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Track your Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance APGLI Policy Status Details, Annual Account slip, Search your Policy Bond Details using Policy Number at http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in….
The Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance (APGLI) Department is one of the highly esteemed and oldest department in the state. The scheme was established by Nizam of while earliest government of Hyderabad. In the year 1970 to cater for the welfare of his employees. However an organized managing committee was set to run the scheme under the title of Family pension fund. Not long and they renamed the scheme to Hyderabad state life Insurance fund in the year 1913.

After a span of years, a new government of Andhra Pradesh was formed in the year 1956. Bringing change to the scheme and renaming it as Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Fund. After successfully establishing the Andhra Pradesh state the managing committee held the first meeting. Consisting of 4 members a secretary and the president. This was in the year 1957 and Sri B. Gopala Reddy then the Honorable finance minister was the president of the meeting.

Now what APGLI scheme? This security measure by the state government as welfare scheme for the government employees. It is mandatory for both government and provincialized local body employees. The scheme is under the control of the financial department of the state. The responsible officers in drawing and expending are supposed to recover the payment of the APGLI amount. This amount is prescribed on the states order from commencement of employment. The premiums are deducted on your first pay and doesn’t await completion of one year service. The insurance cover employees from the age of 21-53 years.

APGLI policy bond goes online
The Andhra Pradesh state life insurance department, has come in handy to help all the government employees. They have introduced online issue of policy bonds making it easier for the workers and the government. They can visit the official government website, http://www.apgli.ap.gov.inand download the policy bond.The launching of the system by the finance minister Anam Ramanarayana Reddy assuring the employees proper service. He said the APGLI has huge deposit of Rs.3400crore, and already 23 districts can have full access of their policies online. This was taken up well by the workers hoping the system will take motion fully.

How to download APGLI Policy Bond using your policy number at apgli.ap.gov.in

  • You can follow the government website: http://apgli.ap.gov.in
  • Enter your policy number.
  • Key in your date of birth.
  • Enter the Captcha code as shown on your Monitor.
  • Click here to follow http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in/PolicyDetails.aspx

All this is possible for all government employees and don’t have to visit state offices for inquiries. There is more to that if you loss or forget your policy number. You follow this simple steps to retrieve it back. Information must be correct to have your number back.

How to recover APGLI policy number once forgotten

  • Click on the official URL: http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in/Home.aspx
  • Enter your Full name
  • Enter you father name
  • Key in your date of birth.

How to Get APGLI Policy Bond details online at www.apgli.ap.gov.in

  • Log on to the APGLI official website: http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in
  • Key in policy details.
  • Enter your policy number.
  • Then date of birth
  • Enter the Captcha code as shown in the box.
  • Click view details and new page will get the APGLI Policy Bond details.

Get APGLI Policy Bond details at apgli.ap.gov.in

Process of getting APGLI Policy Number search in apgli.ap.gov.in

With the new technology most government details are retrieved online. This has made life easier for the workers for they can use mobile devices to check the details. Here will take steps on policy number research. Click on the official website http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in

  1. Enter your full names.
  2. Key in your father’s name.
  3. Enter Date of Birth.
  4. Enter the captcha
  5. Click here to follow and fill the details http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in/PolicyFinder.aspx

APGLI Policy Number Search at apgli.ap.gov.in

How to get your AP Government Life Insurance APGLI policy number details online at apgli.ap.gov.in

To learn about your details you have to follow a simple procedure and with few seconds you can observe them on your device or compute.

  1. Navigate to the official government website. http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in
  2. Key in your policy number.
  3. Key in the date of birth.
  4. Enter the number on the captcha
  5. The details will appear on the page.

APGLI Policy Details at apgli.ap.gov.in

How to Check APGLI Policy Status by policy number in http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in

Checking the status is very easy, every details is on the government portal which accessible to public. You can only open if you are government employee and have the policy number.

APGLI Policy Status at apgli.ap.gov.in

Click on the government official APGLI link: http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in

  • Start with the policy number.
  • Name of the applicant.
  • The financial year like 2008-2009-2010
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Request policy status
  • A page will show your status.

Click here to start on the status process: http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in/status%20of%20Applicant.aspx

Annual account slip
Sometime is proper to check your premium entries per year to check whether the sums are adding up. This helps know what interest is gained annually. The process has simple clear steps:

APGLI Annual Account Slip

Click on the APGLI service portal. http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in/

  • Key in your policy number.
  • Enter the correct financial year.
  • Enter the captcha number
  • Press view report.
  • A page appears and the full statement is displayed.

The government has raised up orders which will govern the APGLI scheme, they decide that any state employee from the age of 21-53 is eligible to apply for this compulsory life insurance. The will mature at the age of 58 one day before the actual age. The government made order to be followed strictly. This funds help in the retirement and have different features:

  1. Start saving soon as you get employed from age of 21-53.
  2. You will receive whole amount at the age of 58.
  3. The scheme doesn’t collapse and has been there ever since 1907
  4. The premium rate are low.
  5. Big bonuses at the end the premium period.
  6. The policy holder will receive the money on maturity.
  7. Be sure to receive the rates and the bonus when you leave or cease being a government employee.
  8. Fast transaction of the bonus and rates when you get the age of 58.

These are some of the features of the APGLI which is a legal scheme for the government employees.

What will happen to premium saving if the employee leaves work due to natural causes?

This is the most asked question. Some natural and avoidable situation like death, insanity or disability and pronounce not fit to work change the situation of the insurance. It doesn’t matter whether the worker was 58 years or below. Before starting the premium saving the employee fill a form and give his/her next of kin. You will give the immediate family member name. After the death of an individual the APGLI officials will give the full sum and bonus for up to the date of death. The appointed heir will receive and sign up of the amount they received.

When your fist deductions happen especially for new worker. You fill a proposal form and be fully sign by and approved by the head of office for procurement of APGLI policy. This is for formality and assurance that you get your claims after the said age. You will receive subsequent polices once they give the proposal forms. If the employees doesn’t submit the proposal form which is approved by the DDO the premium they save will be considered as illegal money and won’t get any risk insurance in case of anything.

The money will not gain any interest or bonus. It’s up to the employee to fill and submit the right documents to fully receive the insurance fund. If it happens you get employed at the age of 53, you can’t take the APGLI policy. Note any proposal submitted at the age of 53 years will not be eligible too. They are considered null and void. It’s advisable for anyone working for the state to take their proposals earlier to avoid last minute rush and to also gain full benefits of the APGLI policy.

For more information visit the APGLI portal for fast reliable services: http://www.apgli.ap.gov.in/

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