192.168.O.1 / Default Login IP address to change router password

192.168.O.1 Login IP Address or Default IP Address to Login into Linksys, Net Gear, D-link Router to change the router configuration / Router Password etc….
Logically any device which has internet connection has an IP address. This address can be either private or public according to the use and the device. The IP address or 192.168.O.1 IP Address is a private is used by brands like Netgear and D-link. This are the biggest competitors of the Linksys which is a division of the CISCO which comprises of many routers in the world. They IP address works with other routers too by just changing the setting on the administrator console.

What is or 192.168.O.1 IP Address?

The IP is capable of learning the network issues of the D-link and Netgear brands. This makes it easier to solve the problem in the routers.

What are the differences between a public IP and private IP?
Computers are set to have a public IP address and each is very unique. However the router are modified to have private IP address and only connect to private connection. It doesn’t have to be unique since it is set for private use only. IP address are formulated by the internet assigned numbers authority which is the highest board in IP address production. With IP version 4 being the pioneer and has 32-bit digit the IP address is usually divided with a decimal as follows:

What does the decimal mean? The small decimal is not just there to separate the numbers but stands for a digit which can be 0-255. The IP address can accommodate more than 4 billion address at ago each being different.


Private IP: The internet assigned numbers authority has a total of 17.9 million IP. All being private, and working with private networks. The private don’t need a unique code since their work on individual devices. Example of the IP address or Note private IP address don’t have the power to connect to the internet unless there is an internet service provider. The IP address has to first connect to internet then connect to your device.

Public IP: Now this are much different to the private IP address. They need to have a unique IP address the IANA organization had to come up with new IP address IP v6 since the IPV4 has 4 billion addresses. This can be enough since public IP have to be totally unique. This make the IPV6 have 8 decimal and four digits example abed: 9865:4fr0; d5eb:35da:21r9:b7b4:65h6. With a large number like this the IP can be used by thousands million IP address.

How IP Address Works IP Address is a private address according to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).  IANA has the main responsibility of identifying predetermined ranges of IP Addresses that are mainly set aside for private use.  Most of the private IP Addresses are used in individual machines or a local network for performing specific tasks. Any other network that tries to use the private IP Address will not be able to access the internet since there are security measures put in place. Furthermore, any other networked device that is outside your network will not have the capabilities of connecting to a computer or device that relies on 192.168.o.1 IP Address. The connection will therefore have to make use of a router or device which implements Network Address Translation (NAT) since it offers another security option for the local network. Other private IP Addresses that work in the same manner as 192.168.o.1 IP Address include:

  • 0.0.0 through
  • 254.0.0 through
  • 168.0.0 through
  • 16.0.0 through

How to access the Netgear router setup

The Netgear router use the IP address, anyone can use the 192.168.o.1 IP address by changing the security mode. This by accessing the admin of the IP address and changing the name and network security keys. But check if the Netgear has changed the IP address to if so the 192.168.O.1 will keep showing error whenever you try setting the device.

End-users of Netgear routers can access the router setup page with the main aim of changing or setting the wireless security mode. They can also decide to set/change network security key or set/change the network name (SSID). Any person who wants to perform this action can make use of the simple guide given below.

  • You will first have to turn on your Netgear router by holding on to the power button.
  • Connect the Personal Computer or Desktop to Netgear router using an Ethernet cable. Unfortunately, users cannot change the configuration of their router when using a wireless internet connection and hence you will have to rely on the hard-wired internet connection.
  • Next, enter ‘’ on the search bar of your browser. You will then have to press ‘Enter’ button or ‘Return’ key depending on the model of your computer.
  • Type your Username and Password in the space set aside for these details after which you should click on “OK”. Users who do not have a username and password can make use of ‘admin’ as the username and “Password” as your password.
  • You will now be able to see the main configuration page of your Netgear router. Here, you will have to select ‘Wireless Settings’ option that can be seen clearly on the left hand side of this page.

Change any detail that you want be it password, wireless encryption type or your network’s SSID before finally clicking on ‘Apply’ button to complete the process.

How to reset Netgear router password when you forget the password using 192.168.o.1

You can use the IP address to Reset the Netgear Router. This happens when you have forgotten your username or password. However the Netgear router tends to loss all the information entered by hand. First save all the data before resetting the router or else you will loss all the connectivity in your office or house.

  • You can use the button on the side of the Netgear. Remember to save the information before the process begins
  • Press the button for like 10 seconds and the light of the Netgear will show. The button is so small you might need a tooth pick to press.
  • The router will reboot after you let go of the button.
  • After this login to the router and use admin as the password or 1234.
  • Sometime the router might not reboot press again for longer.
  • When it reboots login using the admin or 1,2,3,4. You can now set the new passwords and username.

How to access the D-link router set up

First turn on your D-link router and using the Ethernet cable connect to the computer. Note the connection cannot be done using wireless connection. If your computer is using an old version of window you might up date or every time it connected to the router restart the device.

  • On your computer open the best window browser now enter the IP. If it doesn’t connect add the and then click enter.
  • Use the admin as the username, for the password leave the space if you have not yet configure the router.
  • Now that you have login choose the wizard to help you configure the router or go the simple way. Use the wireless link change the security settings.
  • Key in the SSID plus the channel, the new D-links have four keys but only one is functional at a time.

How to reset D-link router password (if forgotten password) by logon into

Before any process save all the information need from the router. If you reset all the information is deleted and cannot be recovered.

  • Now look for the reset button on the side of the D-link button. It is so tiny you need a tooth pick or pen to press on it. Hold for some time like 8-10 minutes.
  • The router will reboot and the light will not show again.
  • It will be reset now connect the computer with Ethernet cable. Please key in the IP address then click on the enter button.
  • Enter the admin for the username and don’t fill on the password part.
  • Now change the security setting or any other settings.
  • Note all routers have their passwords on their batter or at the back.

How to Logon IP address and how to change the Router Settings?

  1. How to find your Private IP address?

    Go to your computer and select the window browser When it opens the menu select the command prompt. Now enter the IP configure. A list of all the private IP address will show. Note the private IP address are known by the IP v4 address.

  2. How to Logon into IP Address?

    Most of the top company routers to changing the default settings by logon into the default IP address i.e Most of the routers are having the same default internet protocol address to change the wifi password or MAC bonding etc settings will be available in router settings.

  3. How to enhance wireless home security?

    Use the IP address to connect the D-link or the Netgear. It is advisable to change the password and username for more security purposes. Give your SSID a name which is unique. Don’t give the SSID a name of your home or company choose a different name. Now enable the wireless security on the router and choose a password which should be alpha-numeric and long enough.