Indane Gas Booking Status using IVRS Number or Online at

Book the Indane Gas Online Refill Booking using IVRS and Indane Gas Booking Status using IVRS Numbers or Online at website…..
Indane Gas is one of the second largest and consumed gas in India. It is a liquefied petroleum product and produced by the oil corporation in the Indian country. The gas has been in use since the year 1964 and was embraced by a large population in the country. This has eased the hassle of using fuel like kerosene as the gas is affordable.

The Indane gas has more than 9100 distributors who deliver the gas cylinders to the client’s home. The Indane company distributor have advanced in technology and have new ways of distribution. They have open a new website portal which is very convenient to the users at You can book and learn the Indane Gas Booking status with the online system or the IVRS. Indane gas provide the best services to the client and ensure full satisfaction

Indane Gas Booking
Indane Gas Online Refill Booking


  • Gas refilling.
  • Delivery of gas cylinders.
  • Selling new cylinder.
  • Connection services.
  • Collection services.
  • Educating the users about the safety measures.

Thou being the second largest the Indane Company work and delivers quality. Their services are linked to the bank and all the payments done online are transacted online. The government recognizes the Indane gas company and has all the authority to from the state governance.

How to book Indane Gas Booking using IVRS or

  • First visit the Indane website portal:
  • On the home page enter your password and username.
  • After this login to the portal. New user also are considered and have to register to access the website.
  • On the menu choose the option of ‘New User’ and the search a distributor from the drop down list.
  • Now select the name of the distributor.
  • You need to select and enter the state and district you are leaving in.
  • Please enter your account number, submit the number for the Indane website to check and confirm your account.
  • Since you are new the account is not recognized by the system. You will receive a form to fill.
  • Enter your valid email address.
  • A new password with alpha-numeric.
  • Reconfirm the password and proceed.
  • Your mobile number and has to be registered and Right Your name.
  • Another email address in case the first one not working.
  • All the information will be checked by the website and if acceptable you will be registered.
  • The Indane registration process and the HP have few things in common.
  • Visit your email address and verification of the account still continues.
  • You will receive an email from the Indane distributors.
  • Click on the link and the activation process is complete.
  • To login and book the gas you will use the password and user name you entered while registering.

Booking process

  • Navigate to the official website portal:
  • Now pick on the distributor code number.
  • Enter the customer number which is also known as the consumer number.
  • Then key in your mobile number.
  • Recheck the information and then submit if correct.
  • Check for a code on the mobile number.

How to know Indane Gas Booking Status using IVRS

The users can check their Indane Gas Booking status using IVRS or online method. Here we will use the IVRS method and use the steps below.

  1. The state government or the Indane Company provides the users with the distributor’s numbers. They are from all over the Indian Country.
  2. Select one of the state and their mobile number.
  3. Select the language you understand best.
  4. Now give your customer number and confirm it.
  5. The IVRS system will verify the details and if correct the status will display on the screen.
  6. The Direct Link to know the Distributor Number:

How to get Indane LPG Gas new connection manually (Offline)

  • Go to Indane local distributor near you.
  • Carry with you identity proof and proof of your address or home place.
  • Register with the distributor.
  • Give a waiting check list number.
  • After all this you need a letter of intimation.

This process is hereby to suit families with no vast knowledge of internet and computers. Some citizens prefer the old way of getting the gas.

How to Book the Indane Gas Booking using IVRS mobile service

  • The first option is to select the language from the three options English, Local language and Hindi language.
  • Select using the numbers either 1, 2, 3.
  • Enter the distributor’s mobile number and the code.
  • Enter your consumer number.
  • You will receive options as follows: 1. Refilling and booking, 2. Complaint and 3. Inquiry.
  • Pick on the number 1 option. The Indane system will give an SMS of reference number on your mobile number.
  • The process is done and the system will request the number to be registered as personal number.

How to transfer connection from one distributor to another in the same area

Visit your distributor with a proof of address. You need to explain about your transfer and give the proof. Give the documents required and the Indane distributors will change their records.

Note if the transfer is on the same town visit the Indane distributor. Have your SV and the agent will change the voucher to the address you have relocated to. The distributor will terminate the old voucher now go to the nearest new distributor and he will make a new voucher against the older one. You will move with the regulator and the cylinder.