Failed to Establish Connection to the Server Kindly restart the Emsigner GST for Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer Solution

Permanent solution for Failed to establish connection to the server error Kindly restart Emsigner GST fix via ip address for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) Browsers using …..
India is taking a new shape in the digital world. Everything is moving from manual to digital, especially the Government has really embraced technology. All the services in the Indian government can be access online or digitalised with different websites provided.

This has eased the burden to all the state citizens’ and the state government since the services are fast and accurate. Moreover this has trickled down to filling their returns, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) is among the digitalized schemes in India. This has become very easy for the service delivery. Any individual who wants to use the service has to register under the GST.

What is “Failed to establish connection to the server error Kindly restart Emsigner?”

This the question everyone is asking, most people have difficulties going about this error. Here we will get the meaning of error and the solution. So Failed to establish connection to server error is a mechanical fault. It only happens when the emsigner service doesn’t connect to the domain management server. It doesn’t verify you details for GST in the DSC.

Failed to establish connection to the server. Kindly restart the Emsigner follow this link:
This becoming the huge problem with the Tax payers as they get the “failed to connect to server, kindly restart the Emsigner”. The process is very easy but hectic when this shows up on your screen. What irritating about this pop up is that it keeps appearing even after you register the GST. You need a digital signature certificate DSC which is the new replacement of the manual signature.

The whole of this registering process is done the platform well known as Emsigner. This platform takes different version example version 2.6 which can be found at the GST portal. Here where the error occurs every time you try to login or use the portal.

Failed to Establish Connection to the Server

How to fix “Failed to establish connection to the server”

Here we have few steps to fix this problem, every step is mandatory. The browser you are going to use should be updated to the latest version. You should plug in a USB to a registered DSC, now restart your Emsigner.

Solution for Firefox browsers using IP address

  • Open the page and select options.
  • Select security. It’s located on the left side of the screen.
  • Go to the exception on the same page.
  • Enter the IP address:
  • Select the save changes tab.
  • Close the browser and Emsigner the reboot your device. When you restart use the run as the admin.
  • Re-check all the details, since if all the details are followed you get to your GST account.
  • Try to login to your GST portal now after the process.

Solution for the google chrome browser using IP address

First restart your Emsigner to continue with following steps below.

  • Now visit the setting and select open.
  • On the left side of the page select security.
  • Pick on exceptions the click on:
  • That the latest version now change the status to allow.
  • Close the browser and Emsigner the reboot the whole devices.
  • When you open use the run as the admin.
  • Re-check all the details correctly.
  • Now you can login to the GST portal.

Failed to establish connection to the server. Kindly restart Emsigner solution for Firefox

  • Go to the Mozilla Firefox Browser and open the page.
  • On the right side of the screen click “options”
  • The select security on the left side of the same page.
  • Select exceptions which is under the name general.
  • A box will appear on the page enter the address:
  • Select the allow button plus save the changes.
  • Close the browser and the Emsigner the reboot the device.
  • Use run as the administrator.
  • Now visit the portal Emsigner and and you won’t note the error again.

How to solve the problem generally for all the devices
Windows administrator: open your PC and go straight to the windows. Login using the administrator account. Note this has to be administrator account. In our PCs we have two accounts and one of them is not supported by the GST system. This are the admin account and the administrator account. I will help get the administrator account by following this few steps.

  1. Visit the all programs on your computer.
  2. Right click on the “my computer option”.
  3. Now go to “manage”. Here you will see a new page with “computer management”.
  4. Go to the computer tools and look for local users and group.
  5. Take the local user option, on the right side of the screen you will get Administrator.
  6. Now log out of the check box and you will get a message account disabled.
  7. The Administrator account becomes active and you can use it by first logging out of the other accounts.
  8. Login with the Administrator account and solve the GST mystery.

Install Emsigner 2.6

Now that you have log in to the administrator account, install the latest version of the Emsigner version 2.6.

Navigate to the goods and services Tax (GST) website.

  • Go to the menu bar of the windows on your PC.
  • Look for Emsigner on the programs.
  • Now run the Emsigner GSTN program.
  • To ensure the program is running.
  • Go to the right end of the menu bar get the emsigner with is written with small letters.
  • Select the emsigner and you will get a message “congrats emsigner services started successfully.

Your google chrome browser
Now allow the local IP address on the chrome browser.

  1. Visit the setting on the browser page.
  2. On the menu bar you will find advance tab.
  3. Here there are the privacy and security
  4. Go to the content settings and select Java script.
  5. Now allow add button then enter this link:

You can do it without using the long way. Use the following step to get the Java script option.

  1. Copy and paste the link: on the chrome browser.
  2. Follow this example: chrome: //settings/content/JavaScript.
  3. Now put the IP address by selecting add new box then key in the official link.

Netsh code in the command prompt box

Now run a command on your prompt box on the windows. Some have difficulties landing in the command box. Go to windows start the menu bar and then type cmd, a box black in color will appear on the screen. On the box paste the following.

Nestsh interface port proxy add v4tov4 listen port=1645 listen address= connect port=1585 connect address=

Restart the Emsigner

After going through the above steps now you need to restart your emsigner GSTN. Remember it was still running at the background. Click on the emsigner then press on the stop button. Let it cool for some few seconds then open the emsigner and go to the menu where the programs are located. A message of success will be send on your device.
This is a process for all the devices you can try several times on different gargets. Note if any mistakes is left the process won’t be successful. You need to fill the numbers properly. For more information you can check the

It is a simple process which needs patience and concentration to work. You can also do it at peak hours when the systems are working and not overloaded.