FRP Bypass APK with or without OTG Cable – Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix

Factory Reset Protection Bypass APK Procedure for FRP Bypass with or without OTG Cable and Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Fix for for all Android devices example Samsung…..
Commonly known as FRP meaning Factory Reset Protection, is a feature introduced by google. It’s used to protect all the Android devices from illegal access if the phone is lost. Not only that if anyone does factory set up on your device without your knowledge. You don’t need a phone specialist to check your device. This new technology was established after the release of the Android 5.0 Lollipop in the year 2004.

Google has been very keen on user’s security and ensure every loop hole is covered. Many almost all the smartphone users have embrace this technology. They have install all possible features of the FRP Bypass APK. Anyone with ill intentions with your Android device need the google account ID or password to access it. If you have already install this protective app, the thief or person can’t use your device.

However as you do your settings you have to remember the password and all details you give. They are procedures of when you forget password but always advisable to remember. This hit hard those who forget or buy second-hand phones.

Google had to introduce another feature to solve cases of forgotten password and google accounts. The FRP Bypass apk, it deactivates and unlocks the passwords installed on android devices. Many people can’t recall their accounts and the credentials they filled in when applying. Now you don’t have to worry FRP Bypass apk will help if you follow this simple steps. There two different methods and both work well on unlocking the devices.


  1. USB drive.
  2. PC
  3. OTG drive

How to Bypass FRP Lock with FRP bypass App with OTG cable

  • Download the FRP Bypass apk file. Transfer the file to your USB drive.
  • Place the USB to your device and then connect to the OTG (On the GO).
  • Turn on your device, on your screen you will see Google Verification.

FRP lock fix with FRP bypass App with OTG cable

  • Now connect the OTG to your android device on the other side.

FRP bypass lock with FRP bypass App with OTG cable 2

  • At this point you can access your file explore. Now install the FRP bypass application on your mobile device.

FRP lock with FRP bypass App with OTG cable 3

  • Click and select the app and then install. Note the installation might be block if your device doesn’t take unknown devices.
  • Visit your settings and then enable all unknown devices.

FRP bypass lock fix App with OTG cable 4

  • Now that you enabled all devices the FRP BypassApk, the whole process will be complete.
  • Click on the open button.

FRP bypass lock with OTG cable

  • A new page will appear and the above process will automatically bring setting of your device.
  • Carefully Factory Reset your smartphone, it will remove the synced google account completely. You can now access with your new google account.

FRP bypass App lock fix with OTG

This process doesn’t take long to install, once you follow the procedure above it’s easy to bypass the factory reset protection.

FRP Bypass without OTG cable

We have seen earlier how easy the bypass google FRP with OTG cable. However you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the cable. There alternative ways, you need WI-FI internet and you are go.

  • Open your device and connect to WI-FI. Follow the simple steps as follows

FRP Bypass without OTG cable

  • After this the FRP bypass will open click on the settings.

FRP Bypass APK lock without OTG cable

  • On the screen displayed press the menu button. A help and feedback tab will appear click on it.
  • Click on search tab which will show on the screen. Type your request or something on the share.

FRP Bypass APK without OTG cable

  • Select messaging then new message.

FRP Bypass Lock Fix without OTG

  • Select any number then click on the contact icon.

FRP Bypass APK Lock Fix without On the Go

  • Select a call button the dialing pad will appear on the click on it the pause the call to remain on hold.
  • As the call remains on hold, click on the add the dialer and type *#*#4636#*#*

FRP Bypass APK Lock Fix without OTG

  • On this page you will see the usage statistics click on that tab, next click on the back button.
  • A new page will appear and will lead you to the setting option.

FRP Bypass without OTG

  • Here you will find a backup button and reset tab.

FRP Bypass APK without OTG

  • Click on the tab and a drop down list will show. Select Factory data reset. Press the confirm tab.
  • The process will officially start and in a short will you are set.

This are the two methods for individuals with the OTG cable and those who do have. It’s simple but has to be followed strictly. Any skipping of the above process will not yield the results needed.

Custom Binary lock by FRP for Android devices example Samsung (FRP Lock Fix)

It’s always noted that when we root our Samsung devices an automatic process of Custom Binary Lock happens. This is taken as added security by the device, it’s a sure and safe lock for all Samsung users. When your phone is lost or stolen nobody can access it with your details. It curbs bad practices like theft or association crime scenes. The custom binary lock by FRP Lock Fix is immediately activated by default. You can’t go to the custom recovery settings on your Samsung or other android device.

Here we have few steps to follow:

  1. First download the app to your device via a link.
  2. Visit downloads, unzip the download file next install the app.
  3. Click on the home button, power and the volume button down simultaneously for few seconds.
  4. The software update will pop up on the screen.
  5. Open this tab and press then press volume up for a few seconds.
  6. Go to the app screen and look for Odin3 App. Now connect your mobile phone to your PC.
  7. Select all the file you had downloaded from your phone and press the start button.
  8. The device will upgrade the software, when it done remove it from the PC and quickly reboot.
  9. It will start installing wait for it to finish.
  10. Now the google factory reset protection is unlocked in case of a factory reset.

List of the top FRP Bypass Rools

With the new technology there are several FRP bypass tools you just have to choose the best for your device. They are free and working on all Android devices. Here we have the top best list of FRP bypass tools.

  1. Android lock screen Bypass tool
  2. Remote google bypass removal.
  3. FRP bypass solutions.
  4. Pangu FRP tools to bypass 2017.
  5. Google account /FRP bypass flashing app.
  6. FRP lock tool for google bypass software.
  7. Bypass FRP software tool GSM flasher.
  8. D&G password unlock tool.
  9. Samsung FRP helper.
  10. FRP bypass apk downloading for Android.

The best ways for FRP bypass google factory reset protection

  • TCP terminal method.
  • The flash method.
  • Side sync method.
  • Odin method.
  • Shortcut maker method.
  • Account login to a safe bypass FRP lock method

Commonly or Frequently Asked Questions (CAQ / FAQ)
Sometimes reading and following the guidelines it’s never enough. You need some question to be answered in the simplest ways possible.

  1. How safe is the FRP bypass apk, can I use it? Due to the many and fake tools in the internet most users have lost faith in this tools. However we assure you that FRP Bypass tool is safe and can be used for any android devices. Most of the fake tools can’t work on Android and hence bring more damage.
  2. Can the FRP bypass apk work on low –end android devices? Good question, the tool works for both high and low android versions, as long it an android device you don’t have to worry.
  3. Is the FRP bypass apk free as they say? Then they are right, FRP bypass apk is free to download, no charges at all and following the above steps you are good to go.

Coming to a conclusion I believe you can now download and use the FRP bypass apk and also the FRP. It might seem difficult at first but you get used to it once you follow the steps. It will come with benefits of people not tempering with your device. you will be sure of a safe to use tool.

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