How to Track EPFO Claim Status check by Missed Call, SMS, UAN Number at

Tracking Procedure on EPFO Pension Status, EPFO Claim Status or EPF Status check by using Missed Call, SMS, UAN Number at……
Employee provident fund is a scheme which is created by the contributions from the employee’s salary. This begins on the onset of employment where the employer and employee give a certain percentage of the basic salary. It goes on till the retirement of the employee, this schemes is set to raise funds to help employees as their retirement benefit.

The scheme hosts three more branches which work under the EPF act namely:

  • Employees’ provident fund scheme( EPFS)
  • Employees’ pension scheme(EPS)
  • Employees’ deposit link insurance scheme(EDLI)
EPFO Claim Status
EPF Claim Status

How to check EPFO claim status or EPF Status by Missed Call / SMS / UAN Number in

Every Government Employee or Private Employee getting confused to track the EPFO Claim Status or EPF Claim Status by logon into the EPF India official website. Here we provide the brief guidelines on how to know the EPFO Claim Status using Missed Call / SMS / UAN Number are as follows…..
EPFO Claim Status Using missed call/ SMS.

  1. Visit the main website:
  2. Choose on the EPF office, get your account and PF account number.
  3. Note leave the extension field blank if your account doesn’t have one.
  4. Now select get EPF claim status. All the details will show on your device.

How to track the EPF claim status using UAN number

  • Navigate to the website page:
  • On the menu you will find our services.
  • On the submenu you will get the option written” for employees”.
  • A new page will open, select know your status.
  • Follow this link:
  • Two boxes will appear the first fill your UAN.
  • Then fill the captcha code on the next box.
  • Select the search button.

How do I check my EPFO pension status at

In the EPF portal there various products pension being one of them. You can visit the website and whether you eligible for pension or not. This very easy and you don’t need to visit your former place of work. Just follow the few steps below:

  • Navigate to the official website link: or
  • A new page will open and on the screen it shows “welcome to pensioner’s portal”.
  • The page will show different office for you to choose the office your get the EPF pension from.
  • After choosing the office the office id will be automatically be generated.
  • Fill in the PPO number
  • Re-check the details you enter and correct if need be.
  • Select the submit tab.
  • All the details about your pension will be displayed on the screen.

EPF balance check using the UAN number/PF number

You can use two different ways to know your EPF Balance / PF Balance Check using with UAN number or without UAN number

Checking balance with the UAN number

  • Visit the official website:
  • The page will open and show: ‘Know your EPF balance’ select this tab.
  • Here you find about member balance.
  • Now give details about your state, EPFO office. Select your office links
  • Key in your PF account number, your name, mobile number.
  • Now press to Submit.
  • All the details about your balances will show on this page.

Checking EPF balance without UAN number / PF number

Sending SMS

  1. You need to send an SMS to 7738299899
  2. On the message page write as follows: EPFPHO UAN ENG
  3. Note the ENG represents the language used, there several languages like the Kannada, Bengali Gujarati and many more.
  4. You can write any of the mention languages: EPFPHO UAN KAN

Use of missed call

  1. Dial a miss call to 011-229014016.
  2. This should be from your registered mobile number.
  3. You have to register your personal details on the UAN portal.

UMANG APP( unified mobile application for new-age governance)

  • Go to the google play store on your mobile phone.
  • Use the
  • Download the app. You will get all the government services here.
  • When the downloading is done take the EPFO tab on the page.
  • Chose the employee centric services option.
  • Key in your UAN number.
  • You get a password sent to your phone, login to the account and check your balance.

How do I activate UAN Activation at

  • When you get your UAN then you have to activate it to get all the service provide in the EPF website.
  • Go to the official website:
  • A new page will open and you see an option ‘activate your UAN’ on the bottom of the page.
  • You will get terms and conditions, read carefully and select” I have read and understood”.
  • Fill the following details: your name, UAN number, mobile number, state, EPF number.
  • Now enter the captcha code on the given box.
  • Select the get pin button.
  • You will get the pin on your mobile. Use the pin to access the website.
  • Choose a simple password and login pin.
  • You will get appositive note of successful activation.
  • You will get all the details EPF balance download the details and keep a copy for references.

How to check the amount credited on monthly basis on your EPF account

Follow the official website link:

  • Open the page a welcome pensioners note will be displayed.
  • Right below the welcome note the PPO enquiry or payment will be shown.
  • The screen will bring up four boxes which are mandatory to fill.
  • Choose the office you get your pension from and fill in the first box.
  • The office id will be generated after you get the office.
  • Fill in your PPO number.
  • The pensioner has to fill their date of birth.
  • Then enter the captcha code provided.
  • Re-check all the information filled.
  • Then submit the data. All the details about the amount will show on the screen.

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