NVSP.in Form 6 New Voter Enrollment, Voter ID Correction Application Status

National Voters Service Portal NVSP Form 6 New Voter Enrollment Registration at www.nvsp.in, Voter ID Correction, New Overseas Application and track Voter Card Application Status….
The Indian Country has really advanced in technology. They are leaving the old ways and embracing new era technologies. From the government and going down to the state citizens. With the past years the elections in the state are conducted manually and a lot of fraud cases arise every time.

Sometimes the Electoral Commission of India (ECI) was held up with a lot and a great number of voters couldn’t vote. This is due to lack of the voters ID or mistakes on the card. This brought great distress to the state government, leading to some actions being taken. For Andhra Pradesh Citizens Apply New / Correction Voter ID Card in Ceo Andhra.

The Indian government has come up with new National Voters Service Portal (NVSP). Yes a wonderful portal to give quality service to the citizens of India. It was officially launched by the former president Dr. Abdul Kalam. This was in the year 2015- 25th January, at the state holiday of National voter’s day.

The government wanted to bring together all voters and voting process under one body and website. Here they can supervise all the voters’ requirements. They have conjoined the ECI and the NVSP to get the best results we have today in the Indian states. You only need to visit the link: www.eci.nic.in , and there you find the NVSP link which is www.nvsp.in.

NVSP Voter Registration Form

Services available at the NVSP site
This website host a lot of services for the citizen, they are free to visit and see the kind of service they require.

  1. About new registration for voter ID.
  2. Name search in the electoral list.
  3. Applying for online correction or learning if your card is processed and when to correct it.
  4. You can see details of your polling station, both the assembly constituency and parliamentary constituency.
  5. Get to know about your officers the booth officer ERO and other levels.
  6. Place their Aadhaar card to get the EPIC data.
  7. Get education on the elections and how they are conducted.
  8. Checking the status of their Voters ID.
  9. Checking the voting dates.
  10. You have language option either English or Hindi

Note: From now onwards each and everyone who want to apply for Voter card those citizens must have to fill the NVSP Registration form. Signup is compulsory for every voter.

How to apply NVSP form 6 new voter ID card enrollment online at www.nvsp.in

This process is undertaken by the electoral commission of India. It registers the people who have reached the age of 18 years. They can register online or manually. There are several documents need to produce before you are NVSP new voter enrollment registered time. You can submit the documents to the booth officer but the simplest way is to submit online.

Documents needed to get the Voters ID

  1. First you have to be 18 years and above.
  2. Document to proof your age: birth certificate, the mark sheet of classes 5,8,10, Indian passport, PAN card, driving license, Aadhaar card.
  3. Document to proof your residence: Bank passbook / post-office passbook, ration card, driving license, water/gas telephone bill any of such document showing your address.
  4. Latest photo size passport.

Step by step process.

  • Navigate to the official web page: www.nvsp.in
  • The page will open and give options on the menu bar.
  • Choose the “Apply online For Registration of New voter.
  • The form 6 is opened and displayed on the screen.
  • Here you choose whether to fill the details offline or online.
  • The form 6 has various languages from English to region spoken languages. Choose your own region language.
  • Fill the details as follows: Your name, Fathers name, Age, Gender, District, Valid Email address, Mobile number, Mothers Name and Photo size passport.
  • Select the address from your permanent residence like city, district and pin code.
  • After filling all the documents you need to give documents of proof. The age and residence document. Either the birth certificate, mark sheet, post-office passbook etc.
  • Recheck all the documents and details before submitting. If you fill wrongly the voter ID will be generated with the mistake or be rejected.
  • Submit the document, the booth officer will visit to verify the details and after few days you can have your voter’s id.

NVSP form 6 for overseas new voter ID online application

The India government also caters for Indian citizen from other countries/ NRI Indian. They get to fill the form 6 and follow a simple procedure.

  • Visit the official web portal i.e https://nvsp.in/
  • The voter has to give the application of inclusion. Which is by giving the, name, district and state.
  • Now take the registration to the ERO.
  • Select new voter then fill the required details
  • A new form appears you have to fill: Your name, Fathers name, Age, Religion, Gender, District, Valid Email address and Valid Mobile number.
  • Now fill the passport details, this has to be accurate it will confirm your residence address in
  • Give the place of issue of the passport and the date it will expire.
  • If you happen to have a VISA you need to provide all details, the date of issue and expiry date. Remember all details should be accurate and corresponding to each other. Any mistake will lead to cancellation.
  • Here you have to give the description of why their details are absent on the ordinary resistance in India.
  • Give more details of whether you are a student or employee.
  • On the provide box still on the same page give details like: town, state and zip code.
  • Give all the required documents and passport photo.
  • Recheck and confirm the declaration form.
  • Note all details to be correct. Then submit the document.
  • The documents will be verified and after few days you can receive your voters ID.

How to Check new voter online application status at nvsp.in

  • Visit the official website: www.nsvp.in
  • On the menu bar select application status and click on it.
  • Now enter your reference id the click on the track status.
  • You will get a notification of successful process.
  • All the details of your status will be shown on the screen.
  • Reference number is a number issued to new voter when applying for the card.

Checking the Voter Card status without the reference number

  • Visit the electoral commission portal or the NVSP: https://nvsp.in/
  • A page will open, on the menu you will find two options. Search with details and Use the EPIC number.
  • If you pick search with details, enter the following details: Your name, Fathers name, Age, Gender, District, Valid Email address and Mobile number.
  • Note the details should match the ones you gave while applying for voter id. If you miss any the status won’t be shown.
  • If you choose the EPIC number.
  • Select and enter the EPIC number.
  • Choose your state.
  • Press the search button.
  • If the voters ID card is yet to be processed or is already out the status will show on the screen.

Offline method of checking the new voter status
If you can’t access internet or just want to follow the manual process you can check the status offline. Visit the local or nearest enrollment center or booth officer, take your reference id and give the officer in charge. He/she will check the voter id card status if the voter id is processed you can correct but is still in process you will get the details too.

How do I check NVSP Voter ID Card correction status in www.nvsp.in

  • If you have made correction on the ID you can check whether they have applied by following simple procedure.
  • Visit the official website: www.nvsp.in
  • Click on the ‘Track status’.
  • Here you should enter the correction reference ID, on the track status.
  • After that click on Search button. Application status will displayed on your Desktop.

The information will be displayed on the screen.