Madhya Pradesh Teachers Annual Pay Slip

How to Generate Madhya Pradesh Government MP Teachers Employee Annual Pay Slip or Salary Slip at website…..
MP educational portal is a government initiative which was introduced to cater for all teacher’s needs. It works under the Madhya Pradesh education department. Government school teachers have the obligation to check their details and salary slips on this website portal.

The portal has information of the teacher transfer list and some of the student information. It is popular and has also won awards like the Manthan award in the year 2009. They are ranked as the best e-category and CSI Nihilent e-governance.

With the official link being all employees in the education department can access the site. You will need login credentials which one acquires on your first login to the website. The National informatics center plays big part in the formation and launch of the website. This eases the task of visit the education offices for salary slip and education matters. The teachers will only require internet.MP education portal has scholarship programs for the SC/ST and BC who also have the right to access the site.

The list is endless this one of the best website which contains a variety of services. It shouldn’t be a worry to teachers and the Madhya Pradesh state students. The teacher will use their unique ID and open any section of the portal. It more convenient and time saving, help reduce the paperwork and also cases of corruption and document misplacement.

How can view Madhya Pradesh Teachers Annual Pay Slip download or print at

Printing and downloading is one of advantages which comes with the website. The teachers can keep their own pay slips according to the month and year. This comes in handy as they don’t have to visit the education department or heads for such simple issues. The education department has different groups like the Samvida Shikshak, group I II III. This are the main groups in the education department and recognized by the state government thus can use the website portal. Here you will get the procedure of how to view your pay slip for the site.

Madhya Pradesh Teachers Annual Pay Slip

  • Visit the official website:
  • The home page will open showing the Madhya Pradesh education portal.
  • After this the system will request for two of your important data in order to login.
  • This are the username and the password. Now key in the details and the next page will open.
  • Using the mouse of your device drag the cylinder icon to the right side of the page.
  • Question what if I don’t have the password and the username? Here you have to contact your head of department. The IT manager will assist you with the right procedure.
  • However many teachers have the username but not the password. They might have forgotten or not yet reset.
  • Go to the same website and ask for a reset password you will receive an OTP which you will use for your resetting process.
  • Login to your account, select the Varshik Vetan Parchi link on the right side of the page.
  • Automatically a form will be produced read and fill where applicable.
  • Fill in the date from which you need your pay slip to the date actual date.
  • Now click on the export annual pay slip in the PDF.
  • In few seconds the system will start downloading the file.
  • The salary slip will show on the screen.

How do I reset the education portal password in

The above procedure requires one to have a password. It has the possibility of one forgetting or net really having the password. It should be much of a bother as we have the best process to achieve a new password.

  • Navigate to the web portal:
  • Check on the home page menu for the word reset the password.
  • Directly click the button and a new page will appear.
  • Enter the unique code which is mandatory for all the teachers.
  • The website will direct you after the code.
  • Now in case you don’t have the code. Select the official link and a new page will open.
  • The system will bring forth a form for you to fill. This will help get the code just fill the following details like District, Designation type, Your first name and Last name.
  • On the same page check out for the Khojen/submit button.
  • The system will generate your unique id.

Services found in the MP website portal

  1. Salary slip for the teachers.
  2. Attendance leave management system.
  3. Enrollment of students for the scholarship.
  4. Civil works monitoring system
  5. The human resource management system.
  6. General enrollments.
  7. E-service book
  8. Children who have left school.
  9. The children with special needs
  10. The new pension scheme
  11. Upcoming and new scheme.
  12. Grievance management system.
  13. Inspire awards
  14. Retirement.
  15. Free text book distribution
  16. Teachers portal school portal

Advantages of using the education portal

MP education portal has come in handy for the MP teachers and the students. It might require internet but not much of computer knowledge. With right credentials teachers will have the full benefit of the site. Below I have highlighted some of the benefits:

  • Time Saving: I bet teachers used to waste a lot of time either visiting the bank or the education department. It was hassle if an issue a raised on matters of the salary. You have to leave or simple ask for leave out to solve this issues. The site has also reduced long queues at the offices teachers can now work effectively with no worry about their salary.
  • Transparency: This has reduced the corruption cases and fraud among the education offices. You don’t need to pay to get a favor done. In some case teachers would give bribes to get some paper work done. The website helps the teachers to work independently using the unique number and their password. They keep their accounts as secret and will use it at one’s pleasure.
  • Convenient: The website is at the teachers reach. You don’t have to call any officer for help. The teacher need internet and device or PC and there they will access their account. One can use the portal anytime and place.
  • Timely Payment: This happens to be a benefit to both the teachers and the government. We can also include the parents and students. Timely payment motivates the teachers not to strike. Okay low payment issues has not been resolved but getting your money on time really gives a good feeling. The striking cases and go slow have reduced and the Madhya Pradesh government still working hard to ensure teachers have a comfort able life to give the best results.
  • Proper Documentation: It is having that feeling of your documents are safe. This the best since you can access documents from the past months and really find them intact. The system has a way of saving all the documentation for individual teachers, schools and all programs as planned. This helps in reference of some issues for teachers without visiting the offices for consultation. Before the portal a lot of paper work couldn’t be traced, however we cannot blame the government as it’s also tedious to keep all the records. You can access any detail by visiting the official page on the menu just select open history and in few seconds the history will appear on your screen.
  • Encourage online payment and transaction of both financial matters and details about education: This portal doesn’t just encourage payment and viewing of salary slips. It has the potential to grow and be a communication portal. Yes the education heads can post and update the information for the teachers to view. They don’t have to call for meeting in the middle of the term date. The portal will help other departments in the state start the online payment. Thus making the state grow and advance technology wise. It is a step to good working life and encouraging teachers in their daily duties.

For more information just visit the official MP educational portal:

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