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Instructions on how to know Banglarbhumi Khatian Plot information, Banglarbhumi Land Records or WB land record, RS-LR plot, Land Conversion, Land Classification, Mutation Application Status etc at……
Strange name it seems. What is Banglarbhumi? This is the most prioritized website in the whole of West Bengal. The people here value the Banglarbhumi website for the great features it offers when it comes land issues. More on West Bengal it’s the only state in India with highest population and first to initiated matters on land reforms.

This website was launched in the year 2010 and has been in existence up to date. Being a state with so many people matters on land reforms become hard to solve. They had to look for a way to keep the records straight and this was by introducing the Banglarbhumi website. It collects data on the land and land owners. Anyone looking for important information on land should follow the main website.

The best thing you can access it through devices like Android, PC, mobile and all other devices. This web page is so easy you don’t need any vast knowledge on computer or electronic devices.

How to check Banglarbhumi Khatian and Plot information (Banglarbhumi Land Records) at

To get full information about Banglarbhumi Khatian you need to visit the website and follow the simple steps. or

Banglarbhumi Khatian

  • Click on the website to open a page where you select Menu on the left side of screen.
  • On the sub-menu select “Know your Property”.
  • New page will appear and bring Banglarbhumi Khatian and plot information.
  • Here you choose your district name from the list provided.
  • Choose your block name, name of your mouza from the same list.
  • After this a page showing two options they are Khatian number and Plot number
  • Choose what you prefer and enter the number and submit the information.
  • All the data will appear as you requested.

How to check Banglarbhumi RS-LR plot information at

RS – Revisional settlement
LR – Land reforms

Land owners might want to get much information about their plots, they don’t have to visit lands office. Use the official web portal

Banglarbhumi RS LR Plot Information

  • Navigate to the official web page:
  • Here so many tabs will appear you have to choose the right. This tabs are as follows, home, about us, DLRS or citizen services button.
  • Click on DLRS/citizen service tab.
  • You will see Banglarbhumi RS-LR plot information.
  • You will also find data like district, Mouza and block. Choose from this list and fill your district, mouza and block.
  • Two options will pop up Sabek dag> hal dag (LR plot number) and Hal dag>sabek dag (RS plot number)
  • You have to choose one of the option which you wanted to check.
  • Then submit the request you will get all the information need. You can a copy print for future references.

It is very simple process and can do it at the comfort of your house.

How to check Banglarbhumi land classification on this website

Classification is the value of your land. The land owners need to know how worth is their land. They only visit the website and look at the citizen service option.

  • Visit the official web page to access this service.
  • Select the citizen service portal on the menu.
  • A page will be displayed select land classification.
  • You have to select your district, block name and mouza.
  • The page will bring forth the land code and the property and classification of land.

What is Mutation? This the transferring of ownership of land to another person after selling to them the piece of land. Mutation also can refer to any other property not just land from one person to another. All this transaction need proper recording and change of names to the new owners. Mutation is the process where people change ownership when a property is sold or even transferred from one person to another. When land is mutated, this means that the new owner will get the area changed to his or her name in the land and revenue department.

The revenue department in West Bengal will charge the new owner property tax. Anyone buying land in this state should first know the property tax of the land. However the property is different from one state to another. For more information visit the website. Citizens can now check the mutation cases status of any mutation case on the Banglarbhumi website following these simple steps;

How to check Banglarbhumi Mutation Status at

  • Visit the Main Homepage and login from there:
  • Go to the citizen tab on the menu bar.
  • On the submenu choose Banglarbhumi Mutation case status.
  • Two options will show: Mutation case wise search and deed wise search.

Banglarbhumi Mutation

  • You need to know the information of your district, block and mouza, case number.
  • Fill all this information on their rightful place and submit.
  • The information about mutation will be displayed and can check the property tax.
  • Deed wise search -you require deed number and deed year then fill all the other fields and submit.
  • The information will be displayed on the screen.

How to know about Banglarbhumi plot information at

  • Visit the Main web portal:
  • Select menu on top of the page.
  • Select know your property.
  • A new page showing plot information will appear.
  • Click on the district name and mouza and block name from the menu.
  • Select plot information and enter the plot number.
  • Submit the information by pressing ok. A page will show up with all information.

Restriction on registration

The West Bengal state government is very strict and they introduced the new ROR production. You have to own this document as a land owner. This is to curb fraud on land case, people buying land with fake documents. It was established in the year 2013 after 3 years of existence. Steps to follow:

  • Navigate to the Main Website page
  • Go to menu bar and pick know your property.
  • It will take to the Khatian page, choose must see page press on the tab.
  • The data will appear on this page.
  • Key in the district name, mouza and block name.
  • Here you will need a ROR production while you are registering the land details.
  • Key in the plot number and submit.

The information will be displayed on the page. In case the data is not present or processed a notification will appear as follows: record not found.

GRN search
For any transaction done and registering you need a GRN search? Also for the taxes and non-taxes you will use the GRN status. To make any payments in West Bengal you need to use the internet. You can check if your payment are going through or not by:

  • Clicking the mutation case process
  • Click on application: Banglarbhumi GRN search.
  • Verify the status of the payment.
  • You might get unsuccessful message and the money not yet refunded.
  • Register the case and you will get feedback as soon as possible.

Online services application on website
The website has a lot to offer to the citizens. They can register claims and also ask different question concerning their land reforms. This website helps both buyer and seller they can check and their issues address at the same time.

The service delivery tab under the menu has five options which include; ROR request which helps one calculate the ROR fees, plot information request where you get all the information about plot fees, plot map request where you can calculate the cost of plot maps, request GRN search and application/receipt reprint for reprinting your application receipt. These services are provided in the Banglarbhumi website and citizens can easily access them.

Services offered by the website

  1. Khatian property
  2. Plot information.
  3. RS-LS information.
  4. Mutation case status.
  5. Conversion application
  6. GRN application.

This are part of what you get from the website. All land owners and those willing to buy will be guided here. For more information visit

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