E-way Bill Login to Generate Eway Bills online at Ewaybill.nic.in website

Brief Guidelines on How to Signin E-way Bill Login and How to Generate Eway Bills online at Ewaybill.nic.in website…
What is EWay bill? The most common asked question, but the term simply means. Electric way bill it’s a unique way of electric documentation used for keeping records of movement of goods. They are produced on the eWay bill website portal. The users have to register on the portal to access the service. All transport goods exceeding RS 50,000 delivery challan or invoice can’t be processed by a registered individual without the eWay bill. Ewaybill.nic.in is the official web portal to generate E-Way Bills Online.

EWay bill can also be produced through an SMS, you can cancel all process on the portal through a SMS from a registered mobile number. This can be achieved using site-to-site integration or Android app. If anyone generates a EWay bill the system will give a unique number which is eligible to supplier,recipient and also the transporter.The receipt generated is referred to as E-Way bill number (EBN). This type of receipt contains all details and movement of goods from one point to another. Every route and where they are designated to go are included on the EWaybill.

The Eway bill is mandatory for all suppliers and transporters. The Eway bill assist in tax overcharging or undercharging. It is valid according to Kilometers, each 100 km and less is valid for 24 hours. Going past 24 hours the Ewaybill is given an additional day starting from the real date. It will be cancelled after 24 hours of issuing.

Who are eligible for E-way bill?

  1. Registered Individuals: If you are registered under the GST whether as a consignee or consignor you have to give the Eway bill. The state government made it compulsory for any goods beyond Rs.50,000/-.
  2. Non-Registered: If any of the parties is not register the other person should stand in and complete or the details need by the Eway bill rules.
  3. Transporters: All transporters have produce Eway bill to take goods to their destination. If the supplier hasn’t registered then transporters can take step to have the eWay bill.

Types of supplies

  1. Supply in consideration to course of business.
  2. Supply in which it not a course of business.
  3. Supply without any payments done.

How to generate Eway bills on official portal ewaybill.nic.in?

There two different: On the web, Via SMS.

  • You need to register on the EWB portal.
  • The receipt must be in hand copy when delivering or transporting the goods.
  • Transport must carry their own ID or vehicle number if they are using road.
  • Transport by other means the transporter has to give the ID and also the transport documents number and dates.

E-way Bill login or Eway Bill GST Login procedure into ewaybill.nic.in

  • Navigate to main web portal: https://ewaybill.nic.in
  • The home page will appear key in your username, password, and also the captcha code. Select login.
  • After it will go to this URL: https://ewaybillgst.gov.in/login.aspx
  • Now click on the new generate option which is on the menu bar under the Eway bill.
  • Fill in transaction type: for individuals who are suppliers select outward.
  • Sub-type: they vary according to the type you choose.
  • If you choose inward: the recipient of the goods.

Eway Bill Login at ewaybill.nic.in

  • Document type: there are different type’s example challan, bill, invoice and many others.
  • Document No: this the number written on the receipt.
  • Document date: get the date written on the challan or invoice. Remember don’t enter future dates as the system will not accept.
  • The date will be filled according to either the supplier or receiver. To/from or from/to.
  • Some clients are not registered you need URP in the GSTIN.
  • Have the following details: The name of the product/good, The description, Quantity, Units of the goods and The taxable & non-taxable value.

How to print E-way bill at ewaybill.nic.in

  • Go to the Main Homepage: https://ewaybill.nic.in
  • On the menu bar select the option of EWB on the eWay bill.
  • Select the correct Eway bill number and select the go option.
  • On the same screen take the print option.

What are the cases where generating E-way Bill is not important?

  • If the transport means you are using is non-motor vehicle.
  • When the goods are brought in using air or shipping and awaiting clearance by the customs.
  • If the goods are under the custom seal don’t need any Eway bill.
  • However if the good is from Nepal and Bhutan.
  • If the ministry of defense holds responsibility over a certain transportation of goods.
  • Free containers or empty containers.
  • If the goods are transferred using train and the supplier or receiver is the state government.

What is Transporter ID under the GST?
This a unique number which is given to different transporters. It represents a registration numbers and different for each transporter. Note if the goods carried are more than Rs.50,000/- it’s mandatory to have Eway bill. The transporter has to be registered either by GST or the Eway bill. The Eway bill is easy to produce just use the vehicle number and in few seconds it out.

How to Register for transporter ID in ewaybill.nic.in website

  • Visit the E-way Bill Homepage: https://ewaybill.nic.in
  • When the page opens look for enrollment for transporters.
  • Application form will open under the act 35(2).
  • Enter your particulars and recheck before submitting: Key in your name as the PAN reads, Select your state, If you have a trade name enter on space given and Now enter your PAN card.
  • Take the enrollment option and choose the type. Fill in all the part 1-2 for the process to continue.
  • Type: go down, cold storage, transport service etc.
  • On the menu select the constitution of the business which you get from the menu bar: private company, public company or foreign company.
  • Where is the business located? You need to enter the permanent address.
  • The mobile phone and email address are need and select the option if the premises of the given address is permanent or temporary.
  • Your Aadhar number will be verified fill your name and all details as per the card.
  • The system will send an OTP to your registered mobile phone or email.
  • The details will be verified and then approved for to get the transporter ID.

Cancellation of Eway bill for goods to be transported
In case some goods are not transported the transport or the receiver can cancel the Eway bill. It can be achieve through sending an SMS. The process has to be done within 24 hours since the issue time. The Eway bill center can be notified directly to cancel the Eway bill.

Who has the power to accept or decline the Eway Bill?
The receiver can make choice either to accept the Eway bill or reject. But the system is set if the Eway bill is not picked within 72 hour auto-accepted. The official receipt will be on the website portal for you to download.
Valid documents to carry by the transporters.

The transport has to take all valid documents to ensure the goods get at the destination on time. He/she should have the Eway bill at hard as proof, have valid ID card and the invoice of the supplies to be delivered.

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