Singpass Login Registration, Application Status, Reset Singpass Password, 2FA Password Reset at

Singpass Login Registration, Application Status, Reset Singpass Password, Setup 2Fa, Reset 2FA Password at website….
What comes in your mind when you hear of Singpass? A lot I bet, It is a personal and secretive password or access. It is also referred to common password which works on government agencies. However Sing Pass helps the user’s access over 60 government agencies, it is used through the online system. Sing Pass is under the government technology agency (GovTech) and was officially launch on March 2003 in Singapore.

This system is very sensitive and is always reviewed time-to-time. The Singpass ensures proper security to satisfy all the users. The systems has nice features to suit all the users and stable security which is upgraded often. All users need to remember their password to access and transact with the government agency.

Who can access the system?
Sing Pass can has an age limit of 15 years below this one can’t get any services from Sing Pass. There are several groups of people who can transact and connect to the government agency.

  • The citizens and permanent individuals.
  • Authorized employment holders.
  • Entre pass holders.
  • S-pass holders.
  • Independent pass holders.
  • Long term visit pass-plus.
  • Selected individuals with work permit and will require.

How can I apply for this?
There two different ways to apply for this system.

  1. Offline application.
  2. Online application.

Offline application

  • Go to their counter. There are more than 45 counters look for the one near you.
  • Carry your personal credentials for them to guide and fill them manually.
  • You can also call the helpdesk officers on +6566430555.
  • Make an E-mail at

Singpass Online application registration

  1. Navigate o their official website
  2. Click on the register tab.
  3. Fill in all your particulars.
  4. Recheck the information you provided.
  5. Then submit after completing the process.
  6. A password will be sent in your E-mail after 4 working days.

Purposes of the Sing Pass
It has various used which are important to the users.

  • Viewing your CPF. (central provident fund)
  • View statement of your account.
  • Register a new company.
  • Renew driving licenses and parking.

About 2FA / 2 step verification
This an additional feature on your Pass. It better protection to your personal and most sensitive information. Example the CPF statement, IRA’s tax filling and other government related issues. To have this 2FA you need to key in an OPT which is sent through your registered Singapore number.

Some of the citizens might be out/ overseas and also require the 2FA verification. Just follow the steps below for guidance.

  • Navigate to your Singpass account.
  • Select setup 2fa step verification on the quick link section. Select verification by one key token.
  • Your address will be displayed on the screen. Check and confirm.
  • Now wait for 7 -10 days to receive a pin mailer, follow the instruction to activate the account.
  • If you don’t get or happen to loss you pin , request for a new one on:
  • When you get your pin mailer password. Get to the official website
  • Using your ID and password which is on your pin mailer.
  • Reset your password before using your Sing Pass.

How to register or Setup 2FA as a singpass holder at

As we mentioned earlier you need a Setup 2FA for your personal data transfer you get the 2FA through the official website. Follow the guidelines and receive your 2FA on your device.

  • Follow the official URL:
  • Select the one key button or SMS OTP.
  • Click n registration tab on the screen.
  • Next you can choose between, NRIC OR fin options.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions before going further.
  • Key in your NRIC particulars the press next to proceed.
  • Select SMS opt as the method you want to continue with in choosing 2FA.
  • Enter your personal details on the space given.
  • Recheck the details and correct the mistakes by pressing back. Then submit the particulars.
  • You will receive a success message, select print and get your copy.
  • Press close to leave the page. You will receive the one key token in three days’ time and pin mailer password in five days.

Documents required to apply Sing Pass online

  1. NRIC
  2. Singapore passport.
  3. Singapore driving license.
  4. The national service identity.
  5. Passport with re-entry permit.
  6. Employment pass.

Benefits of Sing Pass system

  1. The system works for both individuals and companies.
  2. One Singpass Id can be used to transact many government agencies. For both individuals and companies without the need of multiple passwords.
  3. You can use it on various government agencies like: accounting and corporate regulatory authority, building and construction authority.
  4. It is very secure to all the user without fear of information leakage.

Forgot Singpass login ID or Singpass Username

  • Your NRIC or FIN is the legal Singpass login ID. For permanent residence they also us the fin number as the Singpass ID.
  • Those holding the employment pass use their foreign identification number (FIN) as your ID.

Forgot Singpass ID

Get your login id by:

  • Visiting the website
  • Select get Sing Pass ID tab.
  • You will be directed to a new page.
  • Fill in all the details required.
  • The data you entered will be verified and if correct you will receive a new log in ID.
  • You will receive the pin on your registered mobile number.

Forgot Singpass password and Reset Singpass Login Password at

Offline reset

  1. Visit the nearest counter near you.
  2. Request for a change or new password.
  3. You need identification document to act as proof.
  4. Your details will be verified and they are correct you will get a new password from the counter.

Procedure for Online reset Singpass Login Password at website

  • Navigate to official web page URL:
  • Select on the change my password tab.

reset singpass password

  • An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile phone.
  • Enter it on the option given it will be authenticated, enter you’re your new password.
  • You can get it on your registered e-mail address within 4 working days.
  • Note this OTP is only varied for 2 minutes only use it before the expiry time. If not you have to repeat the process all over again.

To reset 2FA password

  • Visit the official website portal:
  • Select menu and on the submenu select reset password.
  • It is found on the service button.
  • Enter all your information correctly and the recheck the information.
  • An OTP will be send on your registered mobile number. Use it to set a new password.
  • Key in your password then repeat the password.
  • Once it’s verified you can continue using the services.

Remember the password should be:

  1. 8-24 characters.
  2. It should entails capital letters, numbers and special characters.
  3. The new password can’t resemble the first 5 passwords.
  4. It should not be the same with your login Id.
  5. Not from your year of birth or birthdays it should be hard to guess.

How do I check my Singpass application status at

This a concern for many users but it’s very easy to get it online.

  • Visit the official web portal
  • Select the check status application.
  • Enter the reference Id which you received from the confirmation letter, after you sign in for Singpass account.
  • Key in the date of request.
  • You will receive the information on the screen.

For more information and inquiries visit the official website page:

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