Windows 7 Product Key Activation and Windows 7 ultimate OS Installation Process

Procedure on Windows 7 ultimate Product Key or Windows 7 Serial Key Activation and Windows 7 ultimate / Home Basic / Home Premium / Enterprise OS Installation Process…..
Are you thinking of installing windows 7? Then you need to search for the unique windows 7 product key. This a unique alphanumeric code which is used in installation of software programs. It can have any length of digits, software manufactures are very keen to produce legal and approved software.

All software makers and programmers require to have product key for them to operate. When your pay for any program it will require a windows 7 ultimate product key to install. Big software makers still need product activation which is a simple procedure where a software or OS is counted as legitimate or legally installed. Also Read the Procedure on Factory Reset Protection (FRP Bypass)

When we look deeper in product activation, it simply means joining the windows 7 product key with important information about a PC and then sending the data to the software maker using internet. The software maker will check the data and verify if they have any of such information on their data base.

Importance of product activation

  • To prove and validating that the product key is real and not fake also the software used is appropriate.
  • You can’t copy a program on other devices if it is activated. This curbs a lot of fraud for individuals who don’t want to pay for program they are copying.
  • If you don’t activate it will lead to the OS or software not running at all, or not giving full features. It will keep popping up reminders on the screen.

Note the product key is also known as CD keys, licenses software keys or serial keys, products codes. All describing and using the computer language.

How do I use Windows 7 product key or Windows 7 OS Serial key?
The product key can be considered as a password to any software. You get it as you buy the software and can only be used on the specific application. Most products are probably all won’t run if they don’t have a product key.
Product keys can be used for one installation of a program. However some servers will allow the same product key to be used on numerous people but not on the same time.

About windows 7 This a popular operating system which has been to existence since July 22nd 2009 but made public on October 22 2009. There several window 7 editions like windows 7 ultimate, windows 7 professional, windows 7 home premium etc. This Windows 7 OS are available in 32-bits or 64-bits version.

How do I get or find windows 7 product key

  1. You locate product keys from registry, but the tricky part is you may look and never find the windows 7 product key. Yes the product key is encrypted and finding it is next to impossible. The usual manual procedures will get you the product ID but not the product key.
  2. Select the key finder programs which can support the window 7. If you happen to get a free windows 7 product key finder for windows 7, be sure it will work on other window 7 version.
  3. Now download the key finder program then follow the instructions given.
  4. The alphanumeric number which appears on the program is the window 7 product key. Looking as follows: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx a 5 by 5 letters and numbers.
  5. Now copy the product key or save it on your device. If any number or letter is wrongly written the installation will not take place.

The Windows 7 Operating System installation process

It all starts with planning installation, poor planning will lead to waste of time and add up to nothing. You need information about the window 7 program and configuration option of the window. You need to consider the following:

  • The system requirements.
  • Compatibility of the hardware and software.
  • Disk segregating options
  • Now do a pre- installation checklist.

Recommendations for windows 7

  1. 64-bit
  2. 1 GB system memory.
  3. 16 GB disk space.
  4. Internet connectivity.
  5. DVD-RW Drive.

Types of installation

  1. Upgrade: it is replaces the current version and retains all the files and folders on your PC.
  2. Custom: this a fresh installation it deletes all your file and folders plus replaces the current version.

Steps to follow

  • Insert the window 7 OS DVD / Disc in your PC DVD drive.
  • Now reboot your PC you will be requested to boot the DVD or CD just “Press any key”.
  • A back window will appear on the screen but the DVD will be reading.
  • Now the starting windows screen will show as follows.

windows 7 os installation

  • If the process doesn’t happen as above you have to specify whether your PC uses DVD or CD drive to continue.
  • Window 7 will now go directly to the graphical user interface. It will show this image when it opens up.
  • Select next if you don’t want to make any changes.

windows 7 keyboard options

  • Press the install button on the screen.

windows 7 install

  • Read and accept the license terms then press next.
  • If you are upgrading an existing window press the next button.
  • For custom process press the installation button.

windows 7 os custom options

  • Now do installation partition. This can be done on the computer hard disk and create a New Partition. Additionally you can create partition on your hard disk then click next to start.

windows 7 hard disk partitions

  • When the process is over the process will copy the files to the hard disk.

windows 7 os installing

  • It will take some time to finish but it depends on the hardware you use for the PC.
  • After this the computer will reboot then set the user’s and PC name. Select the next button.

windows 7 user creation

  • Create a password and it is the only user on the should be easy to remember, if forgotten you have to repeat the whole process to recover the password and install the windows. Select next.
  • Enter the product, if there is no product key go to next after the process it will ask again.

windows 7 product key activation

  • Now choose the protection to be granted to your computer.
  • Create your time zone and the location the press next.
  • Now your desktop screen will be displayed as follows
  • That is the whole process of window 7 installation.

How do I change the windows 7 ultimate product key or windows 7 serial key?

  • Go start then to the control panel of your computer.
  • Select the system and security
  • Select the system link.
  • Now on the activation area you will get to see status of the compute and the product key ID number. This is not the same as the product key.
  • You will get a tab written activate the windows / change windows 7 serial key. Click on it and the process of changing the product key starts.
  • The process will take a while but it will show on the screen. You will get a valid product key from window since it’s an approved software.
  • You will get a message of successful installation.
  • The product key is changed now you can close the windows.

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