Edx.org Free Website for Learning Courses Online – How to Register for Edx Login

Edx Website dedicates who want learn online courses like C Language, C++, Computer Courses etc and Signup / Registration Procedure for Edx Login New Account at https://www.edx.org/….
Edx is big like institution which runs online and deals with massive open online course (MOOC). The course are classified in the university levels and are undertaken by students from all over the world. The online courses cover all subjects according to the student interest. Amazingly Edx offers free course which learners can apply online too. Edx does not only provide courses but take detailed research about how people utilize their platform.

Wondering how Edx runs? Some of the question asked are how Edx earns their income and how have they stayed strong over the years? Guess what Edx is nonprofit organization. Yes they use Edx free open source to learn their activities. The online education center was established by the well know and big institutions: Massachusetts institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. Who would have thought of such founders?

The two institutions come together and produced Edx which accommodated more than 70 organization. They give different course on Edx which suit the current world demand and also the students. The website was formed on May 2012.Over the years Edx has more than 14 million students and a variety of course with a rough of 1800 online course. Yes the Edx software is also free to other institutions and they have the privilege to give the same courses. On 1st June 2013 the Edx open sourced to all institution and the code is easily accessible. Big universities like ST George University use the Edx platform to educate their students.

Edx Login in edx.org
Edx Registration Form

Ways of enrolling for a course in Edx
Interest students have two simple ways to join this famous platform and channel their way to achieving best education. You only need internet and a device like laptop or smartphone. Use the Official Website Page they also use the mobile app in IOS or the Android to register.

For mobile users the app is given on your google account or Facebook account. You only need to:

  • Go to your mobile Play Store / App Store. Install the Edx software.
  • Go to new user account.
  • Here you will be asked to create a new account.
  • It will be either from your valid email or google account. The Facebook account also applies in the registration
  • After the registration the learner will get the type of courses offered.
  • Scroll to check which courses are in progress.
  • If interested click on enroll now button and get the course in the language you select.

Using the PC

  • Open your computer best browser.
  • Now register for Edx account.
  • Key in your valid email address.
  • Fill in your names. Remember to give the correct names in full they shall appear the same way on your certificates.
  • Recheck the names and create a username. It should not have spaces and once created can never be changed.
  • Now create a memorable password.
  • Choose your country.
  • Read and accept the Edx terms and conditions.
  • After all the above process check and be sure of the username and password.
  • Click on the create account button.
  • Go to the course list and check the course you are interest in.
  • Click on the ‘enroll now’ button.
  • The website will send you an email on the email you entered.
  • Activate your account using the link presented.
  • You can modify your password when activating the account.

Note the registration process is free and there free courses which can be undertaken. For students who need a verified certificate they can opt to pay for particular courses of interest.

Reasons for not activating.

  1. Error in your email address.
  2. Wrong website address entry.
  3. Maybe the email provide the yahoo or Gmail auto blocked the email.

How to enroll for the courses on the Edx software in www.edx.org

The Edx being a big institution gives both courses and programs. This are taken by individuals and also in groups. Programs are for the groups. The online education institute gives a list of the course for one to view and decide on what to take. The catalog involves the duration, types of course, the hours to spend on the course during the week and which university or institution is offering the course. After you make the decision the price of the course you pick is indicated on the catalog plus the certificate to be offered.

What is contained on the verified certificate?

  1. Names you entered while registering an account.
  2. The name of the course.
  3. The name and the signature of one or more learner of the same course.
  4. Time of issue.
  5. A legal URL which can be used to check whether the certificate is valid.

Program certificate
This are the likes of the micro masters, professional certificates or the Xseries. The program certificate give approval of successful completion of the verified certificates. This certificates are also issued to groups. If the course they took was successfully completed.

Details on the program certificates

  • The full names as entered during the account registration.
  • Name of the program you’re taking / completing.
  • The Edx institution offering the service.
  • The year you took the course / when the certificate was issued.
  • The URL to verify the certificate.

The certificate are obtained automatically after the successful completion of the course. Most the certificates are issued 48 hours after the course is done. Some also vary according to how you pass the course. Now certificate will be made visible for you to click view and open on the browser. Now you can print or download the certificate.