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Complete Overview of Udemy web portal – How to Signup / Register in and How to Create Course in website…..
The basic question is what is Udemy? This a teaching and learning platform where an instructor creates new courses and sell them to students through the Udemy website portal. The platform mainly focus on the adults and less on academic stuff. They take the product from content makes and sell them online to their students.

The students pay a certain amount which is used to pay the instructor and also the site. The courses taken at the Udemy site are not college related. Basically you won’t have credits it is formed to improve your skills either help you in your work place or personal improvement. The Udemy has conjoined with very educated fellows who collaborate with big companies. With that they educate their workers and pass useful working skills and job relation improvements skills.

The platform was official established in the year 2010 and has been strongly growing. With the current number being 65,000 and expecting more. The founder Eren Bali initially started it as a classroom set up at Turkey in the year 2007. The idea was to make the service free to the uses, the ideas was later taken by Oktay Caglar and his friend Biyani the year 2010.

Though the Udemy platform has grown to what it is, the company had failed 30 times before the set up. The founders need financial support which didn’t yield any fruits from the investors. Udemy first meant the Academy of youand on May 2010 they overcame the challenges and launched the platform.

The company started with a few instructors but as the years went by the company has grown and everyone wants to work with Udemy. It is not easy to access the platform but when you do it helps make good income yearly. Most students give positive feedback of what they have learnt.

What can you teach on the site?
The following are the main courses offered on the platform: Test preparations, All kinds of languages, Academics, Music lessons, Teacher training class, About health and fitness activities, Photography, Lifestyle, Marketing & Promotions, Design, Personal development, Office & Work productivity, Work relation skills, IT & software, Business, Development, Arts & Crafts and Technology.

Additional the site accommodates anything and any course like cooking practical’s, how to do your make up and even dog training. Yes they look silly but many people are interested with such courses. The teachers make money with the site take a portion and the teacher too.

How much one can earn with the portal?

Now this is a tricky question, first the earning are determined by the course you offer. If the course is selling then the company deposit the amount agreed on your account. Every new student on the site will earn some amount on your account.

However with most instructors the earn $10 to $30 per hour. The average earning from the site is $29 to $ 99. Per course. Counting on the yearly basis most of the teachers get a sum of $7000 yearly which is hassle free money. Remember the course has to be loved and the more student the more you earn. The amount you earn yearly is tax since you are not an employee of Udemy by a contractor.

How to sign up on Udemy platform

The steps are few and simple but require a lot of work before you are verified and qualify to instruct at the platform. This a big company and only picks the best to offer the best courses for their students.

  • Navigate to the Main website:
  • On the menu bar select “become an instructor.
  • Click on the option and a new application page will show.
  • Now pick on a topic and make your own course.
  • When you get an approval and read all the instructions from Udemy.
  • Submit and start connecting with the students.

Note the site doesn’t allow just any teacher each step above has a bit of hard work to be added. Make good presentation and have clear lessons and clear voice for students to understand.udemy online registration

How to create you First Course in the Udemy website

The steps are simple and if well followed you will make god earning from the site.

  1. Plan the Course: Before picking any course from the list, first plan and know what you are good at. Pick a course where by you have knowledge about it and sure you will deliver confidently.
  2. Create the Content: The content can made using the PowerPoint or slide shows. Make content targeting a certain group. Note the site is mainly used by adults. It should be relevant and updated plus very clear to the students.
  3. Publish it: After you are done with creating and ensuring it a unique content, now publish the content. The site will correct and give you warning where you have made mistakes. If it is not of quality you need to repeat and make changes. Once the site accepts the content you can post it for the students to view and like.
  4. Promote the Course: Promote the course by advertising it on the site and other social media site. Ask the students to share or like page. At first you can give a small discount thus attracting more students. The best promotion is student to student where to communicate and invite their friends. Use Facebook twitter handles, forums are also ways to promote a course add comments and important stuff about your course. Use blogs to promote your course look for similar blogs and talk about their product as well as yours.You tube videos also help in promoting your course in Udemy. The list is endless when it comes to promoting. Yes it will use up some cash but it worth doing it. When course get enough and more than enough students the money generated will be double the promotions.

What are the requirements for one to be an instructor on Udemy?

  1. The content you make plus the videos should have 30 minutes of the content. For the video 60% of the content should be relevant and clear.
  2. Have the correct teaching and learning objectives. Have a good structure of the whole content.
  3. Have clear and well-arranged video scenarios. The video should be audio able.

The best part about Udemy you will learn so many stuff as a student and on the other end as a teacher earn more. You only need to start small but smart, this sites gives a guarantee of passive income even without you effort. You can work on other jobs and still be part of Udemy platform. You need to record your teachings and lessons if videos are need they have to be very clear.

Have Sense of Humor in your teachings don’t bore the students have realistic facts and practical’s. The courses should be based on real life or learning skill. This what the modern people want current affairs what make their life different and so on. With that money will find you wherever you are. Just log on the Udemy website page for more information.

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