SBI HRMS Login Staff Portal to Generate Employee Salary Pay Slip / Reports and Apply for Leave

State Bank of India SBI HRMS Staff Login Portal to Generate Employee Salary Pay Slip / Reports Bills, Forgot SBI HRMS Password Reset, Account Balance Statement, Provident Fund, Pension Status, Loan Status, Applying for Leave at…..
The state bank of India is the biggest and popularly known bank in India. It has huge number of branches distributed all over country and headquarters are located at the heart on Mumbai, Maharashtra. This bank provides all the banking services both international and local facilities. The staff get their salaries according the place they are located. Those branches in the 32 other countries also get their services equally as the local branches.

Additional the SBI has adopted a new system for it loyal workers and created a new portal. The portal is known as SBI HRMS, it caters for the bank employees. They don’t have to visit their branch managers for enquires or application writing. Employees can get all needs from this portal by login with the following link:

The system is flexible and can be accessed on all devices like the Android, PCs and laptops. This service is available online only for the SBI employees and associates of the bank. They get various news and updates from this portal. The portal is upgrades often to provide better services to the staff. Customers can’t login to this portal you need to have a username and password.

Departments of the HRMS

  • SBI HRMS SAP portal: This a portal set aside for e-learning. They have special features of digital and practical classrooms. It evaluate every performance of the staff member. Employees in the SBI have big opportunities to learn new stuff from this portal. They can ask any questions about the bank services and their job status.
  • SBI HRMS IRJ: here you get the all the activities of the SBI. Salary slips and recruitment programmes and promotions. Follow this link:
  • SBI EMS (Enterprise Messaging System)
  • SBI coin: This a site for pensioners they can check their status and retirement plans. Have your particulars then open an account. The link is:

SBI HRMS portal services list

  1. SBI salary slips
  2. SBI pension scheme.
  3. SBI job related query.
  4. SBI pension plans.
  5. SBI holidays.
  6. SBI mobile services
  7. SBI online account.
  8. SBI recruitment/ careers.
  9. SBI leaves.
  10. SBI staff login.
  11. Checking provident fund.
  12. Details of the employees.
  13. Loan status.

SBI HRMS Portal login

There two types of SBI HRMS online portal login they both work for the SBI employees and they can get their pay slip, leave and pension schemes.

  • Admin login: The admin can access the SBI HRMS portal and make the changes which are necessary. They have the upper hand in the SBI HRMS portal and can use it any time. They update the website and add new features to the link. Note other individuals can’t access the website unless they work or are retired workers of the state bank of India. The individuals with admin login and passwords have the power to add a new staff and new features. They can also delete what is not working for the website and address complaints send via the portal.
  • SBI HRMS Staff Login: This portal is for all SBI employees, they have the right login and check different services. They can check their pay slips, pension check their PF loan status. However they can’t get the full access like the admin login. They can’t change any feature or add they can’t add a new staff or delete.

How to SBI HRMS Staff Login at

From the above information, we have learned the importance of accessing the SBI HRMS portal. This portal is good for the employees and the organization at large because it makes work easier. Employees do not have to go to the Human resource department to get their information and the human resource department does not have to go to each and every employee. Communications can be easily done using this portal. The following are ways in which an employee can log into the SBI HRMS official website;

  • Visit the official website portal and us the link:
  • The page will open up and display the login button.

sbi hrms login

  • A new page will pop up it will display a security questions. You have to answer all the question the press the “continue” button.
  • On the next screen page you need to enter your user ID and password then click login.
  • After you login anew page will show up and take you to the SBI HRMS portal.
  • You can now get all the data in this page.
  • When you are done with the portal remember to log out. Never leave the page open to public and never share your user ID and password.

Ensure that after you are done using the State Bank of India portal you log out to prevent other users from using your personal details. It is also very important to note that the HRMS SBI portal is only developed for their employees who should always use the correct login details to access the website. In case you forget your password, contact the controller or the IT department to get access to the website. It is also highly advisable that you keep your login details secretive.

How to get SBI HRMS username and password

  1. Go to your smartphone then download the SBI card mobile.
  2. Click on the “first time user” link.
  3. Fill in your details as follows: credit card number, CW number, Date of birth (DOB) and Get OTP.
  4. The OPT will be send on your mobile phone.
  5. After this click on the “proceed button”.
  6. Now set your own user id and password. It should be easy to remember and don’t share with anyone.
  7. Then fill all the details needed and confirm.
  8. You can access your account on the SBI card mobile app using the username and password.

How to SBI HRMS Portal Login on your mobile phone

  • Go the mobile Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
  • Look for my HRMS and install the app.
  • It will take few minutes and once it installs open the app.
  • Now click on the SBI HRMS and key in your user ID and password
  • Now press submit. All the details will show on your screen.
  • Note don’t leave the page open you have to log out. Don’t share your user id or password.

How to login SBI HRMS staff pension payment as new user at

  • Go the official website portal:
  • The new page will open, on the top left side you find user registration.
  • Here you should enter the user details: Name of the staff pensioner, Provident Fund number (7 digit number), some have 6 number just add zero before the 6 digits, Pension number, date of retirement, valid e-mail address, Your registered mobile number and Repeat the mobile number.
  • Now key in the code showed on the box.
  • Recheck all the information and submit.
  • On your mobile phone/email a one-time pine will be sent.
  • Use it to login to your pension account.
  • Now set your own password and user ID. This will help access the account whenever you wish.

How to Generate SBI Employee Salary Pay Slip / Reports / Bills at

The State Bank of India portal and mobile app are very user-friendly and people with access can get all the relevant information they require with just a click. This is good to save both time and resources for the employees and the organization. The SBI HRMS portal can be accessed by SBI current employees, former employees, retired employees and controllers. They can easily access details like; their loan status, dues, dates, SBI holiday, four in one, account balance, account statements, provident fund or gratuity, application for nomination and many more.
To get or generate your general SBI employee salary bill, follow this guide;

  • To download the salary bills, log into the official website at or even use your mobile app.
  • On the home page, click on the ‘view salary payslip’ option.
  • Open the Pay Slip, download and save it for future references.

It is an easy step to generate your salary bills from the online portal. The information you get is always updated online and therefore when logged in you will always get the latest salary slip. One can also print out any information from the portal provided they are using the information carefully. The SBI HRMS portal is an excellent project that enhances transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency in the banking system of SBI at all times. This online process is empowering the State Bank of India employees as they are updated with the latest technology and can easily access their work details at any time or place. You can also see the annual salary earned meaning you will be able to track all your earnings while working with SBI. Tracking these earnings can help an employee get a loan from a different institution because they will have something to show on how they are earning.

How to Apply for Employee Leave in website?

  • Log into the SBI official portal at by using your username and password.
  • When you have logged in, the main menu will appear with different options.
  • On the main menu, click on the ‘leave request’ option as it is one of the first icons on that page.
  • After clicking on the leave request option, you will be redirected to a new webpage showing a form.
  • The form contains spaces that should be filled with relevant details on the type of leave, start date, end date, city, approver and the reason as to why you are requesting for leave days.
  • Fill in the form with correct details and confirm to ensure that everything is okay.
  • After confirming, click on ‘submit’ button and your form will be sent to the relevant department.

SBI Complaint Section
The HRMS portal also provides an options of complains. The workers raise the grievances and they address within the working days. You need to visit the official website https://hrms.onlinesbi.comyou need to fill all your details. State the complaints then submit to the website.

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