Uttar Pradesh UP Bhulekh Kharsa Khatauni Nakal Land Record Details at upbhulekh.gov.in (उत्तर प्रदेश यूपी भुलेख खसरा खतौनी नकल भूमि रिकॉर्ड)

Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh or UP Bhulekh Kharsa Khatauni Nakal Land Record Details and उत्तर प्रदेश यूपी भुलेख खसरा खतौनी नकल भूमि रिकॉर्ड at upbhulekh.gov.in….
Indian country is really going digital on most of the activities like the land records, voting and various projects. This is making life easy for the citizen as whole. In the basic knowledge of the Indian country, it is divided in to many self-established states. Most of them following the tracks of the bigger country and adopting to the new technologies.

In this article we discuss on the Uttar Pradesh state, which is the most popular state in the Indian country. This is counted as the fourth largest state of India, and is located on the north-central part of the country. The UP government has gone further in introducing an online portal which caters for the land owners and farmers.

They provide the UP Bhulekh Land Records Khata Khatoni through a website by the name: UP Bhulekh this where you get the records like name of the district, city, status of the land etc. This has been taken well by the citizens for online need to check the details at the comfort of their house.

They website has records for all the 36 districts and get all the information from the Uttar Pradesh government about land. This is also known as the right to information/ records (ROR). The system was established by the National Informatics Center in the year 2016 May and has been in use up to date. Most UP citizens benefit from the website before buying or selling their lands. They get the proper records by from the government using the website.

upbhulekh.gov.in website

Benefits of the UP Bhulekh website

  • The citizens can check the land records without visiting the land offices.
  • Time saving website where the citizens don’t have to make long queues.
  • The records are safe since they can’t be misplace either by the government officials or the owner.
  • The website is accessible to all the citizen of all ages and they can get their request with seconds.
  • There no cases of corruption since you check the records from your device.
  • No missing land records.
  • Citizens can trace records of the early years.
  • If a transfer happen the recording of the new and former owner are kept safe.
  • The government can tract the land which is under different activities.
  • The land owners can check their land status online.
  • They can record the land under agriculture and the water supply.
  • The government can trace which land is faced with natural calamity.

How to check Uttar Pradesh UP Bhulekh Kharsa khatauni Nakal उत्तर प्रदेश यूपी भुलेख खसरा खतौनी नकल at upbhulekh.gov.in

  • Navigate to the Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh web page: http://upbhulekh.gov.in/
  • The home page will open click on the given link in Hindi.
  • Fill in the Captcha code provided then proceed.
  • When the new page open you will see three opens: District name, Tehsil name and Village.
  • Choose the tab which is appropriate for you search and click on it.
  • The details will be displayed on the screen.

Verification process of the UP Kharsa/ Khatauni Nakal

There two different ways to check the verification of the Nakal. Offline method and Online method.

Offline method

  1. Go to the nearest Jan suvidha or the nearest land record center.
  2. Pay for the verified copy of the Nakal RS 30.
  3. You will get the official record.

Online method

  1. Go to the official website http://upbhulekh.gov.in/
  2. There will be a registration process which need to be completed. Now login.
  3. Here you need to give an application number enter the details.
  4. In few minutes you get the verified copy of Nakal.
  5. You have the choice to print the copy and keep for future reference.

How to check the Uttar Pradesh UP Village Khatauni यूपी गांव खतौनी in upbhulekh.gov.in

  • You can check the UP Village Khatauni with code or name using the Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh main web portal. Procedure are as follows…
  • Go to the main Homepage: http://upbhulekh.gov.in
  • When the page opens there will options of the land Tehsil, name, code and district name. Click any of the details they will be either in Hindi or English then submit.
  • The village Khatauni will be displayed.

Uttar Pradesh UP Naksha Map record Khatauni online verification यूपी नक्षा मानचित्र रिकॉर्ड खतौनी ऑनलाइन सत्यापन at upbhulekh.gov.in

The UP government introduced the new portal where you can check the map verification. The steps are easy as follows….

  • Please Open the Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh Homepage: http://upbhulekh.gov.in/
  • When the page opens you will be lead to the blue print of the village map.
  • Choose the village name and the Tehsil and all the required details.
  • Now the system will go through the information and also provide the map.
  • Continue after this step and click on the Map report.
  • The map data will be displayed on the map with yellow line print or download the details.

Simple procedure to Know the Uttar Pradesh Land Property Owner in upbhulekh.gov.in website

  • Navigate the official website and click on the link: http://upbhulekh.gov.in/
  • On the left side there will an option for district name?
  • Select the district it will show a page with Tehsil name of the particular district you choose.
  • Pick on the Tehsil name and the Tehsil will bring forth the villages Tehsils.
  • Now click on the village name.
  • From here you have the option to select the land you are looking for using the Khata number, Khasra number and the name.

Know your ROR Unique code for the plots in upbhulekh.gov.in

  • Go to the official website page: http://upbhulekh.gov.in
  • It will display the public ROR unique code. Click on the code.
  • Select the district name, Tehsil name and the village came or code.
  • When all this is filled the website will bring a new page showing the land records number/Khasara.
  • After fill the number you will see the land owners list and the property plus the names. Here you will see the unique number for each land.

How to Check UP Bhulekh Plot Status यूपी भुलेख प्लॉट की स्थिति in upbhulekh.gov.in

  • Go to the official website page: http://upbhulekh.gov.in
  • On the page go to the public ROR search data wise.
  • Fill in the same details Tehsil name, district and village code.
  • Fill in your Khasra number of the property or the land.
  • Now select status button.
  • The information will be displayed on the screen.

How to get UP Bhulekh ROR for the land Khatauni at upbhulekh.gov.in

  • Go to the official website and click on the link: http://upbhulekh.gov.in/
  • Fill in the details given on the public ROR.
  • Enter the Captcha code.
  • Again like the previous procedure fill in the Tehsils, district and the village code.
  • The screen will show three options
  • Search for the Khasara / Gata
  • Search with the Khata
  • Search with Khata owner’s name.
  • Fill in the crop years from the current one.
  • Fill in the information about your property then proceed to click on view quote.
  • You will receive an account where you will receive all the details needed.

With current technology the Uttar Pradesh government has made sure all the details are found online. The citizens don’t have to visit the offices. If there question and enquires the website portal will cater and you will get the feedback as soon as possible. The help desk is always alert and ready to assist. Just visit the official website page http://upbhulekh.gov.in