How to Create Hotmail account or Microsoft Outlook Account / Bing Account at

How to Signup / Register MSN Hotmail Account or Bing Account or Microsoft Outlook Account at or / /….
Counted as the second most famous email service in the world. MSN Hotmail Account or Microsoft Account / Bing Account issued by millions of people on the globe. It is loved for the special and unique features and the fact that it allows one to send and receive emails for free. The service is available for all and doesn’t overlook race of financial status. Hotmail acted and catered for the email needs before introduction of the Gmail.

The Hotmail email provider saves data in bulk and allows transmission of emails freely. However the service was taken up and changed to MSN Hotmail by the biggest company in the globe Microsoft. This was in the year 1997 and the fame plus good works went on until the year 2012 where the Microsoft decided to give a new name which is Outlook. With this the service is attached to other services like Skype, office online and last but not least one drive.

The best part is that Microsoft never change the process to create and account. One can still create a Hotmail or outlook account. The account works on all the devices from windows, Android and IOS. The service is very fast has a protection installation of anti-spam and robust anti-virus.

How can I create Hotmail account or Microsoft Outlook Account / Bing Account at or or

  • Go to the official website:
  • When the home page opens click the “Create Free Account” tab.
Hotmail Account Signup

Hotmail Account Signup

  • A new page will open indicating a new signup page.
  • First of all Choose your Email ID with or
  • After Choose a Password. Password Must contains Special Symbol, Capital Letter and Alpha Numeric
outlook account signup

Microsoft Outlook account signup

  • Click on Next button.
  • Fill in the details as follows: Enter your First Name & Last Name. Click on Next Button.
msn account signup

MSN account signup

  • Choose Country Name and Date of Birth (DOB). Click on Next
bing account signup

Bing account signup

  • Enter the Captcha Code as shown in the Captcha box. Click on Submit.
  • Finally You can choose the Time Zone.

Now customize the account by:

  1. Selecting the gear tab.
  2. Modify the color to what suits you.
  3. On the same page choose addition modification however it’s optional.
  4. Make your profile to what please you. Select contacts
  5. You need to select people application.
  6. Now add new contacts form your accounts.
  7. You can transfer the contacts using CSV file from your PC.
  8. Now select the connect tab and a new page will open account login page.
  9. The system will ask for permission to access the account now press the allow button.
  10. A message is going to be sent to confirm that the contacts are being updated on Hotmail.
  11. After the process click on the done button. Signing out
  12. Choose your profile photo
  13. After this select the sign out.

How can I create add two Hotmail account to Microsoft outlook at / /

The Microsoft Hotmail user can operate two accounts at ago. You can use them in different ways, in most cases employer can open two accounts. Use one to communicate to the employee and the other for the customers. The Hotmail service provider doesn’t limit individual in opening as many accounts.

  • Navigate to the Hotmail / Outlook website and select the file option.
  • On the same page select “Add account” this tab will help you open a new account.
  • Click on the E-mail account.
  • Fill in your name and the Hotmail address plus your password.
  • Re-write the password for confirmation.
  • Now select the next to connect to the server and verify validate your details. If successful the email will display on your outlook.
  • With the same process create the second Hotmail account.

The best features in Hotmail account
The Hotmail Account users have something to smile about as Microsoft has added new features to the new outlook service. Hotmail has the best new feature which accommodates all users. Here are some of the features displayed by the Hotmail service.

The company has introduced the A-level security where one will use HTTPS for logging in to your email account or sending emails.

View, Edit and Share Office Doc
The Hotmail service has made life easier for the users you can now edit and view and share the office documents. It is a free process whereby you will send or email documents to your account. Later you can access the document from your Hotmail cloud. It is much easier where o can save a presentation after the required changes. You will prepare the documents and save them on the SkyDrive. Use this service to make slide shows without need of a computer.

You can chat with friends on Facebook on the Hotmail account
Call Microsoft invention the service provider is ensuring that social media is linked to the Hotmail service. They had the messenger now with the new feature in town they have windows live Hotmail.

Sharing of Photos and Videos
The Hotmail Account being the love of many and use by billions of people. The service is the best to send photos using the account. They have size limit but this doesn’t limit the clients from sending photos and expressing their feelings using the pictures. Classifying the service as miracle for many. People use the Hotmail service to send videos and watch them directly

The System Set to Find Important Documents and Organize them
For you to manage your file and folders the Hotmail has feature where you can save folders inside folders. This makes it easier for you to trace your file. You only need to type the first letters and the file appears on the screen.

Document Collaboration
Collaboration being an act of working together in a project, Hotmail has a feature where friends or work personnel can work on one document either editing or creating same work. You only need to click on the file and the SkyDrive will display the document online. Here you will get to see what the next partner is editing. The service can be used by a number of people in the same office. You have the right to check what others have added or deducted on the file.

Editing and Replying Back
In most cases when an individual wants to edit a file he has to download it change and upload then send it back to the sender. The process sounds tiring and yes it is, the Hotmail service has come in handy to assist individual and especially firm and companies. The feature mention gives you a chance to edit the document online and send back to whoever sent it. The system work automatically by use of the SkyDrive account. The Hotmail has a word document which resembles the normal word document on your computer. This amazing since you won’t have to download the document and waste a lot of time.

Sending and Receiving Bulk Files
Nice that what comes in people mind you don’t have to send files in small portions. The Hotmail has come up with a new plan where you can send file as huge as 10 GB and the recipient get them in form of links. They only download the links/URL and that it. Wondering if the recipient will need a SkyDrive? No they don’t just a normal Hotmail and they will receive all the files. The Hotmail by the help of window live SkyDrive it can accommodate 25GB space. You can really imagine how many files you can send?

Filter Option
It some confusing and tiring when all mails stream in and not sure which mail is more important. You might receive from your Facebook, office and other random mails. This hard task sorting them out. The Hotmail Account with the new feature to filter the emails. The feature will filter messages from the regular contacts or office work and from the social media. This eases the work and none of the emails will go unread.

The filter goes further by filtering emails which have videos and photos. You just make a click and can watch the video and see photo by clicking it on the left side of the Hotmail page. The documents which don’t have photos or are official have their own tab making it much easier to track them.

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