Uttarakhand Public data entry Online Registration at eregistration.uk.gov.in

Uttarakhand Public data entry Online Registration and Uttarakhand Domicile Certificate Registration at eregistration.uk.gov.in or registration.uk.gov.in…..
Indian being a large country has hosted many state some with great historic sites others known for their high population. The country has really developed and the same happening to all the state. Here will check matters of the Uttarakhand state which was initially known as the Uttaranchal.

Talking about historic sites and features Uttarakhand is also referred to as Devbhumi. This going along with many Hindu temples. In real research the word means land of gods. The state is more spiritual and built a lot of pilgrimage site. It is the 29th state of India and has it largest capital city as Dehradun.

Leaving the historic part of the state the state has developed economically. They have good and affordable education, transport sectors and all sector which will help the country to grow to new levels. There are many government project which work for the state citizens. With the recent years and going on the government has ensured the state is at level with other developing states.

They have introduced new website portals to offer different services. By this the government wants to abolish the manual process. It will help all the state citizens to be digitalized. They can get different documents without help of government officers. The services will be available online and with few clicks one can find the service.

Today will discuss on service derived from the e-registration service in the Uttarakhand state. The government has issued one portal for a variety of services. They have given the Department of Stamps and Registration main website link as http://eregistration.uk.gov.in/

The service has details on stamps and registration. The state and the whole country has the stamp department which is a valued body. They help in revenue collection, the sector works with the citizens on matters property documents. They record and take the revenue earn from the registered property. They have responsibility over marriages and they register them online issuing the certificate. With the introduction of the online portal the services are easier to access.

Eregistration.uk.gov.in website

Services offered at the eregistration.uk.gov.in

  1. Search for encumbrance certificate
  2. Public data entry
  3. Estepin
  4. Marriage certificate
  5. Type of stamps the rule and regulations.
  6. How to search your documents using registration number.
  7. Property number, party name and the village.

Importance of the new website portal

  1. In regards to all the services the portal has helped in:
  2. Saves time and no long queues at the government offices.
  3. The records are safe.
  4. No corruption cases.
  5. The websites are easy to operate don’t need computer knowledge to access.
  6. They offer transparent services.
  7. It is affordable as one pays a small fee for a great service.

Online Registration for Uttarakhand Public data entry at eregtration.uk.gov.in

For the citizen to access this page they have to follow few guidelines as follows……

  • Navigate to the official website page: http://eregtration.uk.gov.in
  • On the home page check on the menu bar for the word ‘public data entry’
  • A new page will open and showing about public data entry registration.
  • On the page enter the required information: district, sub register offices and all the mandatory data.
  • There on the screen there is an option of DEW and SUB-DEED. Pick on the village and the index.
  • Now choose the rate by ticking the right circle.
  • Give the correct information of the property. Area occupied, Kharsa no, Khatauni.
  • What the purpose of the property
  • After fill all the required details now select the calculate stamp and registration duty.
  • The calculation are as follows: the total pages and the total number of words.
  • 5 stamps + 1PDF page = 6pages*2 = 12 pages which one counts both pages.
  • The deed has a limitation of 1000-9800 words.
  • On the same page down on your right hand side there blue buttons press on them after making the payments.
  • Save the details by clicking on the save button.
  • You will get and PDE ID will be produced print the page and ensure you master the Id.

When one is done with the above procedure, with the acquired Id number start on the following procedure.

  • Visit the official website page: http://eregistration.uk.gov.in/
  • On the home page click on the option of already have PDE id.
  • Key in the id number you attain on the last procedure.
  • A page will open on the menu click on add the party details. Key in the first party the second and also the slot of the witness.
  • Recheck the details and if correct now select the print button.
  • The print out will be produced now go to the status menu and select the SUBMIT to SW tab.
  • After few minutes the process is complete.

What are the required documents to process the Deed?

  • Clear and most recent passport size photo.
  • Identity proof: Aadhaar card, voters Id, passport, pan card etc.
  • Form 60 is required if the amount is above Rs.500000/-.
  • Pictures for the property.
  • This site being a multi-purpose website and host many services in the Uttarakhand state. We now focus on marriage and the steps one should take.

Steps to take before filling the Uttarakhand online registration form at eregistration.uk.gov.in

  • Visit the website page and download the certificate: http://eregistration.uk.gov.in
  • You have to check the authority if they have been approved by the government.
  • For the groom the age has to be 21 years and above.
  • Bride’s age should be 18 years and above.
  • Now check who has certify the application form. If the approval is from the wrong authorities the marriage application will not be legal.
  • In 30 days the e-registration number will be produced.
  • The place where the wedding should be approved by jurisdiction of registering office.
  • The permanent residence of the bridegroom. Solemnization place.

The official procedure

  • Visit the website: http://eregistration.uk.gov.in
  • A page will open and you have to fill your district name, SRO name and create a password.
  • Repeat the password again. It should be strong have capital letters, numbers and special character.
  • Now login a page will show now enter all the mandatory details.
  • On the details if the marriage will happen on the same year key in the information about the priest.
  • Click proceed and a page will appear fill in the details for the bridegroom. The bridegroom’s fathers details
  • Now select the unmarried status on the form since you don’t have the legal certificate yet.
  • Proceed and a new page will appear and one has to fill details about the brides and bride’s father.
  • Again select unmarried on the status bar until you obtain the certificate.
  • After this now a page will appear here fill in the data about the witness.
  • A new page will show fill in the mandatory information to complete the process.
  • Submit the form directly at the website page.

About Uttarakhand Domicile Certificate

  • This a legal document showing one resides at a particular state. One should have the certificate for different purpose.
  • Get easily state government jobs.
  • Obtain castle certificate.
  • Admission in schools and colleges
  • Priority for government reservations
  • Get first chances in government schemes and projects.

Who are Eligible?

  1. One must be an Uttarakhand citizen
  2. Lived in the state for more than 15 years and be permanent citizen.
  3. Keep updating the condition form for the state.
  4. This certificate can now be obtained at the official website or the CSC centers. The online method though has not be full administered. It will fall in the e-registration portal after clear guidelines.

This are some of the services found in the e-registration portal for the Uttarakhand state. It has been taken as great move by the citizens as they can do it at the comfort of their home. It is easy to operate and less expensive. The state government still promises digitalization on other many site as time goes.

If any queries on Eregistration.uk.gov.in please feel free to suggest a question in the below comment box.