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We are currently living in the internet era where almost everything is being done online. Activities like playing games, connecting with friends, getting news and buying goods can now be done online. All one needs is to get connected to an internet connection and access anything that they want. To make it easy, you can rely on social media platforms, online stores or websites to convey your message. With these tools, you will never encounter any problem when looking for services via the internet. One of the most notable web portals for accessing different services is formerly known as AOL Inc. is an online service provider that is currently based in New York City. With, it has now become very easy to connect with your family members and friends who are living in a different location.Furthermore, you can get access to your messages on your Personal Computer, tablet, Smartphone or any other device that has a modern web browser. In addition to this, you can also get the latest information and big stories whenever they happen.  To enjoy these services successfully, you will have to open an account with by visiting their online website.

AOL new account
AOL new account login

How to Signup or Create AOL New Account in

Creating an account with is one of the easiest actions that you will ever perform especially if you have a fast internet connection. You will also need a device that can access the internet whether a Desktop, Personal Computer or Desktop. With these tools in place, you can create and account with at any time that you term necessary. Below is a step by step guide on how to Sign up or create a New account in from the comfort of your house.

  • You will first have to open this online web page on your device by using as the official link. Hit the“Enter” button on the search bar of your browser once you fill in this link.
  • The above action will redirect you to the homepage of Here, you should click on “Login/join” button. Anew page will then appear on the screen of your browser.
  • To create AOL new account with, you will have to click on “Sign up” button that is below the login details.
  • You will then have to correctly enter your full names in the spaces set aside for these details.
  • Next, select the type of username that you will use when accessing your account on
  • Fill in the username that you will use in accessing your new aol account in
  • Enter your mobile number by selecting your country’s code after which you should fill in the other details.
  • Correctly fill in your date of birth starting with the month, day and then year.
  • Fill in your gender i.e. Male or Female. This information is however not mandatory hence you can skip the details.
  • Click on “Continue” button once you fill in every detail correctly.
  • Confirm your number before clicking on “Text me a Verification Code” option. A One Time Verification Pin (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the verification code in the page that appears on your screen. Click on “Verify” to verify the One Time Pin.You will now have successfully created an account with without having to break any sweat. You can click on “Continue” to access your new AOL account.

How to check your Inbox in AOL mail

With an active AOL account, you can now check your mail at any time of the day. This is regardless of your current location.  You can use the guide given below to perform this action without encountering any problem whatsoever.

  •  On the search bar of your browser, enter This is the official link for accessing your AOL account. Press the enter button on your keyboard once you type in this link.
  • You will be redirected to the homepage of from where you should click on “Login/join” button.
  • You will have to fill in your username and password that you selected when signing up on Click on“Login” once you enter your login details.
  • Click on the envelope icon to see your mail. However, there is a high chance that you will only get the latest news when you use this option. For this reason you will have to click on the“Options” link. This link can be clearly seen at the top-right corner of your AOL account.
  • Choose “Mail Settings” from the drop down box that will appear.
  • You will then have to remove the check mark that is present in “Show me today on AOL when signing in” check box.
  • Click on ‘Save Settings” button to save the changes that you have just made.
  • You will then have to click on “Back to Mail” button to access your inbox. This button is available at the top-left corner of settings window. You can now go through all of your mail whether old or new. has made it easy for people to communicate with one another without having to worry about the distance. Furthermore, you can get news on things that happen all over the world straight to your inbox. This action ensures that you are aware of the current situations in different parts of the world. The good thing about is that you can use it at any time of the day to get information that you might need. In addition to this, you can control the type of messages that you receive in your inbox hence protecting yourself from spam messages.

AOL account is free of charge hence you should not spend anything when signing up. You should also remember to make use of a fast internet connection if you are to use without having to worry about slow internet speeds.

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