How to Validate Aadhaar Signature Validation in EAadhaar Card PDF file

Digital Signature Certificate Trust Settings on How to Validate Aadhaar Signature Validation or EAadhaar Digital Signature Validate in EAadhaar Card PDF file…..
With the new digital age e-signature is the becoming popular among many people. Companies and organization are taking advantage of technology and really embracing it to the last step. However this the best way to go as it enhances security and efficiency. One will feel more comfortable to go this electronic way. Aadhaar Signature Validation is mandatory for who are download eaadhaar card those Aadhaar Card Holder must validate e-Aadhaar Digital Signature in the downloaded PDF file (Note: Aadhaar Card Signature Validation is possible only in Adobe Read).

The new gadget in the market can capture your prints or make a signature on the screen. Technology is going paperless and to this level security is tightened. Broadly this e-signature is an electronic data point which is used by signatory to sign a legal document.

E-signature is simple and can be inform of symbol, letter and logos. Wondering whether electronic signature is legal? The signature serves the same purpose as the written signature the government and the UIDAI have legalized the process.

EAadhaar Digital Signature Validation is an electronic system which is based online for the Aadhaar card holders. They have the authority to sign digitally for the documents. The procedure is authorized by the Aadhaar E-KYC service for individuals to receive their cards online.

eAadhaar Digital Signature validation

How to Validate Aadhaar Signature validation (e-Aadhaar Card Digital Signature Validation) in EAadhaar PDF File

  • First of all Download eAadhaar Card from website
  • Then Open the E-Aadhaar Card PDF file using Adobe Reader.
  • When the page opens check on the left / right side for a tab written ‘Validity unknown’.
  • Select on this button and immediately a Aadhaar Signature Validation Status will shown on Screen.
  • Click on ‘Signature Panel’ button. The Signature Panel Button will shows the Right Side Top Corner.
  • After Right side of your Screen it shows a certificate.
  • Just Move the cursor on that certificate file. Right Click > Signature Properties.
  • Click on ‘Show Certificate’
Aadhaar Card Digital Signature Validation
  • A certificate viewer window look for summary tab.
  • Note you need to check the body issuing the e-Aadhaar card. If not among the bodies discussed above in this article be sure that a fake body. Leave the page and look for a genuine authority.
  • After this select the Trust Button.
  • Go to the Trusted Certificate Buttons
Trust Settings for Eaadhaar Card signature validation
  • Now read all the terms and conditions indicated on the certificate. The security details are also indicated here. Click the OK button.
  • Another page will show and on the import contact setting look for certified documents box.
  • There are several other check boxes after it select OK.
  • Select Validate Signature.
  • The page will change and indicate signature properties to validate select close.
  • On the E-Aadhaar PDF file you will get to see a signature valid. The mark will not disappear even after you print or download the document.
Validate Aadhaar Card Signature Validation

Note the Aadhaar Signature Validation process can also be undertaken using the Linux devices. The same process will apply and one has to be sure of the authorities providing the E-Aadhaar certificate. Many upcoming organization are faking the document. The document will not be verified by the National informatics center. They have ensured that documents with e-sign open automatically on the system.

What is needed for e-signing?

  • Individuals need to provide the registered mobile number. It has to be linked to the Aadhaar card.
  • Have your Aadhaar card number with you for easy access.

Basically the introduction of this service it to promote technology among the Indian citizens. E-signing also reduces corruption cases at the government offices. The system is time saving for all people both in government and citizens. This the most convenient way to receive the card without waiting for postal offices to mail it.
Who has the authority to run this procedure?

With full authority the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA). This body has given power to the following bodies:

  1. C-DAC
  2. eMudhra Ltd
  3. code solutions
  4. Digio and Nexus groups.

Benefits of Aadhaar Digital Signature

  1. Safety: The above services provides are well established and licensed they cannot leak any information. They give an OTP to access the e-signing site and once used it expires immediately.
  2. Flexible and Time Saving: This Services will save you time and don’t have to visit the offices. It helps you operate the system at the comfort of your space. You only need to provide the right documents. The bio-metric device is the most suitable gadget to use as you just scan your iris and fingerprints. The OTP method also works well without any hassles. It will be sent to your registered mobile number and you have to fill and verify.
  3. Digitalized: The System doesn’t require you to be there at the offices. You only need a smartphone and digitalized devices to achieve the Aadhaar. All records are will kept and can be traced anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s on Eaadhaar Card

Is the e-Aadhaar document legal or not?
This being a worry for many Indian citizen the new system has come as a shock. How can one sign using a device with no physical contact. However with the authority from NIC and bigger bodied under the UIDAI the process is very legal. The certificate can be used anywhere in the country. In coming times this will be the system to acquire the Aadhaar card, the government will ensure to educate all people on how to download it from the internet.

Do Aadhaar cards downloaded direct from the official mAadhaar App need a signature?
This question had to find it way here since majority are inquiring about the app. Remember the mAadhaar app is a legal system authorized to download Aadhaar cards for the citizens thus easing the congestion at the Aadhaar offices. You don’t need this signature since the Aadhaar card obtain here has a code indicated. It will verify the originality of the document.

After the process and obtaining the E-Aadhaar do I need to visit the Aadhaar center for approval?
The e-signing procedure is the last process and approval needed. One doesn’t have to visit the center for verification. In real sense the government wants all government services to go digital. With time the whole process will done online and most of this centers will be abolished.

Recently the UIDAI stated that the E-Aadhaar will have a code on the front side help in security matters. They also advocate for picture use in organization such as banks to verify the ownership of the Aadhaar card. This system will curb a lot of corruption case. Individuals who pick two or more cards will have hard time since the system saves the data entered. You cannot process the same information.