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How to Know TTD Seva Electronic Lucky DIP Result / Results or Tirumala Seva Electronic DIP Result in website….
With the number of users coming to Tirupati launched a new booking Procedure for the Tirupati which is through electronic lucky dip. One needs to use the electronic dip seva by submitting for the services in the time frame one the services are open. One can apply for various sevas like ‘Thomala Seva’, Archana, Suprabhatam, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu and Nijapada Darshanam. One should read all the instructions for using the electronic seva which include:

  • Only Aadhaar card of Indian citizens and NRI pilgrims would be accepted for the registration.
  • Modifications in the form are not allowed once the form is submitted
  • Only the pilgrims who have not availed the seva in past 3 months can apply for electronic dip seva.
  • TTD can cancel the application if case multiple registrations are made by a person.
  • Pilgrims will be selected for the seva through a random allotment procedure
  • TTD Seva Electronic DIP Results will be communicated through the registered e-mail ID and mobile number.
  • The results and the whole process would be published on the online portal for transparency.
  • The selected pilgrims are required to make the payment through Net banking or debit / credit card using the Tirupati Balaji Online website.

One can apply for any number of sevas through the electronic dip system and can also select the date of seva from the available dates.

Certain sevas for which electronic dip is used performed daily while some are performed on selected days. Also the price of the seva ticket would vary for each seva. However. One doesn’t need to pay the seva amount while making the booking. It is only after the selection the person is required to make the payment.

The Applying period of the TTD Seva Electronic Lucky DIP is available on every first Friday of the month at 11:00 am and closes on the following Tuesday 10:00 am. One needs to register on the TTD Seva Online website before applying for the lucky dip seva. For a single user login, a maximum of two persons are allowed to apply for the electronic dip. If a user wants to opt for multiple seva, he can select multiple seva options and select the date besides them depending on the date/day on which that particular seva is available.

While applying for the preferred seva, the user will be required to submit various details of the pilgrim who wish to apply for the seva. The various details of the pilgrim include:

  1. Name of the pilgrim
  2. Age of the pilgrim
  3. Gender of the pilgrim
  4. Selection of the photo ID of the person whichever is available with the person from the drop down list
  5. Photo ID number
  6. The email –ID and mobile number would be the same which is used during the time of registration.

After this a page will open where the user needs to select the desired sevas and the preferred date. After making the selection, the user needs to click on ‘continue’ button.

  • After this on the next page the user can see the summary of the sevas selected and the date for which the user has applied for the seva. Once confirmed the user is required to click on ‘submit’ button.
  • After clicking on submit button, a reference ID will appear which the user can note down for any future reference.
  • One will also get the SMS and email on the registered mobile number and email-ID respectively.

How to check TTD Seva Electronic DIP Results or Tirumala Seva Electronic Lucky DIP Result in

The Seva closes on the 4th day after opening usually on Tuesday at 10:00 am. The results will be announced after 2 hrs. of the closing of seva, usually by 12:00 PM. The Tirumala Seva Electronic Lucky DIP Results will be shared through the registered email-ID and Mobile number.

Tirumala Seva Electronic DIP Results

Other than this a user can check the TTD Seva Electronic Lucky DIP Result through various options on the TTD Seva Online website.

  • One can check the results by logging on to the website using the official login ID and password, the user can check whether he is selected for the seva or not
  • User can also check through various searches on the website like the enrollment number, name, mobile number, email-ID, Aadhaar number etc. The option to check through various search options would be available till next Thursday on the website.
  • The third options is the scan the entire list which is available on the website. The complete list of Seva Electronic Dip Result is available on the home page of the website

If anyone has any trouble using the website or searching for the results on the website, the person can also approach the complaint cell and they will check the Tirumala Seva Electronic Lucky DIP Result for you using the reference ID generated at the end of the form filling.

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  1. i was selected for march 2020 which participated in 2019 dec dip but didn’t get any sms or mail alert and when i was checked in portal it was displayed regret message and not selected , result announced date was 10 december but in portal my name was selected on 16 dec and not done payment bcz i was not aware, this i came to know when i’m trying for april seva’s now current dip throwing already availed seva and not allowed till october

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