Karnataka HRMS Login to Generate Employee Salary Pay Slip, Leave Apply, Promotion Details in hrms.karnataka.gov.in

Karnataka HRMS Login need to Generate Employee Salary Pay Slip / Bill / Report, Apply for Leave, also check your Retirement / Transfer / Increment / Annual Returns / Promotion / Downgrading Details etc in hrms.karnataka.gov.in….
Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a new scheme implemented by the Karnataka Government. It’s a body which supervises the govt employee’s service from the onset of service to the completion of service. A Karnataka HRMS Employee monthly salary bill report is taken from the information given by the drawing and disbursing officer (DDO’s).

This system is found online and the DDO’s have the full access of the application. They use internet to update and produce the monthly salary bill. This whole scheme started in the year 2005 and with help of World Bank. It didn’t take place on all districts but in phrase form, it commenced from January 2007. Amazingly the whole HRMS was finished and launched officially on February 2008.

Human resource management system, main goal is to create and present accurate data for the government employees. This helps in efficiency, good administration and proper performance to ensure all employees are equal and fairly treated. The Karnataka government has placed more than 21000 DDOs in the state to produce Kar HRMS salary slips of a close a number of 550000 employees in 3o districts.

The DDOs works on the salary bills and forward to responsible treasury each month. However there 214 assign treasury in the whole state. HRMS system is making work easier for the drawing and disbursing officers since they generated the salary bill electrically.

Karnataka HRMS Login Procedure in hrms.karnataka.gov.in

This Karnataka HRMS Portal Login process is very simple and any government worker can download and doesn’t have to be computer literate. You will find most of the requirements in the website follow the guidelines and enjoy the service.

  • Visit the Kar HRMS official website page: http://hrms.karnataka.gov.in/
  • Open the link and choose any service you want to check. Example HRMS government, HRMS aided, HRMS teachers.
  • Enter you Karnataka HRMS Login ID and the password the press login.

karnataka hrms login

  • After login into the account, look for create employee’s salary bill tab.
  • Click on it, a Salary bill will pop up.
  • After getting the salary bill and going through. You can now download it and make a print copy for reference.

How to get your Karnataka HRMS Employee Salary Pay Slip online at hrms.karnatka.gov.in

HRMS being the best web portal available in Karnataka govt, where you can generate pay slips, arrears and pensions about your provident fund. Works to ensure you get services directly and fast. Note the all salary slip producers require password, don’t share any information with work mates. The password is a secret. You get your pay slip in no time just follow the steps below.

  1. Follow the official website page: http://hrms.karnatka.gov.in
  2. Open the above mentioned URL it will ask you login button.
  3. Key in your user ID and password.
  4. After this details a page will open and all your pay slip are stated there.
  5. Download the salary pay slip and have a copy print for reference.

How to regenerate Forgot Karnataka HRMS Login password in hrms.karnataka.gov.in

Since HRMS is a web portal and everything has to be online, you have to use passwords and user names. Salary pay slips is one of the many services which will need password. But you might have forgotten and worried what to do. This are the simple steps to follow:

  • Visit the website portal: http://hrms.karnataka.gov.in
  • Enter your employee ID and the user name.
  • Click on forgot password option.
  • A password will be send but you can only use it once (OPT).
  • Use the OPT and press submit.
  • You get a chance to make a new password.
  • Enter a “New Kar HRMS password” which is memorable.

Forgot Karnataka HRMS Password

  • Repeat the password again and press OK.
  • The page will bring the change button and you should press OK.
  • Note the new password should be easy to remember and if you happen to recall the older one don’t use it. It is counted as null and void.
  • When you key in a wrong password for long it will broke the page.

The service is available to government employees, AIDED and boards and university employees. They have all kinds of application forms but only online services work best. In this HRMS portal the employee’s apply for various features:

  • Payroll.
  • Registration service.
  • transfer

The HRMS follows a strict procedure and very keen on employees salary bills history. They ensure every detail is included on the records. The have two major roles

  1. Service maintenance.
  2. Payroll production for employees.

Features of the Karnataka HRMS

  • Getting the list of government employees.
  • Learn about employees getting increment.
  • Know employees who are about to retire.
  • Plan and control the budget.

Components of HRMS
This system entails certain components like:

1. Service register

  • Employee’s details.
  • Annual returns.
  • Leave details.
  • The prerequisite details.
  • Family and next of kin details.
  • The overall performance.
  • Retirement details.

2. Payroll production system

  • Details on Insurance covers
  • Allowances details
  • Deduction particulars
  • Recoveries details.
  • Increment
  • Inertia increment particulars.
  • Decline of allowances.
  • Generating draft pay bill.
  • Approval of the draft pay bill.
  • Production of ECS reports.

3. Transfer

  • Relieving
  • Reporting
  • Foreign services
  • Delegation out
  • Delegation in

4. Promotion

  • Promotion
  • Downgrading
  • Officiating particulars.

5. Suspension

  • Suspension extended.
  • Revocation of suspension.

6. MIS reports

  • According to age
  • Gender
  • Class
  • Service length
  • Transfer reports.
  • Promotion.
  • All employee’s details.
  • Budget particulars
  • KGID particulars
  • LIC particulars
  • GIF particulars.

Advantage of HRMS

  1. Consistence data base.
  2. The service rule has become unified all over the state.
  3. It is more accountable and very transparent.
  4. The system give all pension records thus becoming easy.
  5. The system saves time since it’s electronically generated.

This wonderful portal can be hosted on all devices like Android, laptops, PCs, IOS and many others. The employees don’t need to visit the cyber to check or use the HRMS services. You only need internet and seat at your house for simple process. Every request example transfer application, login to salary slip, forgot password are all in this link: http://hrms.karnataka.gov.in

For any questions and enquiries log in to official website and get all the information on HRMS. Login into http://hrms.karnataka.gov.in

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