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Kenya has of late played host to a number of visitors who are either tourists or investors with the aim of conducting their own business activities. Regardless of the motive behind your visit, one must have a Kenya VISA. The Kenyan Government requires every person to have a Kenyan Visa that will allow them entry into the country. It is advisable for you to apply for a Visa days before your planned travel in order to avoid delays which may occur during the last minute.

The sole responsibility of issuing Visa cards is given to the Ministry of Immigration who employ Immigration officers at the main points of entry into Kenya. There are four types of Kenyan Visa which you may apply. They include:

  • Single Entry Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Referred Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa
Kenya Visa online application
Kenya Visa online application

Requirements Needed for a Kenyan Visa

Before you can be allowed to apply for a Kenyan Visa, there are some requirements which must first be met. They include:

  • Two passport size photos which were taken recently.
  • A valid passport which has at least six more months before its expiry period.
  • A duly filled Visa application form obtained from online websites, Kenyan Embassy or major points of entry into Kenya.
  • Visa fee

You do not have to carry your photograph when traveling to Kenya since it will be taken together with your fingerprints upon arrival at the airport

How to Apply for Kenya Visa Online at or

The Kenyan Government through the Ministry of Immigration launched the eCitizen online website which has a number of services to both Kenyans and foreigners. In this portal, one is able to apply for a Visa by using e-Visa online application found in this website. Initially, people were forced to travel long distances in order to reach Kenyan Embassies that processed the Visas.

Before using eCitizen, you are required to open an account with the site. The step by step guide below will help you to register on eCitizen portal and apply for a Kenyan Visa.

  • On your browser, type in or to access eCitizen portal.
  • Once in the website, click on ‘Register’ to start the registration process. This action will automatically redirect you to a different page on the site from where you are to click on ‘Register as a Visitor’
  • In the new page that appears, correctly fill in all your details such as name country, valid email address and a password that will allow you entry into the site.
  • After registration, verify your Email by clicking on the verification link that will be sent to you. Once all the details have been verified, log into your eCitizen account to apply for a Kenya Visa.
  • From the homepage of this website choose Department of Immigration Services.
  • Click on ‘Submit Application‘ in the new page that appears.
  • Select Kenyan Visa.
  • After you have confirmed that you wish to apply for a Kenyan Visa, select the type of Visa from the options provided. If you have no idea on the type of Visa, click on ‘Learn More’ to get more information about these options.
  • Once you have selected the type of Visa that you want, a new page containing a Visa application form will be displayed on your screen. Correctly fill in all the compulsory details of the application form. You will also be required to upload a photo of your passport’s bio data page. Click on ‘Submit’ once you have filled in all the details required.
  • Finally, you will be required to pay for the Visa using a MasterCard, Visa Card and any other debit card that you may have.
  • Wait for the application to be approved via email before you can finally download and print your e-Visa.  Approval of your e-Visa can take close to two days or more.
  • Any person who has submitted wrong information will have to avail themselves physically to a Kenyan Embassy in their country of residence in order to make the corrections. Once this is done, you will be able to get your Visa.
  • Once you have a print copy of your e-Visa, you will be required to present it to immigration officers after landing in Kenya.

Cost of Kenyan Visa

The amount of money that one has to part with when applying for a Kenyan Visa depends on the type of Visa that you want. Below are the charges for different types of Kenyan Visa.

  • Single Journey Visa/ Ordinary Visa-$50
  • Multiple Journey Visa- $100
  • East Africa Tourist Visa- $100
  • Transit Visa-$50
  • Administrative non-refundable Fee for Referred Visa-$10