UAN Login Activation using Aadhaar Number / PAN at

UAN Activation / UAN Login Activation using Aadhaar Number / PAN Number and How to Recover / Forgot UAN Password or Reset UAN Login Password at…..
This one of the government’s invention plan for all the Government and organization works. UAN is a 12 digit number which is unique to every member. Employees contributing to the EPF security scheme own the UAN number. The Universal Account Number (UAN) is mandatory and serve great service in EPF account.

This number doesn’t change whether you shift jobs or not. The EPFO which is the larger body governing the allotment of UAN number. It gives identification ID then you directly link to the UAN. Provide it to your employer when the member id is generated, then link it to the UAN.

All the employees should own UAN account number, for its illegal to and serious actions are taken for person applying for two or more. The government is very active to ensure all citizens or workers have the UAN card. It curbs cases of corruption in the country. The can help the government trace the transactions of every employees. The employees also can easily access their PF account and see all their contributions and the interest gained every year.

How to UAN Activation / UAN Login Activation using Aadhaar / PAN

  • Visit the UAN HomePage:
  • On the home page select the option “Activate UAN” on the Important Links Section.
  • Now select the member UAN or online services.
  • Fill in mandatory details like: Universal Account number / Member ID / Aadhaar Number / PAN Number, mobile number, date of birth, email.
uan login activation

How to Activate uan login activation

  • Enter the Captcha code on the box provided and select the get authorization pin on your mobile number. Note the number has to be registered to receive the pin.
  • Press on I agree on the check box then enter the OTP sent on your mobile number. Validate the OTP and activate the UAN.
  • A unique password will be sent on the phone use it to activate UAN number.

The website gives you a chance to change UAN Login password. Login to the portal using your UAN as the ID and the password you received. Request change password, enter your new password then repeat the new password and submit the request.

UAN Login Procedure in

Here are instructions on UAN Login Process are as follows….

  1. First of all go to Logon into website
  2. After it will shows the UAN Login Box.
  3. In the UAN Login box you must enter the Unique Universal Account Number (UAN) and Valid Password.
  4. Enter the Captcha Code and Click on Signin Button.

Benefits and advantages of the UAN

  1. UAN is key point to centralize the employee in the Indian state.
  2. EPFO can get all the details and KYC information without the interference of the employer.
  3. EPFO can track all your job switches.
  4. Withdrawals from the EPF have greatly reduced after the introduction of UAN.
  5. All the employee’s and new errands will work under the one unified account.
  6. Easy to withdraw using the UAN account number.
  7. You can get the PF statement by logging in the UAN portal.
  8. New employees don’t need to validate their accounts if they have Aadhaar and KYC verified.
  9. UAN secures the employees PF money from being accessed by the employer.
  10. The online portal assist the employee track all the contributions in their PF account.

Documents to open the UAN account

  1. Information about the bank: the account number, IFSC code, branch name.
  2. ID proof: you can use the national ID, driving license, voter ID, passport.
  3. Your address proof: bill like the gas, electricity bill. Ration card voter ID and many others.
  4. PAN card to be linked to the UAN card.
  5. Aadhaar card and ESIC card.

How to change or Forgot UAN login password reset at

  • Visit the EPFO member e-sewa website page:
  • Go to “forgot password” on the login from the menu. Choose UAN password and a new page will appear.
  • Fill in the captcha code and your UAN number and press submit.
  • A new page show requesting for UAN number and registered phone number. Select the yes button.
  • An OTP will be sent on your mobile number. The number has to be registered, enter the OTP and then select verify button.
  • After the verification, create a new password enter the new on then repeat to confirm the password.
  • You can now login to the UAN account.

How do I know my UAN Status at

Through your employer:employee can easily get their UAN number through the employer. The employer writes or prints the UAN number on the pay slip. You can also visit the HR office and enquire about your UAN number if you are a new employee. By visiting the UAN portal using the PF number/member ID:

The UAN portal can be easily by any one, there are different services beside the status and knowing your UAN number, you can get the PF balance and many others.

  • Navigate to the UAN website:
  • The home page will open select a tab written know your UAN status.
  • A new page will show, fill all the required details: name, date of birth, mobile number, captcha code and the member id or PF number.
  • Select the get authorization pin.
  • A certain pin number will be sent on your mobile number. Key in the pin on your phone and select validate the pin followed by get UAN.
  • In few minutes the UAN number will be sent on your phone.

How to download UAN passbook or EPF passbook at

  • Go to the official website portal:
  • The home page will open and if your UAN account is activated don’t repeat the process again.
  • Enter the details required on the blank spaces provided.
  • Now fill in your 10 digit PAN number, an OTP will be sent to your registered number.
  • Key in the OTP to finish the registration on the website portal.
  • Success messages will be sent on your mobile phone.
  • Now sign in using your member ID then proceed to download the passbook.
  • Go to the download passbook option on the download menu.

With all the basic information we should note that UAN card is mandatory for all the employees or even the Indian citizens. You can’t withdraw from the bank amount exceeding the Rs.50,000/- or other insurance transaction. Employees should activate their cards to access the EPFO portal or the UAN portal. For more information visit the official website page:

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