Punjab National Bank PNB HRMS Login Portal to Generate Employee Monthly Salary Slip at www.pnbnet.net.in

Punjab National Bank PNB HRMS Login Portal for Employees / Pensioners and Generate Employee Monthly Salary Pay Slip / Reports, Pension pay slip, Account Balance Statement, Promotions etc at www.pnbnet.net.in….
Punjab National Bank (PNB) is considered as the largest and most popular banks in India. It was started in the year 1895 in Lahore. This was long before the country was separated into what is now India and Pakistan. The PNB has over 5,000 locations and gives all kind of banking services both international and local services. It has personal services like loans, motor vehicle loans and education loan services.

The Punjab National Bank caters for it worker and has implemented a HRMS package payroll process. The employees can check their pay slips and pension plans in the PNB HRMS portal for employees. It is specially formulated for bank employees and for checking their pension online. They have the privilege to see their salary and pay slips and status through the official website: Pnbnet.net.in

This HRMS system introduces a lot of basic things for the PNB staff some include, training management, employee self-service, appraisals, and many others. There are some Important services given by the PNB HRMS those are portal View your monthly salary, Pension pay slip, Attendance, HR management, promotions, Statement and account balance, The leave dates, Apply for nomination of provident fund, View all the pension plans and when you can access it, About loan services to employees and Apply for 4 in 1 .

This scheme contains a lot entailing about the bank staff, and it automatically set to receive their data. It will get the right pay report saving it for future references. The employee’s duty is to give leave application online and also assets and liabilities. It has various services to choose from.

All the staff must log in the HRMS to get this services online. If you are a new member you need to apply through your branch manager or officer in charge.

What you need to register for HRMS

  • Give your person information. Example name,municipality, age date of birth, PF number.
  • Enter your e-mail address and phone number.
  • You will get an SMS to confirm your registration
  • In the SMS you will get unique user ID and password. Use them to login in you HRMS application.
  • You have the choice to change the password to an easy one.
  • Pensioners have the access to check and follow up on your pension payments and recent update.

PNB HRMS Login for pensioners

The pensioners are the retired employees of the bank and they have a different way to check their HRMS report or account. Follow the simple steps below.


  • First they change the former passwords and user names.
  • The PF number will stand in place for user ID.
  • The date of birth in this format ddmmyyyy takes the place for password.
  • Continue with the other normal procedures after this. Check your pension status and other details.

How to Generate PNB HRMS employees salary slip at https://www.pnbnet.net.in/

The following are the guidelines to Generate the Employee Monthly Salary Pay Slip by logging into the Punjab Nation Bank official web portal…

  1. Navigate the PNB web portal page: www.pnbnet.net.in
  2. Key in your user ID / provident fund number and enter you secret password.
  3. Click on the sign button.
  4. Look at you profile information. Example leave, salary increment, salary, internal notices etc.
  5. Choose the option need maybe salary slip.
  6. The salary play slip page will show and you can access all the data.
  7. Take a copy print for future reference.

How to Forgot PNB HRMS Password Reset in www.pnbnet.net.in

  • First go to the main web page: https://www.pnbnet.net.in/
  • Find this Option: Click here to login in to HRMS. Click on it.
  • After it can shows the login page.
  • If you can’t remember password click on Forgot password on the right side of page.
  • Enter your User ID or the PF number.

PNB HRMS Password Reset

  • You will get an SMS on your e-mail or phone message.
  • Use the message received to enter it on the tab provided.
  • Your will be asked to set a password. Note it should be memorable.
  • Repeat the password again to verify it correct.
  • Now you can continue to use the service.
  • The PNB really offer the best services for retired fellows, they can access their own accounts without visiting the bank.

Advantages of using the PNB HRMS services

  1. The PNB employees can access their accounts and know their progress with no hassle.
  2. They can use any device example PCs, mobile phones anytime and place.
  3. They can get all information in one portal.
  4. They have help desk and they listen to all equerries and questions.
  5. You can access the site with simple link: www.pbn.net.in
  6. The employees don’t need to go to the HR office to ask for pay slip.
  7. It is easier for the retired fellows since they do it on their phone. It saves the bank a lot of time and ease the HR managers work.
  8. It is reliable service.

In case of death, insanity and disability and the employee happens to leave the bank. Many people and families don’t know where to start. So much has been left lying in the accounts with no one to claim. Some people it just lack of knowledge but others it’s the fear of the long legal terms to follow. However the PNB is very considerate to it workers whether current or retired.

The employees have chances to choose and include a family member as a nominee. The nominees receives full ownership of the account holder when they die or something happens to them.

The employees or pensioners also have the right to delete and choose a minor or new person to access their accounts. In case of a minor the guardian of the minor will take responsibility of the account until he/she is 18 years and above.

They can receive any benefits of the account holder, after the bank verifies all the details of the nominee. This is part of the PNB HRMS advantages and every claim is address well.

In conclusion this scheme has come in handy to help all bank employees they can get loans from the PNB with no high rates and a good duration of payment. The HRMS portal will also provide the workers with all data about the loans and how they are faring on. HRMS keep updating its systems for better service of the employees. You also have a part to play by revising you password and user ID. Don’t share with any one, but change after some time to be safe and make sure no one will access it.

For more information on Punjab National Bank and the integrate system of HRMS. Please visit the official website:www.pnbnet.net.in

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