they are Jiofi 1, Jiofi 2 and Jiofi 3.

How to use the Jiofi.local.html Login the process to configure the JIOFI device

Now we will provide the Configuration Setup for Jiofi Router by logging into the Jiofi configuring web portal. In that web portal you can change all settings like Password Change, Battery Percentage Status, Broadcasting SSID change, Admin Username & Password Change etc procedure are as follows….jiofi.local.html

  • Navigate to your browser and key in the JIOFI Homepage link: http://jiofi.local.html
  • Some individuals might be using the JIO FI Dongle key in: http://jiodongle.local.html
  • A page will open and on the username and password use the “Administrator” to fill in the boxes.
  • Follow to the setting > WIFI, here you will change the SSID of the WIFI which is the WIFI network name.
  • Go to the settings >WIFI> password. This is to change the default password.
  • Click on the settings>user management and change the username of your router.

How to change Jiofi SSID in jiofi.local.html

  • Open the JIO-FI website and Click the “Setting” button
  • Look for the “WIFI” sidebar. It will be available in the Jiofi Settings.
  • Here you will find the SSID under the WIFI setting.
  • On the same page change it to what you prefer.

How to change the JIOFI Admin Username and JIofi password at jiofi.local.html or

  • Visit the URL page: http://jiofi.local.html or
  • Open the page and go to the setting on your menu.
  • Click user management.
  • Go to account management.
  • Key in the New Password and username.
  • Username is to login into jiofi.local.html and Password is for Admin Login.
  • Confirm all the details.
  • Now click on “Apply” button.

How to Access Jiofi Storage slot by login jiofi.local.html or 192.168.l.l?

The JioFi device comes with an interesting feature of a micro sd card slot. A user can add a micro sd card in the slot to transfer files, videos or photos on JioFi device as WiFi storage. Follow these steps to access storage slot in JioFi

  • Insert the micro sd card in the slot and switch on the JioFi device
  • Connect to the admin page through jiofi.local.html or to log in as administrator. The default password and username is “administrator” for JioFi Device
  • After logging in, go to JioFi settings to select storage
  • Select ‘Enable’ in the storage account
  • Set Default Storage name as sd card
  • Change Default storage password to share across users to access the WiFi disk. Set Storage mode as ‘WiFi storage’
  • The storage can be accessed through jiofi.local.html by different users. The different storage modes available with JioFi are Local Storage, WiFi Storage and Internet Storage.

The Local Storage contents can only be accessed using a USB cable connected to the host device. The WiFi storage contents can be accessed using the local WiFi connection, and the internet storage contents are stored in the cloud. The URL can be accessed over the internet to download it. The Contents need to be accessed via IP address

How do I get my Forgot JIOFI number?

There are two simple ways to remember your forgotten JIO-FI number.

Procedure 1

  • Go to the jiofi.local.html homepage or login via Ip Address.
  • Navigate to My JIO App.
  • Login to your JIOFI page and select username and password.
  • The number will be at the top of the page.
  • Save it for future references.

Procedure 2

  • Send an SMS from any JIOFI number to 199.
  • The SMS might not be send from JIOFI number.
  • Send the SMS to 7021799999.
  • The JIO number will be send on the same number. Example SMS JIO 123456789123456 to 199 or to 7021799999.
  • Remember your JIO FI number is also written on the back of your JIO FI battery.

Checking the balance both Data and Net Balance on JIOFI router

  1. Connect JIO FI network on your device either smartphone or the laptop.
  2. Download the app from your google play store then install.
  3. Press the sing up tab then configure the app so you can register.
  4. Use your E-mail address to sign up.
  5. You will receive an OTP enter it on your alternative number which you took when getting the JIO FI connection.
  6. It advisable to do the process at pick hours. Use the password and complete the process.
  7. Login directly on my JIO app/ JIO website online from your network to others and check the usage.

How do I recharge my JIOFI WIFI Modem?

  • If you have already install My JIO app, you can now sign up.
  • On the page you get the dash board with all recharge plans.
  • Select the buy option.
  • A new screen will appear and has the payment options like: using online payment JIO money and other net banking services.
  • Pick one of the payment methods and proceed to recharge.
  • You will get a message confirming the payment.

How to JIOFI firmware upgrade to the latest version by signin into Jiofi.Local.Html

  • Go to the JIOFI official website: Jiofi.local.html or
  • On the menu bar select Firmware upgrade from the menu.
  • On the device you will be can install a new version of firmware.

jiofi firmware upgrade at jiofi.local.html

  • On your browser click on the software upgrade.
  • A new page showing JIO FI firmware list will appear.
  • Choose the one you need and they select the apply tab.

Tips to Increase the JIOFI Router Internet Speed

It is okay to change the speed of your JIOFI router for you quick access and fast internet connection.

  • Go to the Jiofi official URL : Jiofi.local.html or
  • When the page opens select WIFI on the menu.
  • Carefully change the mode from 802.11 to 2.4 Ghz(n)
  • Now amend the TX power to high
  • Also change the channel mode to manual but it should be 11.
  • Now click on the update tab and apply.
  • Then reboot your JIO FI router
  • Note you can buy an extra WIFI range extender and fix it on your JIO FI device. It can be used by more people in case of an office.

How to Make Video Calls and Voice Calls using JIOFI Dongle

Many JioFi faces chaos while trying to understand how to make voice calls and video calls using JioFi Device. To establish a video call or voice call, every user needs to install the Jio 4G voice App on their smartphones. A user can also download the Jio 4G Voice APK file on a PC.

After the installation is completed, users need to open 4G Voice App to activate or register mobile number. A JioFi Sim number can also be considered during the registration process. When the registration is under processing, One Time Pad(OTP) will be received on the smartphone to verify the undergoing process. Jio 4G Voice app will be activated successfully. The Android application will ask to access contacts and messages on the local phone.

The video calling feature can be activated by the same installing and activation procedure. The JioFi calling application also enables to establish a video calling connection with the recipient. This is the entire procedure which must be followed while making a video call or a voice call initially.

  • You can now make HD voice call from your smartphone using the Jio4G voice app.
  • Key In the number you want to call. While you have started you JIOFI app.
  • The person you are calling should also have the JIO app to connect.
  • The network should be 4G VOL TE for both video calls and voice call.

Jiofi Battery Percentage Status can check to open Jiofi.Local.Html or home page. In that homepage you can click on Device Details. In the Device Details you can see the Battery Status row. This the best JIO FI device to go for, it will give fast internet connection. You being the administrator you can check so many things on the JIO FI dash board. Follow the JIOFI link for more information and inquiries. Jiofi.local.html or

192.168.O.1 / Default Login Ip Address to change router password for NetGear and Dlink Router

192.168.O.1 Login IP Address or Default Ip Address to Login into Linksys, NetGear, D-link Router to change the router configuration / Router Password etc….
Logically any device which has internet connection has an IP address. This address can be either private or public according to the use and the device. The IP address or 192.168.O.1 IP Address is a private is used by brands like Netgear and D-link. This are the biggest competitors of the Linksys which is a division of the CISCO which comprises of many routers in the world. They IP address works with other routers too by just changing the setting on the administrator console.

What is or 192.168.O.1 Ip Address?

The IP is capable of learning the network issues of the D-link and Netgear brands. This makes it easier to solve the problem in the routers.

What are the differences between a public IP and private IP?
Computers are set to have a public IP address and each is very unique. However the router are modified to have private IP address and only connect to private connection. It doesn’t have to be unique since it is set for private use only. IP address are formulated by the internet assigned numbers authority which is the highest board in IP address production. With IP version 4 being the pioneer and has 32-bit digit the IP address is usually divided with a decimal as follows:

What does the decimal mean? The small decimal is not just there to separate the numbers but stands for a digit which can be 0-255. The IP address can accommodate more than 4 billion address at ago each being different.

Private IP: The internet assigned numbers authority has a total of 17.9 million IP. All being private, and working with private networks. The private don’t need a unique code since their work on individual devices. Example of the IP address or Note private IP address don’t have the power to connect to the internet unless there is an internet service provider. The IP address has to first connect to internet then connect to your device.

Public IP: Now this are much different to the private IP address. They need to have a unique IP address the IANA organization had to come up with new IP address IP v6 since the IPV4 has 4 billion addresses. This can be enough since public IP have to be totally unique. This make the IPV6 have 8 decimal and four digits example abed: 9865:4fr0; d5eb:35da:21r9:b7b4:65h6. With a large number like this the IP can be used by thousands million IP address.

How to access the Netgear router setup

The Netgear router use the IP address, anyone can use the 192.168.o.1 IP address by changing the security mode. This by accessing the admin of the IP address and changing the name and network security keys. But check if the Netgear has changed the IP address to if so the 192.168.O.1 will keep showing error whenever you try setting the device.

  • Turn on your Netgear router.
  • As the user you need to connect your device with the router by the Ethernet cable. Note this process cannot be done with the wireless connections.
  • Now select the best internet browser set on your device. Now enter the 192.168.O.1 IP address on the browser bar. Some of the devices or browser don’t pick the address and you need to add” before the digits. This way the browser will search for the IP address.
  • Select the enter button or the return button according to your device.
  • Now enter the password and username which is set on your Netgear.
  • You can also use the “Admin” to login and as the password select ok button.
  • When you successfully log in to the Netgear page choose the wireless settings.
  • Now modify the wireless encryption the password and the SSID.
  • Be sure to remember the changes especially the password the click apply.

How to reset Netgear router password when you forget the password using 192.168.o.1

You can use the IP address to Reset the Netgear Router. This happens when you have forgotten your username or password. However the Netgear router tends to loss all the information entered by hand. First save all the data before resetting the router or else you will loss all the connectivity in your office or house.

  • You can use the button on the side of the Netgear. Remember to save the information before the process begins
  • Press the button for like 10 seconds and the light of the Netgear will show. The button is so small you might need a tooth pick to press.
  • The router will reboot after you let go of the button.
  • After this login to the router and use admin as the password or 1234.
  • Sometime the router might not reboot press again for longer.
  • When it reboots login using the admin or 1,2,3,4. You can now set the new passwords and username.

How to access the D-link router set up

First turn on your D-link router and using the Ethernet cable connect to the computer. Note the connection cannot be done using wireless connection. If your computer is using an old version of window you might up date or every time it connected to the router restart the device.

  • On your computer open the best window browser now enter the IP. If it doesn’t connect add the and then click enter.
  • Use the admin as the username, for the password leave the space if you have not yet configure the router.
  • Now that you have login choose the wizard to help you configure the router or go the simple way. Use the wireless link change the security settings.
  • Key in the SSID plus the channel, the new D-links have four keys but only one is functional at a time.

How to reset D-link router password (if forgotten password) by logon into

Before any process save all the information need from the router. If you reset all the information is deleted and cannot be recovered.

  • Now look for the reset button on the side of the D-link button. It is so tiny you need a tooth pick or pen to press on it. Hold for some time like 8-10 minutes.
  • The router will reboot and the light will not show again.
  • It will be reset now connect the computer with Ethernet cable. Please key in the IP address then click on the enter button.
  • Enter the admin for the username and don’t fill on the password part.
  • Now change the security setting or any other settings.
  • Note all routers have their passwords on their batter or at the back.

How to find your Private IP address

  1. Go to your computer and select the window browser 192.168.O.1.
  2. When it opens the menu select the command prompt.
  3. Now enter the IP configure.
  4. A list of all the private IP address will show.
  5. Note the private IP address are known by the IP v4 address.

How to enhance wireless home security
Use the IP address to connect the D-link or the Netgear. It is advisable to change the password and username for more security purposes.

Give your SSID a name which is unique. Don’t give the SSID a name of your home or company choose a different name.

Now enable the wireless security on the router and choose a password which should be alpha-numeric and long enough.

Camel Camel Camel USA India UK Canada check Amazon Price Tracker, Price Drop Alerts, Price History Graphs / Charts at

Camel Camel Camel USA, India, UK, Canada etc to check Amazon Price Tracker, Amazon Price Drop Alerts, Amazon Price History Graphs / Charts at….
Camel Camel Camel abbreviated as CCC is a popularly known site for the Amazon shopper’s. The site provides full price history of almost any product on Amazon. Although with the most unfortunate name, the service CCC delivers to its customers is amazingly great. It considered as the best and accurate price tracker since the year 2015.

The Camel Camel Camel website has a way of set a Amazon price drop alerts if the product gets to your target price you’ll immediately receive an email. Moreover you can trace back prices of past years which assist you make a good price alert. Wondering how this happens? I would like to give a hint, at Amazon all prices based on the products fluctuates every day. The cost of a product posted yesterday won’t be the same today. Now maybe you needed a smartphone but its selling at $59. Yeah! Too high for your pocket, you don’t have to worry visit the camel camel camel website and set a watch alert. Maybe it will drop to $30 which is your price, eventually you can make a purchase.

Create an Amazon account to get all the best price at exceedingly low prices. It will give alerts of all products even though you have not set the alert.

To get what you want on the website Amazon makes the experience easy and very fast. The have the price trackers, price charts, rank graphs and different prices watches. The provides the Amazon Price tracker is adopted on all devices from Android, IOS, pc and laptops. This makes the work easier on the client side and you get quality products.

How to read the CamelCamelCamel historic and Amazon Price graphs

The prices of some products may fluctuate fast and below expectation, and you are wondering if the prices are real. With the help of graphs you can see the real part of this prices.

Amazon Price history graph
This the key thing when you are looking for a product in camel camel camel.Camel Camel Camel

The left side of this graph show the price range of the products. This what the Amazon has given of the item. Now below / bottom line of the graph you get the date range.

Moving to the right hand side is the adjustable date range bar, from 1month to 1 year. Here you can place any price you want and change the date. The camelcamelcamel website will alert you when date and price ranges to your expectation. It that simple

You have the choice on the graph to change using the green button indicated green, the blue 3rd party button or the red.

Sales rank graph
The date are located still at the bottom of the graph. On the left side that where you get the ranks, the higher sale are just here at the bottom but the lower sales at the top. The graph is also adjustable from the dates to prices. This graphs helps take close account of the price for some time.Sales Rank Graph

Note when you get sharp rise it indicates a sale has happen. The shaper the rise on the lower sales the more the sales of a certain item. You can count on the items sold using the rank graph easily and also assist you to learn if the product you need has fluctuated.

To know whether the item is moving fast you need to check the rank sale graph and check for the first few months. This will direct you whether you can buy the product or not at you range price. When it moves to the lower end, then you can place a price range and date awaiting for the alert to make a purchase.

Why go for the camelcamelcamel website

  1. It is the most reliable on Amazon.
  2. It provides the full price history of any product and back date to when the product got to the market.
  3. You don’t have to register just paste the URL of item and there you can track the prices.
  4. Gives alerts when the price gets to your range.
  5. The site is very genuine and supports all the search engines like Amazon, chrome, Firefox etc.
  6. Very simple to use, doesn’t need vast knowledge on computer literacy.
  7. Shopping for different products is now easy and you can get all the products in one market.
  8. Delivery is at your door step and the cheapest price possible.
  9. Very clear showing the client the prices and the changes occurring hourly.

How to create Camel Camel Camel New account Signup in

In the Camel Camel Camel official web portal you can easily register or create a Camel Camel Camel New Account. Here we will provide few guidelines on how to register CamelCamelCamel Account are as follows…..

  • Visit the official web page:
  • Open the page and on the menu you get “watch your price”.
  • Click on the tab and a new page will appear.
  • Select “login panel “on the screen.
  • Select the sign up and create an account.
  • A new page will pop showing details which require to be filled.
  • Fill and follow the instruction carefully.
  • Recheck the details the select the create account button.
  • If the particulars you entered are correct a message will be sent on your screen.
  • The account will open successfully for you to access.

How to search products details on Amazon

  1. Open the Amazon website page and fill in the Amazon URL.
  2. Give the name of the product and details concerning the product you want to search on the camelcamelcamel website.
  3. After filling the details you can choose the chart you want. Either displayed on hourly basis or monthly. All the charts at Amazon are genuine and show all the history from third party and time of posting.
  4. Set to get the alerts according to the time you want the product.

What will happen when you get browser problems?
Some you might find it difficult to access the camelcamelcamel website. You don’t need to worry just check the browsers you are using.

  • Try to refresh the site again and see whether it opens up. Press the ctrl +F5 simultaneously on your browser.
  • Clear all the temporary caches and cookies.
  • Have the advances or recent web browser on your device.
  • Also you can leave a comment on your problem on their website page and the support team will get back to you. Use

Amazon price checking

Amazon has a way of checking their product they have bring down to 9 groups. All based on the location of the product, this from the UK, US this goes in one basket. The 9 groups are divided to 2 small groups.

  1. Tracked sub group.
  2. Un-tracked sub group.

Tracked sub-group
This is has products with one price watch. This groups is upgraded daily and can check the price regulary.

Untracked sub-group
They don’t have any price watch. The un-tracked sub-group is also updated and the users can get their item notification faster.

You can check the prices by setting a target price and a date, check the website regularly to get the right prices. I know it hurts when you buy a product at high price later to find it at extremely low price. You get that feeling of being cheated on. However you can get the website account and set your price. Given a few days you will get all you want to low prices. Download the app on your devices to get the best services ever and save a lot.