APSPDCL.in AP Electricity bill payment online at aponline.gov.in, payments.billdesk.com

Pay your Andhra Pradesh State AP Electricity bill payment online (AP Power Bill or AP Current Bill Payment) at www.apspdcl.in or www.aponline.gov.in or https://payments.billdesk.com…..
The Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited also known as (APSPDCL). This the body which is responsible for all electricity distribution in AP State. It has come to a conclusion of converting all the AP Current bills online. They have taken different steps of educating the employees on how to handle the new system. They have made it easy for the citizens can pay at the comfort of their house.

How to pay AP Current bill or AP Electricity Bill payment online at www.apspdcl.in

Nowadays you don’t need to go the counter and make big lines, the e-seva and the electricity board have integrated the new system of online payments. You can follow links like: aponline.gov.in or https://payments.billdesk.com/. These links helps you pay your electricity bill at the comfort of your home. The customers can use pay bill online by the following ways like Net banking, Debit card banking and Credit Card.

Yes very easy ways and making life simpler for the Andhra Pradesh state government and citizens.

Steps to follow in paying AP electricity bill online….

  • Please Visit the main web portal of the APSPDCL URL: https://payments.billdesk.com/ or aponline.gov.in
  • Click on the link and a page will pop up, press the pay bills online.
  • You will find two options pay your bill without login.
  • Click on the here to pay which is highlighted with yellow colour.
  • A page on paying the bills will show on the screen and you can use any service you need.
  • Enter the service number followed by case sensitive code now click view tab.
APSPDCL Electricity Bill Payment
  • The page will bring the option of pay payments details click on Regular payment option.
  • Recheck the details you filled before clicking on the payment button. Details like Service number, Customers name, Due date, Amount to be deposited and Date of disconnection
  • Navigate to the payment options: Credit card, Debit card, Internet banking / Net Banking and Wallet / cash cards
  • Take your option and fill all the required details.
  • Complete the process on the online electricity payment submit.

After successful submission the page will automatically direct you to the Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Ltd. It will bring forth the payment receipt to show you have paid and for the purposes of reference.

All this payments are done with a few second and don’t need to visit any office. It saves a lot of time and encourage all citizens to use it.

Advantages of the new online electricity payment in the Andhra Pradesh state government.

  1. The system saves a lot of time both to the government and citizens
  2. It encourages many people to use electricity thus benefiting the state.
  3. No long queues like before.
  4. The documentation is safe and correct.
  5. You don’t have to be computer literate to know the steps of paying.
  6. The information fill is always correct for you can cross check again with no hurry.
  7. The online payments give a receipt to verify that you have paid.
  8. You have many options to pay the AP Electricity bill.
  9. It is safe way to pay.
  10. The government doesn’t need to have many workers.
  11. The system is acceptable on all devices like PC’s, laptops, mobile phones.
  12. Comfortable to all citizens old and young.
  13. You can pay many bill at the same time.
  14. The system has reminders and pop ups to help you know your actual date.
  15. It one of the secure ways to pay no middle person and you are sure the money got to the right company.

The AP online service is only available to 18 and above citizens, who can us it legally and understand the terms and conditions of the service. The AP government has the terms and conditions of this service. If you use or register for the service you agree to the terms and condition of the service.

You will use the website link to access the service aponline.gov.in

AP Electricity bill Payment
AP Current bill Online Payment

The Andhra Pradesh online electricity bill payment also has a transaction search process. This where you check long time payments or new payments details. The can learn their progress through the online www.aponline.gov.in. You only need the transaction id and the click on get details. The statements will be set on your device to get proper flow of the payments.

Simple process to open an AP ONLINE CENTER

  • Visit www.aponline.gov.in the official website.
  • Select on apply for AP online franchisee
  • There will two options to choose from New SDP Registration form and Check status.
  • If this is your first to apply you should click on new SDP registration form and then send the request.
  • It will take a duration of 15 days to process and verity whether you are eligible to provide such service.

Note when the process is successful the officials will give you special payment procedures and safe software for payments. You will install it on your computers and some printing papers are given by the APonline they have logo of the AP online to proof that you a legal dealer. Follow this link