Camel Camel Camel USA India UK Canada check Amazon Price Tracker, Price Drop Alerts, Price History Graphs / Charts at

Camel Camel Camel USA, India, UK, Canada etc to check Amazon Price Tracker, Amazon Price Drop Alerts, Amazon Price History Graphs / Charts at….
Camel Camel Camel abbreviated as CCC is a popularly known site for the Amazon shopper’s. The site provides full price history of almost any product on Amazon. Although with the most unfortunate name, the service CCC delivers to its customers is amazingly great. It considered as the best and accurate price tracker since the year 2015.

The Camel Camel Camel website has a way of set a Amazon price drop alerts if the product gets to your target price you’ll immediately receive an email. Moreover you can trace back prices of past years which assist you make a good price alert. Wondering how this happens? I would like to give a hint, at Amazon all prices based on the products fluctuates every day. The cost of a product posted yesterday won’t be the same today. Now maybe you needed a smartphone but its selling at $59.

Create an Amazon account to get all the best price at exceedingly low prices. It will give alerts of all products even though you have not set the alert.

To get what you want on the website Amazon makes the experience easy and very fast. The have the price trackers, price charts, rank graphs and different prices watches. The provides the Amazon Price tracker is adopted on all devices from Android, IOS, PC and laptops. This makes the work easier on the client side and you get quality products.

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How to read the CamelCamelCamel historic and Amazon Price graphs

The prices of some products may fluctuate fast and below expectation, and you are wondering if the prices are real. With the help of graphs you can see the real part of this prices.

Amazon Price history graph
This the key thing when you are looking for a product in camel camel camel.

The left side of this graph show the price range of the products. This what the Amazon has given of the item. Now below / bottom line of the graph you get the date range.

Moving to the right hand side is the adjustable date range bar, from 1month to 1 year. Here you can place any price you want and change the date. The camelcamelcamel website will alert you when date and price ranges to your expectation. It that simple

You have the choice on the graph to change using the green button indicated green, the blue 3rd party button or the red.

Why go for the camelcamelcamel website

  1. It is the most reliable on Amazon.
  2. It provides the full price history of any product and back date to when the product got to the market.
  3. You don’t have to register just paste the URL of item and there you can track the prices.
  4. Gives alerts when the price gets to your range.
  5. The site is very genuine and supports all the search engines like Amazon, chrome, Firefox etc.
  6. Very simple to use, doesn’t need vast knowledge on computer literacy.
  7. Shopping for different products is now easy and you can get all the products in one market.
  8. Delivery is at your door step and the cheapest price possible.
  9. Very clear showing the client the prices and the changes occurring hourly.

How to create Camel Camel Camel New account Signup in

In the Camel Camel Camel official web portal you can easily register or create a Camel Camel Camel New Account. Here we will provide few guidelines on how to register CamelCamelCamel Account are as follows…..

  • Visit the official web page:
  • Open the page and on the menu you get “watch your price”.
  • Click on the tab and a new page will appear.
  • Select ‘login panel’ on the screen.
  • Select the sign up and create an account.
  • A new page will pop showing details which require to be filled.
  • Fill and follow the instruction carefully.
  • Recheck the details the select the create account button.
  • If the particulars you entered are correct a message will be sent on your screen.
  • The account will open successfully for you to access.

How to search products details on Amazon

  1. Open the Amazon website page and fill in the Amazon URL.
  2. Give the name of the product and details concerning the product you want to search on the camelcamelcamel website.
  3. After filling the details you can choose the chart you want. Either displayed on hourly basis or monthly. All the charts at Amazon are genuine and show all the history from third party and time of posting.
  4. Set to get the alerts according to the time you want the product.

What will happen when you get browser problems?
Some you might find it difficult to access the camelcamelcamel website. You don’t need to worry just check the browsers you are using.

  • Try to refresh the site again and see whether it opens up. Press the ctrl +F5 simultaneously on your browser.
  • Clear all the temporary caches and cookies.
  • Have the advances or recent web browser on your device.
  • Also you can leave a comment on your problem on their website page and the support team will get back to you. Use

Amazon price checking

Amazon has a way of checking their product they have bring down to 9 groups. All based on the location of the product, this from the UK, US this goes in one basket. The 9 groups are divided to 2 small groups.

  1. Tracked sub group.
  2. Un-tracked sub group.

Tracked sub-group
This is has products with one price watch. This groups is upgraded daily and can check the price regularly.

Untracked sub-group
They don’t have any price watch. The un-tracked sub-group is also updated and the users can get their item notification faster.

You can check the prices by setting a target price and a date, check the website regularly to get the right prices. I know it hurts when you buy a product at high price later to find it at extremely low price. You get that feeling of being cheated on. However you can get the website account and set your price. Given a few days you will get all you want to low prices. Download the app on your devices to get the best services ever and save a lot.