Ekosh.uk.gov.in Uttarakhand Ekosh Core Treasury System CTS for Employee Salary Pay Slip at cts.uk.gov.in

Uttarakhand Ekosh Core Treasury System CTS to generate Employee Salary Pay Slip at ekosh.uk.gov.in or https://cts.uk.gov.in…
Uttarakhand state government caters for all the state employees by opening various website portals. The employees can check their salary slip, pension matters and all details concerning their payments. The government has come up with a website. Additionally the site holds other activities in regard to government matters.

Core treasury system popularly referred to as CTS is a government initiative. Which has come up with the e-kosh website established to help all the treasury department of the Uttarakhand government. They receive all the data about transactions happening on the treasury and sub-treasuries.

It was officially launched by the NIC to serve treasury related matters. Employee in any government department can login using login ID and password. They get it according to the department on is allocated. The worker can get their details on GPF and salary details.

The retiring employees through the Uttarakhand Core Treasury System CTS e-kosh website submit their life certificate here. After this they can get their monthly benefit.

What are the functions the CTS portal?

This portal might be very new to many of us. Though it holds a lot of government branches as the HOD of various departments, secretaries, financial controllers all use this website in getting details about their sections. In real sense the website is supposed to cater for more than 4345 DDO’s of the state to manage the receipts and payment data and give all the treasury details of their departments. This amazing since it saves a lot of time for the government and the employees at large.

Here are the services provided by the CTS portal under the directorate of treasuries, pension and entitlements

  • Core Treasury System stands in for state government in matters concerning payments by the DDO.
  • The CTS will produce the receipts for the state government through the assigned banks.
  • This website will help in the preparation of the monthly accounts for the Uttarakhand government.
  • The site will be used to secure all the state government valuables.
  • It will stand as the safe for non-postal stamp for the state.
  • Pension distribution for various departments.
  • Registers firms and cooperative societies under the relevant Acts.
  • It refunds receipts of the department.
  • It regulates and budgets for the DDO.
  • Pays the group insurance scheme when an employee is retiring.
  • It maintains the GPF of government employees.

How can on access the pension account?

Pension is the amount of money or the benefit one gets after retiring for employment. Each state has a set age of retirement. One has to have a retirement account where the government sets aside funds to help you after this period. They have an online account for the pensioners and on monthly basis the government will send some cash in this accounts.

Employees can also take a simple loan which will be deducted every month. The CTS e-kosh website helps make the work easier.

  • Navigate to the UK EKOSH website: http://www.ekosh.uk.gov.in/
  • On the home page please pick on the CTS login option.
  • A new page will open with the link: https://cts.uk.gov.in/
  • The system will give you login option.
  • After this fill in the GRD number to be your login ID and also as the password.
  • Note individuals who don’t know their password will use the default password.
  • Forgot password will also use the unlock service by the CTS UK which is from the link: https://cts.uk.gov.in/userunlock.aspx
  • Now enter the GRD number then fill in the register number.
  • Enter the security pass the press on “unlock the account”.
  • Go to the pension page where various options will be given: user profile, pension report. FAQ, forms etc.

How to check the Uttarakhand Employee Pension Balance at ekosh.uk.gov.in or cts.uk.gov.in?

On the same website the pension can check their balances and status. They only need the password and he user ID. The above process of accessing the website will apply on the balance check. It is simple and one doesn’t require to visit the department offices.

  1. Visit the official directorate of treasury and finance service Core Treasury System CTS website page http://ekosh.uk.gov.in/ or https://cts.uk.gov.in/
  2. On the home page go to the pension page.
  3. Select pension report.
  4. They system will open and give a statement of three months’ time.
  5. The following options will display: monthly pension statement, annual pension statement and tax calculator.
  6. Pick on any of the statements according to what you want to view.
  7. Additionally the page will show about tax calculator where you can calculate all your tax.
  8. Moreover the CTS e-kosh website has the option for life certificate and also an official form.
  9. This certificate is produced by the retired employees each year in the month of November.

How can one register mobile number for the pension account at https://cts.uk.gov.in/?

To get a pension account one has to register the mobile number. This number helps in receiving the OTP and all important details on pension. Individuals have to give a valid and registered number to continue getting the pension payments. There is simple procedure for one to get the number in the pension system as follows.

  • Open the CTS main website page: https://cts.uk.gov.in/
  • On the menu bar select the option on employee mobile number registration.
  • For individual with the pension account just visit pensioners mobile number registration.
  • Now key in your Pensioner ID followed by the number you need to register.
  • The system will send you a code via SMS service.
  • Use the code on the space provided after which the number will be registered.

How can State their complaint about the pension or GPF account on ekosh.uk.gov.in or cts.uk.gov.in?

In some cases the government set up website where the employee or citizens can access all services. However they forget issues where the employee might want to ask questions or enquire about the site. This is a solved matter by the Uttarakhand government. They have ensure the CTS e-kosh website has an option where individuals can rise their grievances. The process is simple and very secure.

  • Open the Core Treasury System portal: https://cts.uk.gov.in/
  • Theo CTS home page go to the menu bar and select the complaint/suggestion tab. This is located on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on it followed by the user ID and the user email Id.
  • The system will provide a space where you can type the complaint.
  • Now enter the code on the page then submit.
  • The system works very fast to ensure proper service provision to all citizens.

How to Recover Core Treasury System CTS Password at https://cts.uk.gov.in

It happens that we have so many passwords from various site. One might key in the wrong passwords thus completely blocking the site. The site provides ways of how to recover your forgotten password. It also advisable for one to choose simple clear passwords. They should be strong by easy to remember

  • Navigate to CTS Home Page: https://cts.uk.gov.in/random.aspx
  • Go to the “Forgot password” option on the menu bar.
  • Now fill in “User ID” and “Register Mobile Number” plus security pin. Note this different from the password.
  • In seconds the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Use the OTP as temporary password to reset a new password.
  • Confirm it and then submit.
CTS password

Core Treasury System CTS Password Reset

How can download or get the Uttarakhand Government Employee Salary Pay Slip at ekosh.uk.gov.in?

The website has really benefited the government employees. They don’t have to visit the head of department office for salary slips or statements. The can use the official CTS e-kosh website for the salary slip download. There few steps to go as follows.

  • Visit the website http://ekosh.uk.gov.in or https://cts.uk.gov.in
  • On the menu bar select “Login to CTS “
  • The system will ask you for permit to access the services on the page.
  • It might sound as follows: the e-kosh .uk.gov.in link shall take you to a page outside the official website. For any enquiries visit the official website.
Uttarakhand Ekosh CTS Login at ekosh.uk.gov.in or cts.uk.gov.in

Uttarakhand Ekosh CTS Login

  • Now select the OK button.
  • A new page will open select the “proceed anyway” tab.
  • After this fill in your CTS login user id and password.
  • In seconds a new page will show where you get different options on the pay roll and the pay slip.
  • The options to follow are: pay roll, pay slip, select the date and year, view the report and after this process you can now log out
  • Now you will get the departments of the Uttarakhand government.
  • Pick one the request for a download or print.
  • Remember to log out of your page for safety measures.

For more information on the Uttarakhand government visit the official website page: http://ekosh.uk.gov.in/ or https://cts.uk.gov.in

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