E-Thaksalawa online text books at www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk

E-Thaksalawa website gives to download online text books, syllabus etc at www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk….
It is an open source Learning Management System or simply the national e-learning portal for general education. What makes the site standout from other websites is the fact that it is specifically designed to cover the whole syllabus from grade 1 to 13. This is because the site is created and managed by the Information and Communication Technology Department that is under the Ministry of Education.

With E-Thaksalawa website students can be able to download syllabus, textbooks, teacher’s instruction manual or question-answer collections. These services are quite useful especially if you are preparing for your exams. Unfortunately, you must make use of an internet connection if you are to access any service available in E-Thaksalawa Website. Students will also need a gadget that can access the internet in order to open this site.

How to download free e-books in www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk Website

E-Thaksalawa website contains quite a number of e-books that students can download at any time of the day. These e-books are specifically designed to cater for the educational needs of students from Grade 1 to O level of studies. The good news is that you can download these e-books in Sinhala, Tamil or English.

e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk website
www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk official website

Some of the e-books that you can download from this site include books in Mathematics History, Science, Sinhala Language, Health and Physical Education. Any student who wants to download a book online in E-Thaksalawa website can make use of the steps given below.

  • Enter https://www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk/Si/index.php on the search bar of the browser that you have installed in your Personal Computer.
  • Press ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard to initiate the search. This step will depend on the type of device that you are using to access the internet.
  • Now select your language by clicking on the option that you wish to use i.e. English, Tamil or Sinhala.
  • Click on ‘E-Library’ option from the menu bar of E-Thaksalawa homepage. This action will generate a new page on the site containing e-Library services.
  • Now click on ‘e-books’ option to get additional learning materials from the e-Library.
  • Select the sub category of books that you wish to download by clicking on the particular subject i.e. Religion, Social Studies or even Languages. For instance if you want to download a book on languages, then you will have to click on ‘Languages’ option.
  • A new page will appear on the screen of your device from where you should select the type of language that you have interest. This step will depend on the type of e-book that you want.
  • Click on the ‘E-book’ that you want before selecting the folder for saving the reading material.
  • Finally click on “Save” button to start the download. You will now get your e-book without having to break a sweat.

How to download Lessons in www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk

Students can also get the chance to download their lessons online by relying on E-Thaksalawa website. These lessons are in English, Tamil and Sinhala hence you will have to select the most suitable language. You can follow the steps given below to download lessons in E-Thaksalawa website without encountering any problem.

  • Visit E-Thaksalawa web page using https://www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk/Si/index.php as the official link.
  • Select the language that you want to use by clicking on the most suitable option i.e. Tamil, Sinhala or English. This action will redirect you to the homepage of E-Thaksalawa website which makes use of the language that you have chosen.
  • Choose your grade from the options that appear on E-Thaksalawa homepage. You can decide to select grade 1, grade 5 or grade 8 depending on what you want. For instance, if you are looking for grade 1 lessons, then it is right that you click on ‘Grade 1’ option.
  • A new page will appear from where you should select the type of lesson that you want. Students who want grade 1 lessons will get options like for lessons, for activities and for papers. Click on ‘For lessons’
  • Finally click on the lesson that you want to generate the details on the screen of your device.

How to Download GCE S Ordinary Past Question Papers Online in www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk

Students need to go through past papers if they are to know about the examination setting style. You can now get any past paper by simply visiting E-Thaksalawa before finally downloading the past paper. Below is an explanation on how to download GCE.S Ordinary past question papers online without moving from your current location.

  • Access E-Thaksalawa website using https://www.e-thaksalawa.moe.gov.lk/web/en/ as the official link. Select the language that you wish to use before finally gaining access to the homepage of E-Thaksalawa website.
  • Select “Past Papers” option from the menu bar. This action will open a new page on the site.
  • Now click on ‘Past Question Papers’ option from the services which are under “GCE.S” option.
  • Click on the past question paper that you want to have a look at. The website covers every subject that you want be it Mathematics, History, Catholicism or Science. You will can now have a look at the question papers.

With E-Thaksalawa website, students will no longer have issues when it comes to accessing online services that they have to offer. This makes it possible for them to study or download books even while at home.

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