Rajasthan DDO Paymanager Employee Pay Slip / Salary bill at paymanager.raj.nic.in

Rajasthan DDO Employee Pay Bill / Salary bill at paymanager.raj.nic.in – Forgot Paymanager Login Password, Reset Paymanager Password Procedure, Paymanager Bank Registration….
The Financial Department under the state government of Rajasthan has introduced as salary slip download and a bill preparation portal. All the employees working for the Rajasthan government have full access of the website and can follow the procedure of their bill preparation. The online software is called the paymanager this a system which is used to prepare the employees’ salaries bills. Additionally the paymanager software deals with DA arrears, employees bonus and leave encashment bills.

PayManager is a web application that is specifically set aside to serve employees living in Rajasthan State. Through this website, the State Government of Rajasthan is able to prepare the bills of every employee while at the same time providing a normal stage for bill compensation. Apart from bill payment, the website also plays a key role when it comes to checking regular pay slips alongside IT articulations.

With the website the state employees can login and check for their pay slips and all the IT statements. The system is well framed and connected to the recognized banks for any transactions made. The banks and government treasury can use the website portal for official use. The website accommodates the DDO and they can login to access the FVC bills, salary bill, arrears, and all pay bill.

As a Rajasthan employee you don’t need to visit the HR offices to get you pay slip statements. The http://paymanager.raj.nic.in/ is an integrated software and free to all the state workers. It is a convenient way for the employees and government. The portal saves time and safe way to keep the employees documents. You can be sure of getting the correct statement any time you login.


Paymanager Rajasthan DDO and employee’s login process for salary pay bills

Here we will give a guidelines on how to signin into Paymanager Rajasthan Login. Procedure are as follows….

  • Please open the paymanager main URL: http://paymanager.raj.nic.in
  • When the home page open key in your username and password.
  • Then enter the Captcha code on the space provided.
  • Submit the information online. The salary bill will be displayed.

Paymanager bank registration process for e-payments
Navigate to the paymanager homepage link: http://paymanager.raj.nic.in/. On the home page you are required to fill the following information.

  • Give name of employee both the first and the last name.
  • Pick a username to login.
  • Select the user type either the bank or the treasury.
  • When you choose the bank give the code.
  • Fill in the complete address.
  • Enter your e-mail address and the registered phone number.
  • Now enter the password of your choice and confirm it.
  • Fill the captcha code provided then submit.
  • The registration process is done.

Forgot Paymanager Login Password and how to Reset Pay manager Password at paymanager.raj.nic.in

  • Logon into the direct URL: https://paymanager.raj.nic.in/webpage/forgotpassword.aspx
  • On the menu bar you will enter employee ID.
  • Followed by the bank account number.
  • Key in your DOB.
  • Enter the verified mobile number or Valid Cell Number.
  • Now submit the information above, the profile will show all the details and also your password.
  • You can change the password by re-entering the previous password the change to the new one.
  • Confirm it by re-entering it then submit.
  • The process is easy and be done through the official paymanager site

How I know the Rajasthan PayManager Employee Pay Bill / Salary bill at paymanager.raj.nic.in?

Any employee has a right to know his/her pay bill or salary bill. They can access the official website for the details. Here will go through the preparation of salary, processing the bills and about the employee’s details.

How do I add a dependent to my paymanager?

The process is easy and hassle free, the DDO is to give the information about the employee’s dependent. The pass the data to the treasury or the bank, the treasury will add the new dependent automatically.

Now you can add a dependent deduction

  • Go to the website: http://paymanager.raj.nic.in
  • Select dependent deduction.
  • Please key in your office id, state and the district selected.
  • Choose the bank account number.
  • Take the names of the dependent, give the order number and from the list give the employee name.
  • Now the DDO will take a step to add dependent deduction for employee.
  • The system will request for the amount.
  • Now submit the information will be displayed on the screen.
  • Note the process is the same for nominee in the pay manager portal.
  • The website has an option of suspending the employee’s salary or certain amount.
  • Go to the suspend details.
  • Give you name and other employee’s details.
  • Submit the information.
  • You can delete a dependent by just opening the official website: http://paymanager.raj.nic.in
  • Select the deduction in bulk.
  • Give the name of the dependent.
  • Submit the information and get the results.

How to Edit Employee Details on paymanager.raj.nic.in Website

Rajasthan employees can now edit their details without seeking the help of any third party. Any employee who wants to change their details will have to follow the guide given below.

  • Enter https://paymanager.raj.nic.in as the official link of PayManager Website.
  • You will be redirected to the homepage of PayManager from where you should click on “FOR DDO/Employee login” link.
  • Enter your Username and Password on the new page that will appear.
  • You will then have to enter the captcha image that appears in the box before clicking on “Login” button
  • Place your mouse cursor on “Member” tab before clicking on “Employees Details” from the dropdown box that will appear.
  • Next, fill in your personal details like Name, Parent’s name, Service category just to list but a few.
  • Finally, click on “Update” once you make the necessary changes to your employee details.

Bank Registration Service in https://paymanager.raj.nic.in Website

Rajasthan State Government Employees who want to register their bank online can perform this action from the comfort of their house. Below is a guide on how to perform bank registration in https://paymanager.raj.nic.in Website.

  • Enter https://paymanager.raj.nic.in on the search bar of your browser to access PayManager Website.
  • Click on “Bank Registration” option that is just below the login details.
  • You will be redirected to a new page on the site from where you should fill in your name i.e. First Name, Last Name and Username.
  • Select your User Type i.e. Treasury or Bank
  • Next, enter the Treasury/bank code and sub treasury code.
  • You will also have to fill in your contact details like Address, Email, Phone Number and Office name.
  • Enter your password in the box set aside for this detail.
  • A One Time Verification Pin (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP before finally clicking on “Verify” button.

For more information please select http://paymanager.raj.nic.in

<strong>How to generate Bill Preparation / Salary preparation / Salary Deduction at paymanager.raj.nic.in</strong>

  1. How to generate Bill preparation in paymanager.raj.nic.in?

    Visit the pay manager main web portal. First go to bill processing followed by the bill number allocation. When you click on the options select the bill number from the list provided. Now choose the type of bill from the menu drop down. Select the month and year of the bill. Select also the date and number of the bill. Choose the group name of the budget head. Submit the information. You can modify your bill by selecting bill modification. This from the bill allocation number on the same menu.

  2. How to generate Salary Preparation in Paymanager.raj.nic.in?

    Go to the official website: http://paymanager.raj.nic.in. On the menu bar go to bill processing. You will see salary preparation under the bill processing. Select add group allowances. Choose the group name. A list of allowances will show pick the type the formula, amount or the slab. Press the submit button to proceed.

  3. How to go for Salary Deduction in paymanager.raj.nic.in?

    Visit the website page: https://paymanager.raj.nic.in. On the menu again to bill processing. Select bill preparation. Choose the group deduction. Select the group name from a list on the menu bar. Then choose the deduction list and the type. Submit the details.

  4. How to go for Bulk allowances service in Rajasthan Pay Manager?

    Go to the official website: https://paymanager.raj.nic.in/. See the bill processing. Go to the salary preparation. After this select the bulk allowances. Give the name of the bill. The name of the allowance. Pick the employee from the list of employee. Select the submit button and get the information.

  1. How to go for Bulk deduction service in Rajasthan Paymanager website?

    On the same website go to the bill processing. Then the salary preparation. Go to add deduction, give the name of the bill. Select the name and types either formula, amount or slab. Choose employee from the list and submit the details.

  2. How to check Pay details in paymanager.raj.nic.in?

    First visit the main URL: https://paymanager.raj.nic.in/. Pick on bill preparation and salary preparation. Select the employee details. Choose the month and the year plus the group. The list of employee will be displayed. Choose the name, employee data. Then details will be displayed. The site gives the option of deleting or editing the allowances. Select the submit button.

  3. How to check the employee details in paymanager.raj.nic.in?

    Again use the Rajasthan DDO Web Portal: https://paymanager.raj.nic.in/. Go to employee pay bill. If it is partial payments click on it on. You can also add the LIC by select the LIC button. Submit the information to get the results you are looking for. An employee looking for loan details also need to go to the same website. Select the loan master. Give the names and the loan details then submit. For any dependent deduction select the option and the select the submit button.