How to pay Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle due e challan Status

Pay Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle echallan / due amount Online and how to track MTP Vehicle e challan Status at and….
Call it Bombay as formally known and famous city for the financial stands. The city takes the highest population of the Indian country. Mumbai has the best historical features thus attracting many tourists and local citizens. It is the capital city of Maharashtra a state in India. This is the Mumbai Traffic Police official website to know echallan status

The city hosts the wealthiest people in Indian, technology and growth is not much of an issue. The city has developed in all aspect starting from education to business and in general the city’s economic status.

There has been many changes to try and suit the livelihood of the city. The Maharashtra state government is working to ensure the lives of the citizens has been made easier. They have introduced different websites to help ease the government services to the people.

Taken as the highly populated city in the state, one can only image the congestion and hassles on the roads. The traffic police have to work extra hand to curb the traffic on the road especially in Mumbai. With this most people take advantage of the situation and break all the traffic rules. Here you find vehicle overtaking, parking at the wrong joints plus driving while the light are indicating otherwise.

What a hassle for the traffic police? This has made the government come up with different plans on how to deal with the offences. Over the year they have tried adding more traffic police on all roads to no avail. It well known the issuing of challans to drives who committee a traffic offence.

However this has not worked well for the Mumbai traffic police. Most of the drives get away without paying for the challan. It has been noted more than 80% don’t get the challans sent via post and thus pile up on the fines. Remember the government uses the fines to service the city’s needs and pay most of the government workers.
Although it’s not about the money but the safety on the roads. Keeping bad drivers on the roads will cause the Mumbai citizens and the whole state at large.

How to check MTP Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle e challan Status at

  • Navigate to the MTP (Mumbai Traffic Police) main website:
  • The homepage will appear and you have to fill either vehicle registration number or Driving License Number or Challan Number.
  • On the page will have a space for Captcha code enter it carefully?
  • Select the go tab then submit the information.
  • The system will process the information and display it on the screen.

MTP Vehicle echallan status at

How to pay Mumbai Traffic Police Vehicle e challan at /

Visit the official website page: or

  • The will open enter your vehicle’s number and don’t leave the zeros behind.
  • Now after filling the correct vehicle number enter your mobile number.
  • The system will send all the violations caused by the vehicle.
  • Select the view option and on the same page click on the pay now.
  • Now the fee will show the time and date including the location. The offence will also reflect on the page.
  • Pictures will be sent to as proof of the incident.
  • Select the pay now.
  • The system will ask for the license number (optional).
  • Read all the term and conditions of the Mumbai traffic rules.
  • You get the options of banks which support the system. Debit card/credit cards the bank list and also pay TM.
  • Pick one which suits you best, the system will send you a link to get the receipt. With this the process is done.

What has the government and traffic police department done to handle the situation?
The traffic police department with the whole government backing it up. Have come up with e-challan. A simple way and convenient for both police and the citizens. The drivers won’t give excuses of they don’t have change or ATMS. This is the problem solver.

Wondering what is E-challan?
Challan: this a formal and legal document recognized by the Indian government. It is used to indicate/proof that a payment has been done for either good or a service.

E-challan: It is a slight difference this also a legal document which is digitalized and only obtained online. The system is used to pay for services related to traffic offences. This is the new trend in the state in the Indian country. The government and all traffic departments have embraced this new idea. It will reduce the cases of traffic offences. The e-challans are saved on the government serves and they can be traced if one doesn’t pay.
The Mumbai drivers can check their challans online through the traffic police portal either or

Yes wondering how you receive an e-challan without the police stopping you? The system works in conjunction with camera which have installed on the roads. This cameras have been placed on unnoticeable joints thus capturing the activities on the road. This records are kept for future reference or if one wants to make a claim.

The driver receives the challan on his mobile phone with the need of an officer. You will get the kind of offence done and if you want to claim for the clip, visit the police station for video. This has helped reduce the crimes happening on the roads. Most drives are afraid to be caught and paying the fines. E-challan and the cameras are the only gargets which have worked best for all the states. One get their challan in seconds and has to pay before it adds more penalty.

Importance of the e-challan and the cameras on the road

  1. Saves time for the traffic police and drivers. They only need to pay without stopping or visiting the station
  2. No corruption cases.
  3. The CCTV cameras are genuine.
  4. The police can follow upon the paid and unpaid challan easily.
  5. Reduced offences on the roads.
  6. The Mumbai roads are much safer now.

Types of Challans
There are only two types and both work well for the service of the Mumbai citizens.

  1. Those produced by the cameras from the traffic police officers: This challan is done by the police themselves at the point they have placed the camera. They can be saved and view later. The police make situate the cameras at any point thus capturing the offences directly.
  2. Challans produces by the CCTV camera: This are the cameras placed on the roads and capture random pictures and videos. They are not controlled by anyone and are permanent. They produce an e-challan whenever an offence has occurred. This when you receive messages of the challan immediately on the mobile phone. The challans are produced automatically and can be printed.

What is included in a CCTV e-challan?

  • The time and date the offence happened.
  • The e-challan comes with the photos of the happening.
  • The challan has a duration of 15 days beyond this an addition amount of RS10 will add every day.
  • You get the link where you can get the e-challan and how to pay:

Note the system doesn’t show the receipt immediately but in few hours it will show. In conclusion the system will and has come to help the state and country. They will be reduction of silly accidents and violation making the roads safe. The government has also made a ruling of suspending licenses for the defaults. If caught often you have to hand over the license. Those not honoring the fines at the right time and leaving to accumulate will get harsh penalties. They traffic police department will go through thelist of defaults and send warning. But all in all the system has been taken well by the citizens and traffic officers.

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