Karnataka Ration Card Application Status for New Ration Card at https://ahara.kar.nic.in

Apply for Karnataka New Ration Card online, Also Apply for Karnataka Duplicate Ration Card at https://ahara.kar.nic.in and Search your Karnataka Ration Card Application Status….
In the state Karnataka, Ahara Ration Card is one of the most popular and important card to the Karnataka citizen. It has vast uses to suit the citizen and government itself. Citizens get food grains and fuel using the Karnataka ration card this has come in handy for the poor and below poverty line families. The government use the ration card to identify and give equal food surplus to all citizens.

Additionally the card is used as identity card in the country. For you to get other legal documents you need to produce the ration card. Ration card is given to homes identified as poor and need food support. The card is issued by the public distribution system which works under the national food security.

The state government has produced Three types of ration card:

  1. Antodaya Anna Yojana: This one type which is issued to the poorest of the families or citizen in India. They are given for both the rural and urban families. The aged and citizens with no proper in come get this type of ration card.
  2. BPL: for individuals earning less than Rs.10,000/- per year. They can also rely on the government for food grain and fuel at a cheap price.
  3. Honorary Ration card / APL card: This a new invention of the ration card it’s issued to families who are well off. They don’t have to get subsidized rates. Basically they get the card for identity but no much of food purpose.

In Karnataka the state government has produced Ration cards Green card and Yellow card. This cards work only for families below the poverty line. All this cards have eased the livelihood of the Indian state and Karnataka state as whole. The government introduced the Karnataka New Ration Card Online Application for individual can visit the website: https://ahara.kar.nic.in

Who are eligible for ration card?

  1. Families below poverty line.
  2. Families in the slums and rural areas.
  3. Newly married couples.
  4. If your ration card is expired.

How to Apply for Karnataka New Ration Card at ahara.kar.nic.in

The card covers a lot especially the rice, sugar, kerosene. This are considered the basics for every family to survive. The government give the food at a very low price which is attainable by all families. The food are not to be resold for serious measures are taken on reselling the food.

  • Go to the official website portal of the Karnataka public distribution system: https://ahara.kar.nic.in/
  • When the page opens get a download of the ration card form. Check the format as shown by the department of civil supplies and consumer affairs.
  • Enter all the details needed and then attach the documents. A passport should be attached an approval from the gazette officer.
  • Take all this document and the filled in application form to the Karnataka ration card office near you.
  • You will get an acknowledgement slip is given by the officers after confirmation of correct information.
  • Keep the slip safe and use to check the Karnataka Ration Card Status of the application.

The ration card will be sent to your address.

Documents needed in applying for ration card

  • Photo identity
  • Permanent address and should have a pin code.
  • Name of other family members.
  • The occupation and the income for every month.
  • All the particulars of the LPG connection.
  • Mobile number which is registered and any information about the holder.
  • Parent address if you are not married.
  • Region of food department.

How to Search Karnataka Ration Card Application Status Check Online in ahara.kar.nic.in

Every Karnataka Ration Card applying citizen must know your Karnataka Ration Card Status online here we will provide the steps are as follows….Karnataka Ration Card Status at ahara.kar.nic.in

  1. Navigate to the Ahara Karnataka Main Portal: https://ahara.kar.nic.in
  2. The homepage has an option of ration card current status.
  3. Key in your ration number and the mobile number.
  4. On the same page click on the submit button.
  5. After some minutes the full information about the Karnataka Ration Card Application Status will be displayed on your Monitor.

The cards has an attached fee of Rs.5/- and you will get the Ahara Ration Card. The fee is reasonable to any Indian citizen. Individuals who are below the poverty line get a ration card for only RS 10 compared to the above poverty line RS 45. Some prefer the new digital ration card which are a bit high.

How to get a duplicate Ahara Karnataka ration card at ahara.kar.nic.in

  • The user need to report the loss of the first ration card.
  • Get an affidavit and the legal information on the ration card.
  • The officers in charge will look in to the matter and verify the information.
  • A fee will apply on the duplicated ration card. Rs.15/- for the BPL an Rs.25/- for APL cards and special price for the digital ration card of Rs.45/-.

How to add or delete a member of the family from the ration card at ahara.kar.nic.in

  1. The user need to pick and fill a form D1-A then submit it to the high ranks of district food and supplies controller or the assistant foods and supplies.
  2. Now carry with you the recent photographs of you family members and the application form.
  3. Now you will give your ration card and the following documents: Birth certificate in cases of adding, Death certificate in case of deleting and Surrender certificate.
  4. You will get a slip of acknowledgement. The slip has dates and time of when to call the officer concern about the ration card and when to get the card.
  5. The card should be out with 7 working days. The officers are to confirm about the completion of the card.

How to apply using an SMS

  • The user or applicant will SMS their name to the following number 9212357123 from the registered number.
  • In few minutes time a token number and security code are going to be sent on your mobile number.
  • With this get someone with a ration card, they will act as the introducer to the ration card system.
  • Scan fingerprints and photographs.
  • Now both the introducer and you as the applicant open the online ration card application.
  • Key in all the details of your family members.
  • The scanned photographs and fingerprints and all other details are to be uploaded here.
  • Show the photo proof and recent electricity bill you’re ID and address proof. Use the original documents to scan and upload.
  • The introducer’s duty is to carry his/her original ration card, electricity bill while taking you to the biometric center.
  • From the official website download the declaration read it carefully then sign the document.
  • Now scan the declaration the scan it online.
  • The biometric center will give a printed acknowledgement. This document is used for checking your status.
  • All this can be accessed from the official website; https://ahara.kar.nic.in

How to transfer ration card from one State to Another?

Visit the nearest food office you will get to fill an application form then submit it back to the offices. Give real proof of the address and the required fee from here the process will begin.

What to carry

  • Have with you 3 clear and recent passport photos
  • Proof of your resident. The address of the applicant.
  • The ID card given by the state government.
  • Telephone bill which is most recent.
  • LPG name of the applicant.
  • Valid passport or driving license.
  • Your voter ID.
  • Latest tax paid receipt.

Rent agreement or any other document proving the physical address of the applicant.

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