APSRTC Student Bus Pass Online Application for Above / Below SSC at https://online.apsrtcpass.in/

APSRTC Season Ticket or APSRTC Student Bus Pass Online Application for Above SSC / Below / upto SSC ? NGO’s at https://online.apsrtcpass.in/….
APSRTC is the governing body for the state organization for road transport. This facility is dedicated to give quality service to all especially the students. The APSRTC will ensure proper functioning of transport sector and accord all the help using the online portal. You can login to the service using the following portal https://online.apsrtcpass.in/

Who are eligible for APSRTC online bus pass?
The Bus Pass service is not for everyone but the students are studying up to SSC and also the ones above the SSC class. The AP government has given the APSRTC free bus pass for boys from 7th class and below 12 years. It has also give the free services to girls from 10th class and below 18 years. The bus pass will go to the age of 35 years. This the best service offered by the AP, the students only need to upload and scan their photo on a plain paper. After uploading the photo put your signature below the photo, scan them together and it shouldn’t be more than 50kb.

Services provided by the APSRTC

  • Bus pass
  • General and route.
  • Metro pass.
  • MCT.
  • Vanitha Card
  • Cat card.
  • Navya Card

The students can fill their details and then download the online bus pass. All this details are mandatory for students in order to access the online bus pass. Fill in the correct data in the fields provided by the APSRTC online application form.

How do i apply for online APSRTC Student bus pass online.apsrtcpass.in?

The AP government has made it easy for students travelling every day to their colleges and schools. The new system caters for monthly, quarterly and full year transport service. This make students not waste time and get convenient transport. Follow the below steps

  • Go to the APSRTC website official page and use the link: https://online.apsrtcpass.in/
  • The home page will open and on the menu bar there are several links.
  • Select the correct link for the APSRTC student bus pass: either up to SSC or above the SSC.
  • Direct Links for APSRTC Student Bus Pass for below SSC: http://online.apsrtcpass.in/counterbelowssc.do and For APSRTC Student Bus Pass above SSC: http://online.apsrtcpass.in/counterstupass.do
  • After the selection a new page will appear choose the link which suits your needs.
  • Since you are new in the system choose fresh registration.
  • Fill the mandatory requirements as state: Enter the SSC Details (SSC Board Type, SSC Regular/
    Supplementary / Year of Pass / SSC hall ticket no / DOB), Name of student, Mother / Father Name, Date of birth, gender, Aadhaar Number, Mobile number, email, Permanent address, district, Mandal, village, School Address, Admission Number, Route details and Upload a Passport size photo.
  • For Below SSC applicants there is no column to fill the SSC details.
  • Recheck all the details and amend where needed then click submit.
  • Remember to keep a copy of this application by downloading and printing for future use.

Note: The Online Application Procedure is same as to NGO’s and Journalist.

How to check the APSRTC Student Bus Pass online status

The APSRTC website portal is equipped with a lot of details. You can check the status of your bus pass application by providing few particulars online: Registration number, Valid mobile number, Email address, Aadhaar number and Date of birth…

  1. Visit the official APSRTC website page: https://apsrtcpass.in/
  2. The home page will open and on the menu you will see the word ‘track service status’
  3. Now fill the provided boxes with mobile number and date of birth.
  4. Click on the submit button.
  5. The information will be displayed on the search in few seconds.

APSRTC Bus pass ticket Cancellation or APSRTC Season Ticket Cancellation Procedure

Sometimes the APSRTC ticket holders might postpone their journey. The cancellation process is done online of the website portal: https://apsrtcpass.in/. This body has set out rules about individuals who cancel the online APSRTC Student pass.

Rules of cancellation

  1. The fee is calculated according to the distance. The APSRTC is very genuine as they refund the money to clients. The amount can be full or half according journey.
  2. The reservation money is not refunded by APSRTC once paid.
  3. Ensure you cancel you details should be given in a duration of 15 days. After this the cancellation is not applicable for refund.

This rules for the students who pay and are living beyond the free kilometers. Those above the SSC and more might have some charges too. The cancellation will be done online in split second. For more information visit the official website: https://online.apsrtcpass.in/