Install Shareit KCweb exe file, Android APK – Shareit for PC Windows OS, MAC and Shareit for Ubuntu OS

Installation Procedure on Shareit KCweb .exe file, Shareit for PC, Shareit for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 OS (Operating System), Shareit Apk file for Android, Shareit for MAC OS, Shareit for Ubuntu at….
This a free platform which transfers files from one device to another. It shares the file to phones, tablets, and computer devices. The app sends photos, music, videos, file and folders at a very high speed. You don’t need cables or USB to transfer the files. Share it uses WI-FI connectivity to work at lightning speed. Recently In India, Our Government of India was banned the Shareit Application.

You can send massive files, photo, music and apps to your PC using the offline SHAREit installer for pc. SHARE it connect fast with other device connect with SHAREit app. SHAREit automatically finds devices connect with SHARE it app and ready for the devices to connect. It is Superfast compared to Bluetooth and other sharing app. SHARE it is guaranteed app it’s secure and saves all the files direct on your device rather than in the cloud. The app has secure and private terms to secure all your files and documents. This the app to go for and install on your device. Also Read the FRP Bypass Apk without using OTG

Shareit KCweb
Shareit Kcweb Software Download

How to install Shareit KCweb and SHAREit for PC for windows OS

Before installing the app on your PC you have to download the Shareit Kcweb exe file or Shareit for PC Windows .exe file. Now you can proceed with the installation process.

  • Now select file to installation process. On the screen a new pop up will show asking whether to run the app or cancel.
  • Pick the run option and also tick on the box on the bottom left saying always ask before opening file.
  • A new page indicating a welcome note from SHAREit kcweb set up wizard will be displayed. Select the next button. Key in next button and select your options. Select the where the file will be saved, you can let be on the default programs on your hard disk and then click next.
  • Now that you have chosen where to save the file click next. The wizard will begin the extraction process of file and installing the software on your PC. A green bar will start from one end to the next. Wait for some minutes until the process is done.
  • After the installation and confirmation message will be sent. You can opt to finish and close wizard or send file by ticking the SHARE it box.
  • Now welcome to the SHARE it screen will be displayed. You can start sending file and video using the app.

How to install Bluestacks software in windows OS

This one of the pioneer android emulator/ android app which was formulated for windows PCs and laptop devices. It has grown and created new features like Bluestack 3 and the Bluestack gaming apps.

Downloading process

  • Open the browser on your desktop or device. Example google chrome. Double click on your browser.
  • On the top of the page type the name of the website you are looking for.
  • The website you need is the Bluestack page, key in the web link:
  • Key in the enter button or the return key.
  • The website page will open you have to look for the download button. The buttons is at the center of the screen. Indicating download Bluestack.
  • A new page appears and the downloading process will being. Note it might not start immediately please press the restart button.
  • Choose where to save the download after completion.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the process to be over and you will have Bluestack app on your device. It will be displayed as executable file for Bluestack. Double click on the exe and the installation process will begin.

Installation Process

  1. After downloading you need to install the Bluestack app. Double click on EXE on the screen the extraction process will start.
  2. When it’s done with extracting the installer will launch.
  3. Choose Bluestack data location: this is where the app will be installed, it can on the default address or the browser to ick where to install. “Click proceed”
  4. Two boxes will be displayed, don’t unmark the boxes so as to get full potential of the app.
  5. Click install after the process you can either uncheck or check the start Bluestack box on the screen. Select finish.

How to install SHAREit for PC using Bluestack software

  • Download SHAREit APK.
  • This is the Shareit Official website:
  • Now download Bluestack offline emulator from
  • The home page will open and on the menu the APK symbol will be displayed.
  • Select and upload the APK file.
  • Click and start the installation.

How to install SHAREit for MAC OS

  • Download the Bluestack app from the website and install it on your computer.
  • Open the Bluestack once installed and search for the Shareit app on the menu bar.
  • On your Google play store click the install button then leave it to the Android emulator.
  • Now you can have the app on your MAC but working like Android since you are using Blue stack app.

How to install SHAREit on PC for Linux and SHAREit for Ubuntu

  • First you need to a software app named Archon run time from GitHub link. Now you can run all Android app on Ubuntu, Linux and Kubuntu.
  • You need to extract files form the Archon run time. Sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6
  • Open the link and you can access Node.js and npm.
  • Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: Chris-lea/node.js
    Sudo apt-get update
    Sudo apt-get install nodejs npm
  • Now install according the this link: “sudo npm install chromeos-apk-g”
  • Run command to change the for chrome using: “chromeos-apk[path to apk]-archon”
  • The code will lead you to the application page of Ubuntu machine.
  • Open the developer mode in chrome browser then continue to the Extension press load unpacked extension button.
  • Click on extract Archon folder, select the load unpacked extension then click to load SHARE it app on Android. Select to start the SHARE it Ubuntu or Linux.

Can play from phone to PC: With the great features it shows you can hotspot your mobile phone to your PC and watch music and videos. It is best when you have friends over and don’t need to use the phone. Just use SHARE it and you can use big screen to enjoy.

Phone to Phone: You can share any file to a connected phone. You only need to choose the item to send, choose the friend who is connected. Press send and the friend from the other end receives the item. It works at high speed and has no delays of internet connection.

PC to PC: You can also share file and documents to another connected PC. Take the file or document to send then press send, the person receiving will click on connect to receive the file. It is easy and fun to have on your pc.