How To Delete / Remove Name in Ration Card (Online and offline)

Procedure for Name Change in Ration Card / Delete Name in Ration Card / Remove Name in Ration Card from Online and offline….
The government advocates for all the citizens to hold a ration card. There different types of the ration card i.e either White Ration Card or Pink Ration Card. The above poverty line and below poverty line, this two cards act differently according to the families income production. Families who don’t have consistent income have to own the card for both identity and food commodities. The above poverty line just use the card as an identity they don’t get the food in low prices.

Here in the article we discuss how to delete name in ration card and completely remove name in ration card. It can be either removing a member of the family when he / she dies or when one divorces. The process is easy as there are steps to follow. Some may delete the name permanently or temporarily for various reasons. Nonetheless you need a ration card to access most of the government commodities or services. To obtain some cards like voter’s ID you have to show the ration card as proof. There two methods online and offline method.

Offline Method for How To Change / Remove / Delete Name in Ration Card

This might be considered as the best and most accurate method. The applicant is present at the time and in direct contact with the food department officers. All you need is to:

  • Visit the nearest food department offices.
  • At the offices the officers will give you a form or you can download the form at the ration card website.
  • Fill in the recommended details without leaving any details behind.
  • Now enter The name you need to delete from the ration card.
  • You have to give the reason why you are deleting the name.
  • It might be the person has moved permanently, divorce or death.
  • Give how you and the individual are related.
  • Now the delivery type.
  • You need to bring the exact proof of documents. Example the death certificate, marriage certificate or divorce certificate.
  • After filling and rechecking the details now submit it to the officer at the food department.
  • The officers will check the details approve the process and one will be issued with the receipt.
  • Note some of the officers will also demand for an affidavit however it doesn’t apply to all case.

The officers will provide you with an acknowledgement number. The number has to be kept safely as you will use to track the status of your ration card. A receipt has to be given also as proof of payment.

Remove Name in Ration Card
Remove Name in Ration Card

Online Procedure for How To Delete / Change / Remove Name in Ration Card

Now remove name in ration card will vary according to the state you belong to. The site will open and on the right hand corner an option of deletion will show.

  • Visit the official website according to the state you belong to:
  • Example which is a link for the Andhra Pradesh state.
  • On the home page a delete option is on the right side of the page.
  • You have to fill the deletion from as in the offline procedure.
  • Fill in the name you want to delete.
  • Give the reasons of deleting name in ration card / remove name in ration card: death, divorce or permanent moving.
  • Documents of proof have to be uploaded.
  • After this recheck the information and submit.
  • An acknowledgement number and receipt will be issued.
  • The number will be used to check your ration card status.
  • Note the online method one has to have the correct website link in order to access the service.

Name change after marriage
The Indian country gives two legal ways of changing the name in the ration card.

  1. The official gazette
  2. An affidavit from the public notary.
  3. An individual will need to produce the right documents like marriage certificate or divorce papers.

On the other hand the family of the girl or the woman can request for name deletion. The father or head of the family will produce a no objection certificate. This gives the girl the green light of adding her name to the husbands ration card. When this happens the father will follow the right procedure and delete the girls name officially from their ration card.

What procedure do I need to go about on death cases?
For families who loss a member who was already registered on the ration card. They can visit the food department offices and:

  • First visit the offices and fill the form number D-1. Which will contain the name of the dead member.
  • After this visit the birth and death register most people visit the village chowkidar to get a death certificate.
  • In obtaining all this documents now attach them together with the form D-1.
  • Give the details and the forms to the officer concern at the food department office.
  • The applicant will get an official date of collecting the deletion certificate.
  • In some case the inspectors will visit the home or area to verify and get the truth.
  1. What documents are require in order to delete name on a ration card?

    The documents are not different from when you are applying for the ration card. Bring with you address proof, death certificate, marriage certificate and no objection certificate. The application form (deletion certificate)

  2. What are the common reasons for deleting a name from the ration card?

    The case of death of family member which you have to proof by producing a death certificate. Marriage or divorce bring the certificate in both case. If the member is leaving the family to live in another state. The family maybe separating

How many types of ration card are there?
We have the Above Poverty Line (APL), Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Antyodaya AAY

Note it is best to make the changes need if the family member has either moved or pass on. The government will be very strict on ration cards holders who don’t change or delete names of those who have left the family. It is wrong to hold two ration cards and might bring lots of complications. However the government is working extra hard to ensure all the families in the Indian country live a comfortable life with all commodities at a cheap price.

How to delete / add a name in Government issued Ration Card?

  1. How to Add / Modify Name in Ration Card?

    Name change in Ration Card and deletion of name in ration card as see in the article can apply in marriage. Either one is getting divorced and doesn’t want to get associated with the husband or getting married to the husband. This two cases will lead to name change or removal from the ration card. Women have the choice to change from their father’s card to the husband’s card. It is not compulsory but it just an act of love, on the case of divorce the husband may object and ask legally for the change.

  2. How to delete name in ration card?

    Actually it is very simple to remove your name in ration card. Just go to Consumer Affairs Food & Civil Supplies department or nearest MRO office. Take a application form for Deleting the name in Ration card. Fill the required fields like ration card number, candidate name (who want to delete). That’s it

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