to Check Current Month Pension Status, Pensioner Payment Information

AP Cyber Treasury website or to Check AP Pensioner Current Month Pension Status, Pensioner Payment Information, AP PPO Arrivals Status, AP DDO Request Employee Salary Pay Slip etc….
Andhra Pradesh Cyber Treasury is government initiative which is overlooked by various departments in the Andhra Pradesh government. This a government treasuries and account sector which is under the director of treasuries and accounts. Further the sector is fully backed by the administrative control of the finance department of secretariat. This is the AP Cyber Treasury main homepage:

However among this 14 are the district treasuries the rest are classified as sub-treasuries. With the changes in technology the AP government cyber treasury department holds the highest and first rank. They have introduced computerized services to all levels.
Cyber website

How to AP Pensioner Current Month Pension Status at

The process is simple as one will check the Current Month Pension Status online. Here we will provide the Pension Status Checking procedure are as follows…

  • Please Visit this URL:
  • Click on Net Services > Pensioners Information.
  • It is redirected to this link:
  • Pensioner can access all the data about your pension benefits directly from the link.
  • Then Choose or Click on the Current Month Pension Status.
  • After Choose your District Name and Enter PPO Number. Click to Submit.

How to check the AP Cyber Treasury Pensioner Payment Information Online

  • Visit the same official website link:
  • Click on Net Services > Pensioners Information.
  • When the page opens you can get information about the status, pension certificate and many more.
  • Now click on ‘Pensioner Payment Information’.
  • A new page will appear and will show about ‘block I or block II’
  • Go to the block 1 and fill in your district name, the PPO number, applicant’s name.
  • Fill in the type of service you want family or service then press the get button.
  • On the block II enter your PPO id and STO code.
  • Now press the get data tab.
  • Now you get all the details from monthly to yearly.

How to Check AP PPO Arrivals Status using PPO Number

  • Open the website link:
  • Go directly to the 3rd option written current month pension.
  • After this option click district name
  • Fill in the PPO number.
  • Recheck the details and submit.

This service goes to all the AP state citizens. They have to give the life certificate and the rest will be handled by the AP cyber treasury department.

How to check AP Employee Pay Details statement in

  • Go to the official AP website page
  • On the home page you will require a STO Treasury code which is an employee’s code.
  • Now you can access your Salary monthly statement.
  • Go to the AP cyber treasury website.
  • When the page opens all treasury details will be available for to choose from.
  • Since you needed the Monthly Pay Slip.
  • Select the tab by the name ‘Net Services to Public’ it will be on the left hand side.
  • A new page will open choose between employees operation and pensioners.
  • Click on the employees operation.
  • After this select the Pay Particulars. It will be on the options of annual property, Class IV GPF plus the employee account no. this a list of option which you will choose from.
  • Now pick on “Pay Particulars”. Here you can now access the monthly salary.
  • Fill in your Employee Code to get the information.
  • Key in the excel report as the form will be sent using the excel sheet.

How to check AP Class IV GPF Annual Information using

  • Navigate to the official website page:
  • On the menu bar select the tab district treasury office.
  • A new page will appear fill in the following details:
  • Go to the list provided and choose your district
  • Followed by two choices of GPF Account Number or Employee ID.
  • After selecting your choice select the submit button.
  • The GPF will be displayed on the screen with full information.

How to Prepare AP Employee Salary Pay Slip and How to DDO Request using DDO Claim Code at

How to Preparing DDO Request AP Employee Salary Pay Slip at

Navigate to the website page: The page will open now select the DDO claims on the menu. Enter the 11 digit employee code. Enter your password then submit to login. A new page will show and you get to see the pay bills on the left side. Choose the bill preparation and here please fill in the month and year of the DDO claim. Note some employees might not be on the pay bill payments. However you can work it out manually be selecting ‘include’. After this they will display the list of employees on the screen.

How do I request AP ddoreq using DDO claim code in

Visit the main website page: Now you should login and submit the details about the payments. The system will produce a number TBR. It will help you in your salary claim. Enter the number and also click on the owner plus select the year on the pay bill. In few second the system will show a list of employees who salaries are billed. Now submit the details. The same procedure is used to check the beneficially.

The AP cyber treasury links the bank accounts to the employees account for benefits. For more information visit the sites link, &