Ceo Andhra Apply Form 6 New Voter ID Card Correction Status Check at

CEO Andhra dedicates to apply CEO AP Form 6 New Voter ID Card Enrolment, Form 8 Voter ID Correction, CEO Andhra Voter ID Card Status Check at website….
The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) is a body which conducts and monitors all the election activities. It supervises and runs the General and Bye-Election of the people from the Andhra Pradesh. Moreover the AP Legislative and the Andhra Pradesh legislative council are conducted by Chief Electoral Officer (CEO). However CEO fully functions under the Election Commission of India.

Types of Electoral forms in the CEO Andhra Pradesh office
Amazingly the AP state government has many different form to fill during the electoral process. It not a wonder if any applicant confuses the forms or repeatedly fills the same form. Ensure you check all form you are filling to avoid nullifying your voter ID. Check the list below for more clarifications. Check Your APGLI Policy Status Procedure.

Form typePurpose of the form
Form 6Application for adding name for electoral roll
Form 7Application form for deletion of a name from the electoral roll
Form 8Application for correction of your details
Form 8 AApplication form for inclusion of entry in the electoral roll

How to check your CEO AP Voter ID card in website

As said before the chief Electoral officer is under the Election commission of India. It follows certain procedure before conducting the election. Like in recent election the C.E.O body conducted the election in two phases. The CEO only allows citizens of 18 years and above to register as voters. This process is done by week prior the nominations of the candidates. When the registration and application process of voters ID is over. The Andhra Pradesh government gives chances to all the applicants to check current status of their voter ID.

Ceo Andhra
Ceo Andhra Pradesh Website

It offers different channels for people to check and verify if the information is correct. Here in this article we guide you in checking your status.

Online method to apply CEO Andhra Form 6 New voter online application at

  • Navigate to the CEO Andhra Pradesh website, you will find this link: click on the E-registration.
  • Here you will find two option: Council constituency and Assembly constituency
  • Click on the form 6 on the Assembly constituency
  • The click this form it will open an application on the screen, fill in the document.
  • Make all the right entries and submit option. Then send to the Andhra Pradesh Election commission.
  • A reference number will sent. Note it down it will help you track your application status.
  • A field electoral officer will visit your place/area and he/she will verify the information you filled in.
  • If found correct the voter ID card will be verified and produced fast.
  • They have a toll free number for enquiries and comments about anything to with application. 1950

The offline method of applying for a voter ID in Andhra Pradesh
It’s sometimes difficult to apply online either the system is down or maybe the user doesn’t have vast knowledge on online applications. Below we will help you apply for voter ID offline:

  • Pick the form and other listed form from the Electoral office near your place. Remember if you’re new you have to fill the form 6.
  • With the right docs you need other docs like Age proof, Id proof Address proof. Either your driving license / Aadhaar card / Passport book / Ration card / LIC Policy paper but in form of photocopies.
  • Submit the names of immediate family members who have voters ID and in the electoral roll.
  • Go back to the same station are closer to you and submit all the forms. You have to recheck the papers.
  • An officer will visit your house and verify if the information is correct.
  • The CEO conducts regular drives at different places to give the voters ID to all qualified voters.

How to track CEO Andhra Voter ID Card status at

Online Procedure for tracking CEO AP Voter ID status or CEO Andhra Voter Card Status online are as follows….

  1. Navigate to CEO Andhra Pradesh official URL:
  2. Move the Mouse Cursor on E-Registration > Assembly Constituency > Know your Status.
  3. Check your application status by just entering your Application ID or house number.
  4. Click and select this forms. Forms 6, form 7 form 8, form 8A.
  5. Enter the application ID or the house number press search results.

Tracking of CEO Andhra Pradesh voter ID card status via SMS

Follows the producer:
VOTE to 9246280027
You can call the free toll number 1950 for more help.

Applying for duplicated voter ID in CEO Andhra Pradesh
Mistakes always happen or bond to happen, if you lose or damage your voter ID. You should follow some legal procedures to retrieve it back. Below are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the nearest police station and file a FIR. This document is important for your safety in case someone uses your voters ID for fraud activities.
  • On this FIR you must include details like when the voter ID was lost, how and tell them you need a duplicate ID.
  • Download form 002 which is design for duplicate voter ID card application.
  • Fill the form accurately and attach a copy of FIR and details like age proof, home number much of your details.
  • The officer for electoral commission will visit your home.
  • When they verify your documents you will get new voters ID.

How to make CEO Andhra Form 8 Voter ID correction online application at

To make correction on the voter ID card you need to fill Form 8, which is available online. It will helps new voters who make mistake on their application. You can do it online and very simple. Use the link

You can download the form from Meeseva, then when you fill and submit the application. The officer will visit your home and confirm the details. Later you will receive correct voters ID

Making the correction offline in card of Andhra Pradesh

  • Visit the nearest regional Electoral office request the form 8 for corrections.
  • Fill the form correctly and submit it
  • You have to produce proof document in order to change the voter ID card. Example marriage certificate.
  • Normal procedure of the officer coming to your house and verifying the information.
  • Then you can have voters ID card in no time.

How to check your name in CEO Andhra Pradesh Voters List online at

  • Visit the official CEO website:
  • On the top left of the page there is a link named electoral roll.
  • Click on voters search on the same page.
  • The page will change and take you to national voter’s service portal.
  • Press on search button it will open a page with two tabs.
  • Click on the on written Epic number.
  • Key in your Epic number and where you reside (state).
  • You have to write the captcha number then click search.
  • The government data system will trace over the millions of people registered. If not register the system will send notification of no found results.