How to Pay Karnataka BBMP Property Tax Online Payment Status at

Now Pay your Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike BBMP Property Tax Online or Karnataka Property Tax Online and also check the BBMP Property Tax payment status at…..
Tax is considered as the backbone of the Indian country. It acts as the revenue of government and pays the government employees. Majority of the country’s developments and projects all rely on the tax paid by the citizens.
Tax can be collected directly or indirect, mostly generated from income. The goods and services we buy have a tax rate attached to it and it pooled together to push the economy of the Indian country. The BBMP Property tax obtained are calculated yearly but they are collected monthly or daily. The government budgets on what to achieve by the end of financial year according to the taxes collected.

Taking an example of property tax which is governed by the local authority from the higher government. The property tax is paid by the owner either yearly or according to the authorities. It is classified on the real estate category. The government is well organized on matters of tax disbursement. The tax trickles down to local authorities who deal with developments and paying workers. Road maintenance, garbage collection and drainage are some of the projects taken and overseen using the tax paid by the citizen.

Which property is included for property tax? Residential and business building are part of the property tax. Shops and go-downs and vacant land also attract tax which is paid by the property holder. Paying tax may seem as bother considering it’s your property. But on the other side paying the tax at the right time benefits you as the Indian citizen. Individuals without property also play their part since tax is generated when they buy goods and services indirectly.

What new? In tax payment the Bangalore government has introduced a new system of payment. Direct cash no longer encouraged and the property owners are paying tax at: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

Payment of the BBMP property tax

  1. The tax year always begins at April and ends at March. You pay tax on 30th April of the financial year.
  2. If you pay your property tax within the given time and before the BBMP gives you 5% discount.
  3. Every delayed property tax has and interest attached to it of 2% and for the whole year the interest accumulated is 24%.
  4. You have the option of paying two times but there will be no interest gain or discount offered.

Details every tax payer should know before making the payments
When it comes to new tax payers you need to learn about your property. Don’t pay blindly learn about the tax and how to pay the value of your property?

  • Learn the value that your property holds.
  • Before paying know the type of your property: commercial, residential, godown etc.
  • Where is the property classified?
  • Give the dimension of your property.
  • The number of floors plus the basement.
  • The area your property has taken.

Ways of paying property tax
The government has given two legalized ways of paying property tax:

  1. Manual/ offline method
  2. online method

How to pay BBMP property tax or Karnataka Property Tax Online at

Online method

  • Go to the BBMP Main Website:
  • On the home page enter the SAS or PID number which are on the receipt of the last payment.
  • Click on the fetch option. The property information of the owner will show immediately.
  • Check if the details are correct if no changes then proceed to the next step. A form IV will be displayed on the next page.

BBMP Property Tax Payment

  • You might get property changes example the built up areas or other property purpose, status of occupancy.Go to the check box and the proceed form V will be brought forth. Now make changes of your property on this page after this press the proceed button.
  • The tax calculations will show according to the changes you have made and details modified.
  • The next page has information which is already filled. The check box on the page might not be marked this show that the page is non-editable. Read the information given then proceed.
  • At this point make your payments use the online systems or the challan which should be taken to the BBMP offices.
  • The online methods can be through credit/debit card net banking.
  • After the payment process the receipt will be generated and show the current payments. In some cases it might take 24 hours for the electric processed receipt. Get a print copy through the official link. This copy should be kept safe for future use.

Offline method
Individuals who want to use the offline method have to fill the form as per their property. Fill all the details correctly. Take the forms to the bank which have same deals with BBMP. You can also take the forms at the BBMP ARO and make the payments.

Types of forms which are important in paying tax

Form I: For property owners with the PID number. The number has the details of every property and where they are located.

Form II: This form is for owner without PID number but has the Khatha number. The Khatha is a number of the certificate for the properties has the full details about the property worth.

Form III: The form is used to pay property tax but the owner doesn’t have the PID or Khatha number.

Form IV: This form is used when there is no change made by the owner over the property. Changes can be in form of depreciation or appreciation of the property also the status of the property. The form is white in color.

Form V: This is a blue form which is used by property owners if a change occurs on the property. The owner might add new floor or change the status of the property.

Form VI: The form is used for property which is being removed from paying tax. However the property will have a service fee attached to it. The owner will use this form to make the payments.

How to Track BBMP property tax Payment Status at

  • First of all everybody must logon into this URL:
  • Then Press to open the “Payment Status”
  • It is directed to
  • Then Choose Either Application Number or Transaction Number or Challan Number
  • Type the Selected either Application Number etc.
  • Click on Retrive button.

BBMP property tax Payment Status

You will get the Payment Status details

How to calculate the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike BBMP Property tax

  • Take the built up area and the value of the unit area then the depreciation which will apply.
  • Multiply the built area and the unit area value multiply by 10 representing 10 months.
  • No take away the depreciation from the value in the above step. Here you will get the sum total of the whole year value.
  • Now take the total value earn annually and calculate 20% of it and get the property tax.
  • The property tax you got from the sum and calculate 24% to get the cess.
  • Add property and cess to get actual tax.
  • Remember if you pay tax before date 30 April 5% is given as discount.
  • Now take away 5% from the actual tax.
  • Property tax (k)=(g-I)*20%+cess(24% of property tax)

How to print Karnataka property tax at

  • Visit the BBMP Portal:
  • On the home page go to the menu select Print application.
  • Look for the assessment year on the drop down list.
  • Key in the application number.
  • Submit the details and wait.
  • Now click on the print application

How to print BBMP property tax challan or Bangalore Property Tax Challan Print at

  • Navigate to the homepage of BBMP website:
  • On the menu select print the challan.
  • Look for the assessment year.
  • Fill in the application number.
  • Submit the particulars.

BBMP property tax challan

Print out the Challan.

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