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Epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds – Download AP Ration Card, Search Andhra Pradesh Ration Card Details by Name wise and Track the AP Ration Card Status, Transaction History Details at epds1.ap.gov.in……
The EPDS Andhra Pradesh Ration Card is considered as the ancient and most important document in the country. It was used as an Identity Proof document until the evolution of the PAN card. Though the purpose still remains the ration card serves as address proof and identity to some point. However the AP Ration card was introduced to help issue food grain and fuel to the Indian citizen at an endowed price. The State Government ensures that every home and family get the food as basic need at a cheap price.

Additionally the ration card plays a huge role in getting other official documents like the Aadhaar card. The Ration Card has different levels and serves the people of India differently. The levels are as follows: Above Poverty Line (APL) and Below Poverty Line (BPL).

How to search for AP ration card using Ration Card number at epds1.ap.gov.in

Lot of Andhra Pradesh citizens are to search his / her AP ration card using

  • Navigate to AP Ration Card web portal: https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds
  • Scroll the Page Down. You Can see the box heading like “Search Ration Card”.
  • Under the box you can see “Enter Ration Card Number”.
  • Just you can type the Ration Card Number. Click on Search option

Search for AP Ration Card details by name wise at epdsap.ap.gov.in

  • Go to the official website: https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds or https://epds1.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds
  • Directly go to the public reports followed by the ration card. Select the option and fill in new AP ration card.
  • Select your district from the list and also fps shop number.
  • This will prompt the system to open the names list and you will get ration card using your name.
ap ration card details

Andhra Pradesh ration card information

How to check the AP Ration Card Status at epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds

  • Please visit the Andhra Pradesh Ration Card website Home page: https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds
  • When the page opens choose from the following list: transaction history, search ration card, print ration card and Application Search.
  • You can go to the Application Search box.
  • Just type either Application Number or Ration Card Number (RCNO)
  • Pick on the print ration card which is old RCNO.
ap ration card status at epdsap.ap.gov.in

Andhra Pradesh Ration card status at epdsap.ap.gov.in

  • Submit the number for searching.
  • The particulars will show about your ration card.

The Andhra Pradesh Government doesn’t discriminate any citizen from owning the mandatory card. Initially the state government was conjoined this the Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh Government. They issued the card to its citizen thus giving fair distribution of food stuff. Now the governments are separate and the AP government sort to introduce an online ration card by the name: EPDS AP ration card website https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds.

This a bold step for the AP government and citizens can check their ration card and food prices online. They check the availability of food grain and fuel at different prices. On the AP part the online system will curb the cases of corruption and theft. The foods will be fairly distributed. There are two types ration cards developed by the AP government:

  1. White Ration Card: The card is issued to the citizen who are below the poverty line. They have an income but cannot really sustain them. The government ensures they get the food grains and fuel at affordable rate.
  2. Pink Ration Card: This card is given to individuals or families who are well of. Most don’t get the food subsidy but use it as an identity card. They are above the poverty line they get the card as its legal document in the country.

Which documents are needed to apply for ration card?
There are documents which are mandatory when applying for the ration card. They are need in both the offline and online application.

  1. Documents to proof the yearly income for the Family: This to show whether you will get a pink or white ration card.
  2. Residence: Give the electricity bill, water bill, and other recent bill which show where you live especially the address.
  3. Photographs: The photo are for your family members the officer in charge should approve the photos
  4. Registry Document: This applies on people with their own house. Give the documents on the working days

How to check AP Ration Card Transaction History at epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds

  • Go to AP Ration Card Main website page: https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds
  • When the page open, scroll the page.
  • Then you can see the “Transaction History”.
  • You will be asked to give your ration card number.
  • Fill in your old ration card or opt for the new card.
  • When you submit the history of your ration card will be displayed.
ap ration card transaction history at epdsap.ap.gov.in

Andhra Pradesh Ration Card Transaction History

How to Download AP Ration Card epdsap.ap.gov.in or epds1.ap.gov.in

  • First of all open the official website page: https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds
  • Fill in your old ration number and then select the print option.
  • A new page will be displayed it will contain details like district, village, family members information.
  • Now you can download AP ration card after take a print out otherwise Go to nearest ration card center to get original copy.
  • If you taken print out via online you can go to the MRO office. Then take the MRO Signature on your Downloaded Ration Card.
ap ration card download at epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds

Print your AP Ration card download

How to apply for AP Ration Card Offline

There two ways of applying the ration card both online and offline.

  • Go to the nearest ration office near you.
  • Pick the D1 application form but you can download the form from the website line and fill.
  • Carry with you: identity proof documents, address proof documents and photos.
  • Fill the particulars required in the form and fill all the mandatory segments. Fill about your family members.
  • Now submit the document to the ration centers officers. The officers will give you a receipt wait for 3 weeks and the card will be out.

How to apply for ration card online in Mee-Seva

The new website page has made the work easier. The Meeseva portal helps in registering new ration cards, deletion of member or addition of any new member.

  • Navigate to the official websites portal: https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds
  • When the page opens create an account if you are new member in the portal then Fill in your name in full, Select an easy to remember username, Enter the email address, Gender of the applicant, Permanent or residential address, Aadhaar number and City.
  • Now create an account if the details are correct and proceed with the application.
  • Login to the site using the password and username. Now fill in your details and family particulars correctly.
  • Check all the information submit the application form.
  • The system will give a message of success but you will get transaction number to confirm the application. Don’t delete the numbers they help in status checking

How to add name of AP ration card online epdsap.ap.gov.in

  • The ration card caters for the whole family. If a new child is bone they need to be added on the ration card.
  • Go to the official AP website page: https://epds1.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds
  • On the home page and on the menu bar, an additional option will appear.
  • Now fill all the required particulars. Fathers name, area, district and village and submit the information.

Losing your AP Ration Card
In certain cases you might lose your AP ration card, remember you can’t get government subsidized food without the card. It’s advisable to report the matter to the FSO offices, apply for a duplicate card and download it. If the process is manual fill the D1 form and enter all the family members. Then after the 3 week duration get your new ration card.

Note ration card is most significant card in the AP state serving both as identity and for food and fuel subsidy card. For more information about the special card visit: https://epdsap.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds or https://epds1.ap.gov.in/epdsAP/epds

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