Bihar Apna Khata Land Records Nakal Khatiyan portal or or – Search Bihar Apna Khata Land Records using Khata number, Khata owners name and Khasra number, Bihar Khatiyan, Nakal and Check the Bihar land mutation case by the petition number wise…..
Focusing on the state of Bihar which is unique for fact it takes up the eastern and northern part of the large Indian country. The state is the 13th state but has a large population to be classified on the third largest population wise. The state has a strong government which works in ensuring all the citizens are comfortable. This by introducing proper health, education and solving issues of land as the state has a lot of inhabitants.

The government of Bihar with the help of the land ministry have go digital and introduced the Bihar Apna Khata Land Record portal. or is the new and latest site for the citizens to follow their records. The government has made efforts to ensure the service reaches as many people as possible. Out of the 38 district in the state 19 are receiving this fine service.

The process is under the National Land Records Modernisation Program (NLRMP). They have launched the program at some districts like: Patna, Madhubani, Muzzarffarpur, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Jehanabad, West Champaran and Jamul

This are just a few to mention, positive report of the new site and how much the citizens find it easy. With few months to come the government and the concern bodies will ensure all the 38 districts have service online.
Biharbhumi Official Web page

Process of getting the Bihar Land Records or Bihar Apna Khata Land Records from website

Since the system is very new most citizens still have the question on how to check their Bihar Land Records: Use the Khata number, Khata owners name and Khasra number. Procedure are as follows….

  • Navigate to the official website:
  • The home page will open with some details on the menu bar.
  • Please select the Apna Khata Dekhen on the menu.
  • A page will pop up showing the Bihar map now select the link give:
  • The information about the land records will show from the link.
  • Now choose the district from the map showing on the screen.
  • After the selection the map of the selected district will open for you to derive more information.
  • On the map you will get the Tehsil name click on it and in seconds it will open on a new page.
  • See on the left side of the opened page the Mauza name. Type the first letter of the Mauza name.
  • Remember you can check using the: Khata name, Khasara number, Khata number, Khasra number and Khata owner name.
  • Pick any of the above and go to the Khata box.
  • Now choose the information you need for your Khata.
  • The site provides an option of downloading the information get a copy for future reference.

What are the functions of the Bihar Revenue Land Reforms?

The land department of Bihar has a lot and takes duties in various sector both for the government and citizens.

  • Maintaining and updating all the land records either manually or online.
  • Keep details of the public land and how it will be used.
  • About leasing of government land.
  • Giving of government land to other departments in the government.
  • Know what kind of uses or projects will take place in different lands.
  • They manage and control the natural resources.
  • They take the land tax
  • The do survey for land demarcation.
  • They assist the citizens acquire the right documents.
  • Check on lands with disputes.

How to check Bihar Khatiyan and duplicate copy of Nakal in or

The citizens who need a duplicate copy or a Bihar Khatiyan can do it offline by going land offices. Follow the steps below.

  • The land owner will go to the district offices or the local land center and search for the record details.
  • The officers will request you to write an application on a paper. Here you give the reasons for taking the Khatian copy.
  • You will get this copy from the counter at the local language which you understand best.
  • After receiving the form go to the nearest court and get a stamp for RS 5.
  • Note the stamps should be red get an extra copy for reference.
  • Now the land offices will start the process which take up one working day.
  • After this go to the offices with Rs.4/- for the stamps which will on the duplicated form.
  • Give your Thana Khata and the plot number/Khasra number.
  • After this provide the Mouza data.
  • The information will be given in full. You can also check the through an SMS.
  • 8292165156 is the number to use and the information will be sent on your registered number.

Note the duplicate copy is for personal use only.

How to search for Bihar land mutation case by the petition number wise at

  • Visit the official website:
  • When the page opens fill in the required details: Nature of the case, Searching by, Search text and Year
  • After this press the search option.
  • The case details will be sent on screen you need to take a copy for future reference.
  • You can check the mutation case status by: Petitioner name, Respondent name, Petitioner advocates name, Respondent advocates name and the year of petition.

With the above details all the citizens owning land can check their land details online. The Bihar government has also assured the citizens can send their complaints on the same site. However the districts without the services can visit the land reforms center for their issues to be addressed. For more information visit the official website: